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Exclusive: Liberal Bill Maher Says Biden Admin is ‘All-In’ on Youth Trans Movement, and He’s Right –



Liberal Bill Maher Says Biden Admin is ‘All-In’ on Youth Trans Movement, and He’s Right

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Bill Maher is not known as a moderate Democrat, never has been, and still isn’t. However, he’s consistently criticized his progressive left-wing compatriots, including the President himself, regarding the ideology pushed in schools. 

You’d think this would cause his fellow liberals to pause and ask themselves, “Bill Maher says we’re ruining children and pushing insane theories… perhaps we should reevaluate.” But, of course, that would require them to care about the consequences of the nonsense they regularly spew into the minds of our most vulnerable.

Mr. Maher feels so strongly about what is happening with kids these days that he opened his season premiere episode this last Friday on a discussion of schools – not the classified docudrama, not the war in Ukraine – our schools.

This proves that one of my former favorite comedic commentators still has his finger on the pulse of what everyday Americans care about.

Owning It

It’s pretty incredible to watch a famous liberal say without hesitation what all of us parents have known for years.

Bill Maher opened his season premier railing on his party’s culpability in the state of our education system, stating:

“…anything that has to do with schools or education is something really the Democrats have to answer for because they control it.”

Oh my goodness, Bill, preach it again and yell it from the mountaintops! I’ve been singing this same song since I was in school, which was over twenty years ago for those curious. 


Bill Maher’s guests discussed this issue, touching on various aspects, from the decline in good behavior to gender ideology and the youth transitioning movement. Substack writer and, as Bill Maher pointed out in his show, openly gay Andrew Sullivan, railed on the liberal education system, explaining:

“They’re telling that people can choose to be a boy or girl or neither or both or something else entirely. That is a lie. You can’t. And it’s done in order to placate special interests in Washington, mainly the LGBTQIA+ people who’ve also been captured by the far left.”

Finally, someone willing to publicly say what we all know, this ruse of ’empowering youth’ to be their ‘authentic selves’ is all just a political power play of those with real power in D.C.


Bill Maher and his guests touched on the transitioning of youth, with Mr. Maher making headlines by stating that:

“…I think the Biden administration is all-in on that.”

Bill’s other guest, Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace, explained that this transitioning of youth is being pushed as an acceptable medical option:

“They’re training these medical students to say that puberty blockers are reversible.”

To which Bill Maher chimed in somewhat ironically:

“…and this is coming from the ‘we’re the science people.’”

But is Bill right? Is Joe Biden ‘all-in’ on the transitioning youth movement? Has he drunk the rainbow kool-aid after his evening pudding snack?

Of course, he has; the combination of Joe Biden’s lust for power and the apparent deterioration of his brain makes him easily susceptible to this nonsense. So let’s take a closer look.

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He Sees You, He Hears You

Last year the Biden administration’s Department of Health and Human Services pushed numerous memos and guidance on how the medical community should be handling transgender children. One such document was titled ‘Gender Affirming Care and Young People,’ with a subset office dedicated to mental health releasing another document titled ‘Gender-Affirming Care Is Trauma-Informed Care.’


Within these documents, the President’s DHHS recommends everything from puberty blockers to ‘top-surgery’ and ‘bottom surgery’ for adolescents.

In addition, the President himself released a video in support of this guidance that he “has their back” and followed up by telling parents that:

“…affirming your child’s identity is one of the most powerful things you can do to keep them safe.”

Think about that for a second. The President of the United States thinks that one of the best things you can do to keep your child safe is to allow them to take dangerous hormones that could cause irreparable harm and maybe eventually let them mutilate their bodies, eventually sterilizing them.

Yeah, I’d say he’s all in. But it gets worse. 

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Don’t Tell Your Parents

Recently there’s been a bit of controversy over public schools affirming students’ gender identity without telling the parents, let alone asking for their consent. There’s a great story in, surprisingly, a New York Times article that highlights a mother who would’ve supported her child, but was never able to support her child’s transition because the school kept the information from her. 

When the New York Times is critical of a left-wing concept, it’s time to do some self-reflection, guys. Perhaps you think this is just crazy local public schools going off the rails.

However, they didn’t get the idea of keeping pertinent information from parents on their own. The Biden administration’s Education Department released a memo called ‘Fact Sheet on Transgender Students’ that states as a recommendation for schools to keep students’ pronoun choices private.

The President’s Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, when grilled by Congressman Jim Banks on whether he believes parents should be kept in the dark about their child’s transition, gave the following cagey answer:

“Our schools are safe places for our students, and our teachers are often the front-liners when it comes to supporting our students when they have issues in their lives.”

So, in short, the answer is yes, he does think parents should be kept in the dark. The arrogance to say that teachers are often the front-liners on students’ life issues as if that’s a good thing is appalling.


As a parent, I can tell you that I will never allow anyone other than my husband and me to be the front line for my children. No teacher, coach, aunt, uncle, or grandparent will be more critical to my children’s lives than me and their father – which is how it should be.

This sort of rhetoric from Secretary Cardona is a fancy oratorical way of removing the parent altogether from the equation, and it’s wrong.

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It’s Not All Bad

I think it’s somewhat optimistic that some prominent members of the liberal community are finally speaking out against this craziness getting pushed in schools from Kindergarten through college. In fact, I intend to make sure I support and watch Bill Maher because his voice needs to be elevated and not canceled. 

Last year left-wing activists called for his cancellation when he said on accurately said on his show:

“We’re literally experimenting on children.”

Luckily they were unsuccessful, but they will still try to cancel him. Last week he said what some schools are teaching is “outrageous” and “somebody needs to answer for it.”

He’s not wrong, and the ones who need to answer for it are much more complicated than just the liberal ideologues. Where we are today with education is a culmination of a thousand little cuts over decades that the right allowed by abdicating the education space to the left and that parents allowed by trusting a government establishment with their children’s minds. 

I’m glad Bill has woken up to what has become of our education system; I hope you all wake up too; our children and our future as a nation and, dare I say, civilization depends on it.


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Exclusive: Today in Supreme Court History: January 26, 1832 –




Today in Supreme Court History: January 26, 1832

#Today #Supreme #Court #History #January

1/26/1832: Justice George Shiras Jr.’s birthday.

Justice George Shiras Jr.

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Exclusive: Liberals Are Mad That McCarthy Named MAGA Republicans to Subcommittees on COVID and Government Weaponization – Good –




Liberals Are Mad That McCarthy Named MAGA Republicans to Subcommittees on COVID and Government Weaponization – Good

#Liberals #Mad #McCarthy #Named #MAGA #Republicans #Subcommittees #COVID #Government #Weaponization #Good

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced members named to two select subcommittees – one investigating the origins of COVID and another looking into the weaponization of the federal government – and Democrats are livid over the addition of certain MAGA lawmakers.

“The government has a responsibility to serve the American people, not go after them,” McCarthy said in a statement.

“The Members selected to serve on these subcommittees will work to stop the weaponization of the federal government and will also finally get answers to the Covid origins and the federal government’s gain of function research that contributed to the pandemic,” he added.

McCarthy notes that the weaponization subcommittee is necessary because congressional Democrats and the Biden administration engaged in a “dangerous pattern of the government being used to target political opponents while they neglected their most basic responsibilities.”

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MAGA Members Named to House Select Subcommittees

A couple of names that showed up on the House select subcommittees raised the ire of Democrats, particularly those associated with the MAGA movement.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) continued reaping the fruits of a kinship with McCarthy that would make Frank Luntz blush, being named to the COVID-19 subcommittee.

Greene celebrated the appointment, stating her intention to investigate the role of gain-of-function research, the Democrat “authoritarian” lockdowns, the ineffective vaccines forced on the American people, and Dr. Anthony Fauci’s role.

Greene will also be sitting on the House Homeland Security and Oversight Committees.

Also named to the COVID subcommittee is former White House physician Ronny Jackson (R-TX), who has consistently challenged President Biden to undergo a mental fitness evaluation.

Jim Jordan (R-OH) will chair the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government after being rejected by former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to serve on the January 6th panel.

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Liberals Aren’t Happy

Liberals on social media responded with outrage over MAGA Republicans representing their constituents on the select subcommittees.

Because see, it would be better to have completely partisan sham committees like the January 6th debacle.


Democratic Congressman Don Beyer dismissed both panels as “devoted to conspiracy theories.”

This is fine by us, since these days “conspiracy theories” mostly just means “the media hasn’t admitted it yet.”

House Judiciary Democrats lambasted McCarthy for having “sold out our democracy to empower MAGA extremists.”

Richard Stengel, a former Obama administration official, also took the dismissive ‘conspiracy theory’ path.

The ‘Weaponization’ subcommittee, Stengel claims, is “a body that creates rather than investigates conspiracy theories and which will eventually undermine itself.”

We literally just watched the January 6th sham create highly directed and produced filmography rather than evidence, doctored actual evidence, created conspiracy theories, and admitted they wanted to tell people what they should believe.

If Democrats are mad about MAGA Republicans serving on committees to provide a counterpoint to Democrat and media lies, then McCarthy is most definitely doing the right thing.


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Exclusive: Why older mass shooters like the California gunmen are so rare –




Why older mass shooters like the California gunmen are so rare

#older #mass #shooters #California #gunmen #rare

The gunmen in both of the recent shootings in Monterey Park and Half Moon Bay, California, had an unusual profile compared to most perpetrators of violent crime: They were both senior citizens.

The Monterey Park gunman, who killed 11 and injured nine before fatally shooting himself, was 72. The Half Moon Bay gunman, who killed seven people before he was arrested in what police have characterized as an act of workplace violence, is 66.

Mass shooters of that age are rare, especially those with no prior criminal record, as was the case with the Half Moon Bay gunman. (The Monterey Park gunman had one arrest in 1990 for illegal possession of a firearm.) According to data from the National Institute of Justice, mass shooters between 1966 and 2021 were on average 34 years old, and those over the age of 60 accounted for a little over 3 percent of all mass shootings, which are defined as shootings in which four or more people are killed.

The notion that people “age out of crime” is one of the most well-documented phenomena in the field of criminology. The California shootings should be seen as exceptions to that principle, not as nullifying examples, according to Ashley Nellis, co-director of research for the Sentencing Project, which advocates for criminal justice reform.

“The predictability of age is probably the most reliable point of data that we have about people who commit violent crime. Young people are just substantially more likely, and by extension, older people are substantially unlikely, to commit crime,” Nellis said. “It’s certainly a cautionary note to anybody who would be jumping to make policy based on these two events.”

Research has repeatedly shown that criminal activity increases throughout teen years, reaches its highest point at age 17, the oldest that someone can be charged with a juvenile crime, and subsides thereafter throughout life. Property crime peaks at a slightly younger age than violent crime. But even chronic offenders would be statistically likely to stop committing crime by around the age of 40, Nellis said.

There are a lot of theories as to why that might be. Typical milestones associated with getting older, like graduating or getting married, may put people on a trajectory that veers away from criminality. Brain development isn’t complete until the mid-20s, hindering decision-making that might lead to crime and risky behavior. Young people have less financial security, and people in poverty are more likely to commit crimes. Some crimes might be physically demanding, and older people just might not have the strength to carry them out.

But both gunmen in the California shootings buck the archetype of a violent criminal, and their motives still aren’t entirely clear. Investigators have said that the Monterey Park shooter frequented the dance studio where he killed his victims and that the Half Moon Bay gunman, who lived and worked as a forklift driver at a mushroom farm, was angry at the coworkers he shot. Previously, there have been mass shooters as old as 70, including a gunman who opened fire at a church in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, and killed three people last June.

Though age can sometimes factor into the decision to impose a less harsh sentence on young offenders, the Half Moon Bay shooter’s advanced age won’t have any bearing on the length of his sentence, as is standard practice in the US.


He will be charged with seven counts of murder and one count of attempted murder, with a special circumstance allegation of multiple murder and sentencing enhancements for each count because of his use of a firearm, the San Mateo County district attorney announced Wednesday. If convicted on those charges, he could be facing up to life in prison without the possibility of parole. (He won’t face the death penalty, given that California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, placed a moratorium on executions in the state in 2019.)

Life sentences without parole have become increasingly common in the US over the last few decades. But Nellis argues the age of older offenders like the Half Moon Bay shooter should be considered a mitigating factor when making sentencing decisions — especially given that the use of executive clemency to release them early has become nonexistent, as she writes in a 2022 report.

“Regardless of age, somebody who does commit an act of violence like this is likely to be rehabilitated, be reformed, be ready to return to society within 10 years,” she said.

Recidivism is unlikely among older people, according to data from the US Sentencing Commission, and keeping them in prison comes at a high taxpayer cost, which includes health care bills that balloon at the end of life. It’s difficult to say how much those who’ll decide the fate of the Half Moon Bay suspect will take that data into account; his initial arraignment is Wednesday.

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