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Exclusive: Qala (2022) Review: Layered Presentation of How Actions Have Devastating Ramifications –



Qala (2022) Review: Layered Presentation of How Actions Have Devastating Ramifications

#Qala #Review #Layered #Presentation #Actions #Devastating #Ramifications

What is it that one craves? Acceptance? Success? Happiness? The first two desires could result in the third, but the eponymous character, Qala, receives nothing. The Netflix Original follows the story of this aspiring singer who hates music, as she battles prejudice, rejection, ostracization, and her own demons. Why does Qala Manjushree face all this? 

The setting of this Netflix film in the 1930s answers this question, but it doesn’t explode in this direction. Qala has multiple layers, where if one aspect is removed, the others still provide the audience with sufficient material to ponder over. 

Moments after her birth, this then-unnamed baby is subtly accused of being a predator (via the law of nature) as her twin brother was stillborn. Talentless in her emotionally distant mother’s eyes, Qala tries to break into the world of music to find acceptance, only to face brutal dismissal in favor of another. As Qala tries to overcome this, she realizes that her actions have consequences.

Initially, writer/director Anvita Dutt lets us believe that Qala suffers from visions, and has seen her brother grow. It appears as though her mother’s tough (lack of) love torments her and makes her see her grown brother blame her for winning the “survival of the fittest” battle in the womb. As the layers peel away, we understand that it isn’t the case with desperation driving a despaired daughter towards a deliberate devious deed. It is this action in the past, the reason behind it, and its ramifications that get presented via a mix of present-day scenes and flashbacks.

Tripti Dimri shines as and in Qala

Tripti Dimri plays the titular character and is the only on-screen individual that shines. One can expect this when a film is named after a character, but why does she stand out? Dimri’s apprehensive mannerisms and tentative tone, as though she is walking on eggshells, allow audiences to understand her deep wish to find any route to get through to her mother.

Qala’s terror as she witnesses Jagan and spirals into madness exhibits the internal strife that she must combat alone. Her transformation at points in the film where she acts in desperation and oozes charisma is a small win. What is the price for such a small win?

Qala’s mother, Urmila (Swastika Mukherjee), has a small role that shows her aloofness towards her daughter (who she feels deprived her of a son). Without a support system in showbiz, and in the face of Mukherjee’s character’s fortified exterior before her daughter’s imploring efforts, Qala’s alarming and chaotic descent draws the audience’s sympathy to her character. The question that emerges is whether she deserves it despite her guilty conscience.

Elements of Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment come to the fore here. Black Swan also does, via an in-your-face sequence, but Darren Aronofsky’s film is far away from this pre-Indian independence drama. A work by Robert Louis Stevenson appears in one frame. This feels like an apt story to compare Qala to.  


Jagan (Babil Khan) barely has screen time in his debut and Amit Sial’s role comes across as an extended special appearance. Would fleshing out these characters have diminished Qala’s story? I feel it is balanced well as the director allows audiences to see an ignored daughter, a haunted singer, and an exploited industry cog in equal measure.

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Qala has astounding visuals

While the acting doesn’t really shine as a collective, one can’t say the same about Siddharth Diwan’s cinematography, Meenal Agarwal’s production design, and Vasudha Saklani’s set decoration. Visuals of the fog as the characters sail in a boat will remain in your vision long after the end credits. If that doesn’t stand out, the scenes at Qala’s home are mesmerizing.

A glimpse of a remote house in the winter where lamps and candles serve as the only source of illumination after dark makes for a spectacle. One may even see this as the flicker of hope, or the slowly dying flame of the dreams of each individual character. 

For Qala, it is the dimming light, as her mother has found another (a worthy) pupil. For Jagan, it is the illumination of a future, and for Mrs. Manjushree, the lights represent a small fire within her that has re-awakened her from her slumber. 

The music is one thing that will stand out, especially Jagan’s vocals. I did notice that the power of Qala’s vocals altered. They faded when Jagan was around and attained an enviable pitch at other points to convey that she was special in her own way. This creative decision even carried the subtle message of one needing to live their passion to let it thrive. Hard work is an equalizer, but there is a glass ceiling to the same in a field where one also needs natural talent to shatter it.  

Besides the songs, there is also a good use of the background score to convey the terror on Qala’s face. It comes as the tempo rises when she gets her first hallucination. I like the fact that the director didn’t overuse this, after throwing it in to infuse the psychological horror portion of the film. 

Should you watch this Netflix film? 

With a run time of just under two hours, this deeply layered tale about society, music, exploitation, and acceptance is something that should be on your watchlist. Qala shatters the illusion of success, the desire for perfection, and shows audiences that actions have ramifications. A minor misstep can serve as ‘only a crack in a castle of glass’.

Qala is now streaming on Netflix.

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Exclusive: After Sacrificing Himself in Avengers Endgame, Is Robert Downey Jr Going to Return for a Cameo Scene Along Side Tom Holland? –




After Sacrificing Himself in Avengers Endgame, Is Robert Downey Jr Going to Return for a Cameo Scene Along Side Tom Holland?

#Sacrificing #Avengers #Endgame #Robert #Downey #Return #Cameo #Scene #Side #Tom #Holland

Every year, a Marvel project makes its way to screens. While each year the studio releases top-class films featuring different superheroes, 2019 was one of the biggest yet the most shocking year for the Marvel fandom. As the year marked the much-anticipated release of Avengers Endgame, it also brought with it a massive shocker for the fans. The movie left a hole in everyone’s heart as Marvel’s crown jewel superhero Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark, died in the movie. Or did he?

As we all know, the 2019 film saw a huge ensemble of actors all coming together and teaming up to fight Thanos. However, Robert Downey Jr., a.k.a. Iron Man, saved the entire universe by sacrificing his own life. As the fans are still recovering from this tragic event, it seems Robert Downey Jr. might be making his MCU comeback.

Robert Downey Jr might be returning to the MCU again

Iron Man (2008) marked the beginning of one of the biggest film franchises, a.k.a. Marvel Cinematic Universe. Robert Downey Jr‘s performance made Iron Man a sensation among the masses. However, 11 years later, Iron Man died in the Avengers Endgame, marking one of the most tragic events in the history of MCU. But the actor hopes to return to the franchise for a brief role.

As per Giant Freaking Robot, the Due Date actor might put on his Iron Man suit for a cameo scene in Spider-Man 4, featuring Tom Holland. The film will mark Robert Downey Jr’s eleventh appearance in a Marvel movie. Tony Stark and Spider-Man share one of the most exciting relationships. It was Tony Stark who first recruited a young Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. While there is no confirmation, seeing an Iron Man cameo, even though a brief one, would surely be exhilarating for fans.

Meanwhile, it is still intriguing how the studio will bring back Iron Man after his death scene. Sony will surely go all in to find a way to bring him into the Spider-Man franchise. One manner to bring in Stark would be starring him as a variant from an alternate universe. Only time will tell how the actor will return to the MCU.

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Furthermore, there are no updates on when Spider-Man 4 will make its way to the big screens. Neither the studio nor Tom Holland has shed light on the film’s release date.


How do you think Iron Man should return to MCU? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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Exclusive: “His behavior are appalling” – Australian Minister Hints at a Possible Ban on Kanye West From Entering Australia to Meet Wife Bianca Censori’s Family –




“His behavior are appalling” – Australian Minister Hints at a Possible Ban on Kanye West From Entering Australia to Meet Wife Bianca Censori’s Family

#behavior #appalling #Australian #Minister #Hints #Ban #Kanye #West #Entering #Australia #Meet #Wife #Bianca #Censoris #Family

Will Ye get his ticket to Australia? While usually caught in the midst of controversies, Kanye West has been busy with other things the last few weeks. The Donda singer surprised everyone, including his former wife, when the news of him getting married for the second time surfaced on the internet.

Bianca Censori, his new wife, is an Australian who works as the head architect at Yeezy. Her family still resides in the land down under. It is reported that Ye intends to visit them next by flying there. But considering his anti-Semitic and other attention-grabbing comments, people are calling for his visa to be refused.

Australian Ministers speak on the possibility of rejecting visa for Kanye West

West’s trip to Australia is beginning to seem uncertain. While the rapper is said to be visiting to meet his second wife’s family there, critics do not trust him. As per Reuters, Australia’s Education Minister Jason Clare stated how other people who made similar anti-Semitic comments as Ye have been denied a visa before. Clare revealed that West would go through the same questions that people before him went through if he wants to get a visa for the visit. There are ministers in the opposition as well, who share a similar view in this regard.

Peter Dutton who was the Minister of Immigration for the former Government said, “His anti-Semitic comments are disgraceful, his conduct [and] his behavior are appalling,” He added that while he would want to see Ye denied, it is upon the current Government to make that decision. Executive Council of Australia’s co-executive Peter Wertheim also argued that Ye is not fit for being granted a visa. Bad character and national interest are some of the reasons for the rejection. Although he will not be the first controversial person to be rejected.

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Previously, Proud Boys’ founder Gavin McInnes was denied entry for his extreme right opinions. David Icke, former footballer, and a conspiracy theorist have also been denied a visa for the country before. Although it can be granted based on several conditions and tests. A decision over Ye’s visit is yet to be made, and he has remained silent so far.

Do you think Kanye West should be allowed entry into Australia? Comment your thoughts.

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Exclusive: BREATHTAKING! Fans Left Gasping as Netflix Releases ‘The Sandman’s’ Unseen Images for Morpheus’ Realm of Dream –




BREATHTAKING! Fans Left Gasping as Netflix Releases ‘The Sandman’s’ Unseen Images for Morpheus’ Realm of Dream

#BREATHTAKING #Fans #Left #Gasping #Netflix #Releases #Sandmans #Unseen #Images #Morpheus #Realm #Dream

If you could travel to your dreams, how would you feel? These thoughts are not insane as the Lord of Dreaming made us believe in this Dream Land. Well, fans haven’t woken up from the Dreaming yet. Let them stay there for a little while. That is what The Sandman production wants right now. While the fandom is still in love with the Netflix Original series, the production gave them one more reason to stay in love.

The American fantasy drama, The Sandman, was released on August 5, 2022. Since the series landed on the streaming giant, it broke many records. It became a fan favorite instantly because of the Dreaming, the actors, and the entire plot. The live-action adaptation was the dream of the writer of the original DC comic book, Neil Gaiman. While Netflix is yet to announce more details about the production of the second season, it gave the fandom a beautiful surprise.

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Fans are not over The Sandman yet

The reason for getting a majorly positive response was the show’s amazing production design. This Netflix Original is the closest to the original source material. While fans have fallen in love with the characters, the production house has posted some never-before-seen pictures of Lord Morpheus’ realm in the Dreaming.

These pictures have become another reason for the fandom to demand the second season as soon as possible. From the beginning of the series, we see Dreaming in various forms. From being a beautiful castle for Lord Morpheus to a demolished building, the Dreaming has seen it all. Now, these pictures are winning the hearts of fans.

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Fans are eager to live in Dreaming

After seeing these dreamy pictures, fans want to leave this real world and move to the Dreaming. While many appreciated the visual effects, some fans demanded the return of a much-admired character, Gregory. Well, fans can not stop themselves from expressing their admiration for the original books, the show, and this castle.

While fans are falling in love with these pictures, what are your feelings about them? Tell us about it in the comment box while streaming The Sandman on Netflix once again.

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