Volunteers receive the first pilot vaccine for the emerging corona virus

Volunteers receive the first pilot vaccine for the emerging corona virus

On Monday, March 16, 2020, a number of volunteers received dose of the experimental vaccine to treat the emerging corona virus in a research center in Seattle, Washington, USA, at a time when the virus exceeded more than 7,000 deaths, the American agency Associated Press said.

Researchers from the American "Kaiser Permanente Washington" institute began testing the vaccine, which was developed in record time to treat the current Covid-19 virus that causes the global epidemic.

The agency released a video of a volunteer receiving the first possible dose of a vaccine developed to treat corona, said the doctor, Lisa Jackson, who oversaw the experiments: “We are the team of the Corona virus now. Everyone wants to do what they can in this emergency. ”

The agency said that doses of the vaccine were given to 3 volunteers, in the forefront of which was a volunteer working for a technical company, and Jennifer Haller (43 years) received a trial injection to treat corona, pending testing it for 45 people, by giving them two doses for two months.

Vaccine (mRNA-1273)
Dr. Anthony Fawcci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that these tests are the beginning of a series of studies and research, which, if the researchers go as expected, will be available in a year or two.

The researchers also confirmed that the tested vaccine, which is called (mRNA-1273), is safe and does not contain the emerging coronavirus, and it was started about two months ago.

As for the testing operations, they are conducted on volunteers between the ages of 18 and 55, and the researchers will monitor the side effects of the doses and their effect on the human body through testing blood samples.

An American attempt to get out of the crisis
Earlier, a US official revealed that the first anti-coronavirus vaccine will be tested, Monday, March 16, 2020, in a hospital in Seattle, northwestern United States.

The official added - refusing to reveal his identity - that the National Institutes of Health Institutes in the United States are funding the mentioned experiment, which will be conducted on 45 volunteers, according to the Associated Press on Monday.

Experts expect that the full approval period for the potential vaccine will take between at least one year and 18 months, according to the same source.

And access to an anti-virus vaccine is the subject of global competition.

Corona Virus
It is noteworthy that the emerging virus continues to spread across the world, as until Monday 16 March 2020, more than 170 thousand in 157 countries and territories were registered, of whom more than 6500 died, mostly in China, Italy, Iran and Spain.

The World Health Organization has also rated Corona as a "pandemic", a scientific term that is more severe and extensive than the "global epidemic", and symbolizes the international spread of the virus, and not being confined to one country.