The Team

The Writers & Author Team

Majed Alaa Iraq
  • Chief Editor& The Founder of TALK OF NEWS. I'm an Iraqi Writer and news analysis. I was born on November 13, 1995. I Studied Interior Design at Cihan University and I graduated at 13 July 2017. Currently I'm studying Computer Science at UOP.

khalid jamal Turkey
  • ⦁ Director of auditing.

Ali Alshalal Iraq
  • Ali Muhammad Shallal Habib Yahya Al-Mamouri was born on March 12, 1957. he have written in military magazines and local and foreign newspapers since 1975. He have been the leader of the 26th and 36th division in Iraq, the commander of the Fifth Legion and the commander of the border forces. he have have authored 5 books, the last rank he reached: Lieutenant General in 1992.

Saed Mofeed Palestine
  • Saed Mofeed Al-Aawar, born in August 5, 1995,, a Palestinian living in Gaza City. I studied at the University of the Mediterranean in Antalya, Turkey, and I am still studying for a master’s degree at Marmara University in Istanbul in the field of international relations, specializing in international political economy.

Mourad Moussaoui Algeria
  • Mourad Moussaoui from Algeria studied MA in Media and Communication Sciences. He has written on several Arab and international sites, including the Egyptian Stars magazine, Thaqafni website, Maqala site, and Trident website.

Rushdi Hmedan Jordan
  • Rushdi Humaidan is the advertising coordinator and public relations manager on Talk Of News.

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