Morocco .. the Minister of Transport injured to Corona virus

Morocco .. the Minister of Transport injured to Corona virus

Moroccan Minister of Equipment and Transport Abdelkader Amara was injured as a new corona, the ministry announced on Saturday, bringing the number of the virus in Morocco to 18, while the authorities are accelerating measures to combat the spread of the virus.

A statement by the Ministry of Equipment and Transport said that the medical examinations exposed the minister to the virus "after returning from official duties in European countries and his feeling of unusual fatigue accompanied by pain in the head."

This is because he "accompanies his home for a period of 14 days, and practices his usual tasks using all technical means that allow you to work remotely, while taking all the necessary health precautions for the instructions of the Ministry of Health."

Nine new HIV infections

The Ministry of Health reported earlier Saturday that nine new HIV infections were recorded in different cities, eight of which were Moroccans who came from Spain, France and Italy between February 24 and March 12.

This is the largest casualty toll ever announced in Morocco. The Ministry of Health noted that the condition of all the injured is "stable and not a cause for concern."

The Kingdom announced the suspension of air and sea flights with 28 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and the American continent until further notice, as part of its measures to address the spread of the disease.

It also announced the banning of gatherings in which more than 50 people participated and canceling all sports and cultural demonstrations until further notice, the day after the announcement of the suspension of studies starting from Monday.