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Exclusive: 20 Christmas Nail Designs to Try This Season –



Holiday nails from amazon

#Christmas #Nail #Designs #Season

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Holiday nails from amazon

It’s that time again! The holidays are here, so you will be wanting to think about what kind of holiday looks you will be wearing this season.

And, don’t forget about your nails. Wearing holiday-inspired nail looks is one of my favorite things about the season. (See: My list of Thanksgiving nail ideas.)

There are so many different kinds of Christmas nail designs that you can do on your nails that are absolutely adorable!

So, if you are one of those people that loves adding some fun holiday designs to your nails, these designs will be perfect for you. Below are 20 adorable Christmas and holiday-inspired nail designs to get you excited for the season.

Christmas Nail Designs for Short Nails

1. Elf Nails

If you have short nails, an adorable Christmas-inspired nail look that you can do is elf nails! If the Elf movie is one of your holiday favorites, this is the look for you.

To get this look, you will want to combine the classic green and red Christmas colors to create a super cute elf design with an elf outfit. You can add a little extra to this nail look by switching up the colors on your nails or even adding some striped designs as shown in this video tutorial.

2. Wreath Nails

A very classic Christmas decoration is of course a Christmas wreath! So, you might be inspired by this decor item when doing your holiday nails.

This wreath nail look combines red, green, and white nail polish to create a super cute and simple nail design.

3. Santa Nails

The most common of all the Christmas designs has to be Santa! If you are looking to incorporate a Santa design into your holiday nail looks this season, you totally can with some red and white nail colors.


I suggest watching this video tutorial to see an example of a cute way to do a Santa Claus design on short nails for this holiday season.

4. Silver & Gold Nails

Just because red and green are the most common Christmas colors doesn’t mean you have to stick to these colors for your holiday nail designs! You can totally switch it up and use some different nail polish colors.

For example, one of my favorite alternatives to the usual Christmas colors is silver and gold. These especially look good on nails when you use sparkly silver and gold glitter and pair them with pinks, whites, or purples.

So, if you are interested in creating a sparkly Christmas look, check out this video tutorial which will show you how to create some super cute sparkly holiday designs!

5. Colorful Xmas Designs

Colorful Christmas designs are another one of my favorite options for the holidays because Christmas colors are gorgeous!

So, if you want to use multiple different colors to create your holiday nail designs, this video tutorial will show you a ton of different super cute designs that you can do like reindeer, Santa Claus, or even snowman nails.

6. Snowflakes

Snowflake nails are a great option if you want to do holiday nails, but would rather do something more winter-inspired.

I love these snowflake nails that combine silver sparkle nails with nude accent nails with snowflake detail. If you want to get this look at home, I recommend these snowflake nail stickers to create the flakes without having to do nail art.

7. Rudolph Nails

One of my favorite Christmas movies is the classic Rudolph movie. If you love this movie too, you can totally add a hint of the movie to your nails with this cute design.

The tutorial above will show you how to get a nail design that looks exactly like the characters from the movie!

8. Neutral Xmas Nails

I love the idea of doing Christmas-inspired nail designs while using neutral colors. This will give off an elegant vibe and will be work-appropriate at most casual workplaces.


You can use neutral nail colors like white and nude shades to create cute designs like gingerbread or a reindeer as shown in this video tutorial.

You can also even add some sparkle to this look with some sparkly gold nail polish!

9. Green Nail Art

If your favorite Christmas color is green, you should try a nail look inspired by the color.

For example, you can try out this gorgeous green and beige nail look that combines a gnome, reindeer, and other designs to create a beautiful sparkly green nail look!

10. Tree and Sweater Nails

One other nail design that you will adore on short nails is a simple sweater nail design like this one.

This pretty nail look mixes simple green nails with two accent nails in a tree and snowflake design and a white 3D sweater nail. This would be such a cute look to get done at the salon because it adds a ton of detail to short nails.

Christmas Nail Designs for Long Nails

11. Sparkly Snowflake Long Nails

If you have longer nails or like to do acrylic nails, there are also a lot of different holiday nail designs that you can choose from.

For example, one of my favorites is doing a sparkly snowflake design on long nails. This looks absolutely gorgeous on longer nails and will give you a holiday-inspired look that you will love.

Just check out this tutorial to see how to get sparkly snowflake nails for this season!

12. Knit Sweater Nails

Knit sweater nails

Another winter-inspired nail look that you could go for with long nails is a sweater design.

A sweater design is all about creating a 3D nail design that closely resembles the material of a sweater. This can be tricky to pull off at home so I highly recommend investing in these press-on nails that you can easily apply and re-wear all winter.

13. Abstract Xmas Nails

One of my new favorite holiday nail designs is doing abstract Christmas nails. Abstract nails became popular recently and now you can use this nail trend to even create a super fun holiday look!


For this look, you can really get creative with the colors and designs that you want to use. For a great example of a beautiful abstract Christmas-inspired look, check out this video tutorial.

14. Holly Nails

I love the pretty holly berries that we all associate with Christmastime. So, if you want to add this to your nail design for the holidays, you totally can.

This pretty holly nail design uses green glitter polish to create the holly leaves. I love how the glitter adds a little something extra to this simple nail design.

15. Minimal Christmas Nails

A minimal holiday nail design will also look super cute on your nails for the holiday season, especially if you do one that incorporates Christmas colors in a subtle way.

I’m obsessed with this simple Christmas nail look that channels Mrs. Claus using ruby red polish for the tips and a hint of white for the “trim” on her coat.

16. Grinch Nails

Who doesn’t love the Grinch movie? If you are inspired by this classic holiday movie, I definitely recommend trying to recreate the Grinch characters on your nails!

This is a little more of a detailed nail design, so I recommend watching this video tutorial to see exactly how it’s done. This would be great to attempt on press-on nails yourself, since it’s so detailed and would be tough to achieve on your natural nails.

17. Candy Cane Nails

Another great option for a sparkly Christmas look this season is candy cane nail art! This type of look will be gorgeous if you use sparkly red, white, and even green nail colors.

What I love most about this look is that it is also easy to recreate at home! Just watch this tutorial to see how to do it.

18. Winter Blue Nails

If you want to go for winter wonderland vibes for your holiday nails, try using some beautiful blue and white sparkly colors on your nails. You can even make this look more glam by adding on some rhinestones too!

For a great example of a winter wonderland-inspired look on long nails, watch this tutorial.


19. Prancer Nails

Prancer nails from Etsy that read Ho Ho Ho

Simple text nail designs are also a really adorable way to get a holiday nail look for this season! For this look, you will want to use some red and white nail polish to create “ho ho ho” text on your nails.

The best thing about this nail look is that you can just buy it as a set of press-ons so it couldn’t be easier to achieve at home if you’re not into doing nail art.

20. Plaid Xmas Nails

Plaid is another great design to do around the holidays and will give you a bunch of options for nail designs.

For example, you could totally do plaid french tips as shown in this nail look to get a nail looking using darker colors for this season.

Which Christmas nail designs are your favorite?

What kind of nails do you want to have for this holiday season? What is your favorite thing about the holidays?


Exclusive: Anne Hathaway Wore the Pretty Shoe Trend Everyone Will Wear With Jeans This Year –




Anne Hathaway Wore the Pretty Shoe Trend Everyone Will Wear With Jeans This Year

#Anne #Hathaway #Wore #Pretty #Shoe #Trend #Wear #Jeans #Year

New(-ish) fashion icon Anne Hathaway is in Paris for Couture Fashion Week, and she’s been keeping us on our toes with one incredible look after another (see here and here). One of her most casual looks of the week thus far featured a pretty (and somewhat flashy shoe trend): metallic shoes. Hathaway paired silver Western boots with wide-leg jeans and a peacoat, with the boots providing just the fashiony jolt the look needed during Couture Fashion Week.

Metallic shoes have been popping up more and more on the market and in my Instagram feed, and other chic celebrities (like Katie Holmes) have also worn the trend as of late. Not only that, but they were also worn by half of all of the models that walked in Chanel’s couture show this week (a gold cap-toe sock boot, to be exact). I happen to think that metallic shoes are the perfect match for jeans and I highly recommend investing in a pair if you’re a regular denim wearer (or not—they kind of go with everything).

Read on to see the aforementioned metallic boots in action and shop some of the internet’s chicest pairs.

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Exclusive: 11 Best Leather Wallets From Handmade To Budget-Friendly In 2023 –




11 Best Leather Wallets From Handmade To Budget-Friendly In 2023

#Leather #Wallets #Handmade #BudgetFriendly

The wallet is the window to the soul—that’s how the saying goes, right? Either way, like any accessory, the wallet you choose to carry every day says a lot about you, and the best leather wallets will say it loud and proud.

A slightly worn, stylishly scuffed, vintage number? Its carrier is an old soul (who may have a penchant for Indiana Jones). A classic, sleek design with maxed-out card pockets on the inside? That’s a man who’s all about utility. 

You may be reading this in a panic now, thinking about the last date you pulled your wallet out on and wondering what judgments were made about you at that moment, but you don’t have to. Even if you’re not clinging to your old middle-school duct tape wallet, chances are you’re still due for an upgrade sooner rather than later.

Key Takeaways

If you’re looking for your next do-it-all and then some wallet, welcome to my master list. While choosing the best leather wallets is not as easy as closing your eyes and pointing at something, it doesn’t have to be a stressful situation. Remember to consider your needs (size, carrying capacity, appearance) and your aesthetic (minimalist, colorful). Leather is a beautiful medium, worth splurging on if you’re looking to find something that will last.

Overall, I’d recommend the Bellroy Hide and Seek, it’s budget-friendly and comes in a variety of colors. But if you’re looking for that special something that will never go out of style, don’t pass on the Luca Faloni Black Bifold (you can thank me later).

Keep reading to learn about my picks for the best leather wallets for men that suit every lifestyle and aesthetic. 

leather card holder on top of a magazine with keys next to you
View More Styles on Mismo

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet

Bellroy’s Hide & Seek Wallet is the best leather wallet for men just getting in on the fashion game, combining all the features you need in an everyday wallet in a cool, modern style.

Despite its slim, bi-fold design, this wallet has the carrying capacity of over 12 cards and a space for dollar bills. Its “more-than-meets-the-eye” style makes it a great everyday choice for guys on the go, as there’s plenty of space for business cards and receipts to build up, but feels barely there in your pocket. 

One thing we love? You can find this wallet in a variety of colors, from basic black and tans to pops of color like forest green, blue and orange, so you don’t have to worry that upping your accessory game means you have to do away with any pops of originality.


Reviewers have mentioned that with all that card space, more bulk can accumulate in this wallet, so if you’re someone who just needs an ID and a credit card to leave the house, you may want to look elsewhere on this list. 

Mismo Black Travel Wallet

If women have ‘little black dresses’, then the male equivalent has to be a little black wallet. There’s no easier way to spruce up a dinner or meeting outfit than with a little bit of sleek black leather, which is why Mismo’s Black Travel Wallet is the best leather wallet for men on the go who need an elegant storage solution.

You can’t be slowed down throughout your day trying to cram cards and cash in a too-small card sleeve, which is why this full-grain leather wallet uses separate sides for cards and cash, with 6 card slots and a coin purse on one side, and a full bill sleeve on the other. 

An elastic pen loop on the inside and the fact that this zips fully are unique features that make this wallet functionable as well as fashionable. The only thing to keep in mind is that this wallet is a bit larger than the others on this list, so if you’re looking for something you can forget about in your pocket this may not be your best choice. 

Campbell Cole Elm wallet

This wallet has your name all over it. Well, it’ll be on your cards at least. With its high-quality Italian veg-tanned leather and incredibly texturized outer layer, the Elm Compact wallet is definitely the best leather wallet for men who have an eye for the finer things in life.

And this wallet doesn’t just look cool. It has a minimalist bi-fold design so it fits comfortably in a pants or jacket pocket, a large back pocket for dollar bills, and easy access card holders.

Even though this wallet can fit up to 4 cards, this wallet definitely focuses on style more than utility. If you’re looking for a higher carrying capacity or any hidden pockets, somewhere else on this list might be the best leather wallet for you.

Luca Faloni Bifold Cardholder

Luca Faloni’s Bifold Cardholder is proof that luxury doesn’t have to mean opulence. This slim profile wallet is one of the best leather wallets for guys who want to invest in quality craftsmanship.

Luca Faloni wallets are made of genuine Italian leather, so even with its steeper price tag you can rest assured that you’re getting the most bang for your buck, and the three minimalist color options guarantee versatility with anything in your closet. 

This wallet comes fitted with 4 card slots and 4 sleeves that provide room for a few folded dollar bills. The Luca Faloni site recommends using the card slots for a maximum of 2 cards each, so if you’re a person who accumulates a lot of things throughout their day, you may want to look elsewhere on this list. 

Roderer blue Leather Wallet

The good people of Roderer have leather down to, well, a science. Which is why their Award Wallet is second to none in terms of both carrying capacity and style, and the best leather wallet for men require more than just the essentials. While on the outside this leather wallet looks like a slim, unassuming place to store a handful of cards and a few bills, on the inside it’s the Mary Poppins bag of wallets. 


The color is second to none, yes the traditional black or brown is great for most but if you want something that stands out that much more (or really like a full monochrome moment), here’s your best bet. Plus, this wallet is handmade, lined, and has a 2-year warranty to rest your nerves.

Troubadour Pivot card case

Troubadour’s Pivot wallet lets you cash in on the trendy look of a leather wallet while committing to a minimalist look—now who wouldn’t want to take that deal? Not ideal for all your cards, this wallet is ideal when you’re out and looking to carry minimal items on you. Even better, use this as a flash business card holder while networking. 

If you’re looking for some of the best leather wallets in the game, you should be looking at Leatherology—it’s literally in their name. Their bifold wallet is the best leather wallet for men who haven’t given any thought to upgrading their wallet until reading this article. Leatherology keeps things simple on this one—no frills, no hidden pockets, just space to store your cash and cards in a few essential colors that will match anything in your wardrobe. 

This wallet also comes equipped with RFID technology, an invaluable quality in our digital age, which helps your credit card information from being picked up by accidental scans. Reviewers have noted that the dollar bill pocket of this wallet isn’t as large as they anticipated, so the cash-carriers reading this list may want to look elsewhere for their perfect fit. 

Swanky Badger Personalized Wallet

If you’re looking for a way to really make your mark (pun intended) on your accessories, look no further than Swanky Badger’s Personalized Wallet. It may just be the best leather wallet for men who want to stand out without breaking the bank.

With Swanky Badger, you can choose between black and brown, and 4 different dynamic monogram options to reflect your bold personality. With their low price tag but high style factor, they’re the perfect option for a groomsmen gift or other special occasion. 

Made of split cow leather, this wallet not only looks sleek, but is durable enough for everyday use. It boasts 8 card slots, a clear ID space, a back pocket for bills, and a zippered pouch for coins. The only thing to keep in mind with this wallet is that you’re limited to the designs Swanky Badger provides—so if you’re in the market for something completely personalized this may not be your best fit. 

Bellroy Slim Sleeve Leather Wallet

There’s nothing worse than the discomfort of a bulky wallet in your pocket as you go about your day. Which is why Bellroy’s Slim Sleeve Leather Wallet is the best leather wallet for men who only need a wallet for an ID and a card or two . This wallet takes the phrase small but mighty to a whole new level, as it can fit up to 8 cards as well as cash in an unassuming, bi-fold design you’ll barely realize you’re carrying. 

Another great spec we love about this wallet are the pull tabs included to easily slide out less frequently used items, like membership or gift cards you typically keep in the back of your wallet but don’t want to leave at home. Even though this slim wallet can fit an impressive amount, it doesn’t have a full size bill sleeve, so if you’re looking for a way to carry more cash we recommend looking elsewhere on this list. 

Givenchy black leather logo billfold

It’s important to treat yourself every now and then, and with Givenchy’s Grained Leather Wallet you can feel good that you’re splurging on something practical. This wallet is made of 100% high quality calfskin, so you can count on its durability and longevity with proper cleaning and care. The pure black goes with everything, while its 4 G silver emblem adds a flash of elegant luxury. 

You can put any skepticism about designer products not having the utility of their cheaper counterparts with this wallet as well. It has a full bill sleeve in the back and 8 card slots, the front two being notched for easier access. As you probably guessed, the only pain point here is the price tag—but if you’re going to spend a couple hundred dollars on a wallet, this is one of the best leather wallets to spend it on. 


Fossil Men’s Derrick Wallet

If you’d rather keep more in your wallet than you spend on your wallet, this option is for you. Since the 1980s, Fossil has been providing people with the best leather wallets and other leather goods for quality prices, and their Derrick leather wallet is proof that they’re not stopping anytime soon. This wallet keeps things simple with its bifold design: it has space for 6 cards as well as a full-size back pocket for bills. 

This is the best leather wallet for men who want a wide range of design options for a reasonable price—you can choose from basics like vintage tan and black leather, to funky patterns and bold colors that show off your fun side. Our main suggestion with this wallet is to triple check before you buy—the inside of the wallets and storage capacity can change with the different designs, so depending on what your needs are, certain designs may not be for you.

What to look for When Buying The Best Leather Wallets For Men


While you may look at this category with confusion, there are a lot of subcategories to leather that you should be considering while shopping for a wallet. You have to consider the type and breed of animal the leather is coming from, the layer of hide that’s used, the quality of tanning, etc. The type of leather your wallet is made of will affect the style, longevity, and durability of it. 


When you think of a leather wallet you most likely picture only black or brown, and while basic isn’t bad, it’s not always best. Leather can come in a variety of rich, rugged colors, so it’s best to consider what matches the items already in your wardrobe. If you like a pop of color, maybe consider earth tones like forest green, mustard yellow, navy, or a burnt orange. The best leather wallets will not just just carry your essentials, bit reflect a bit of your personal style.


While style is important, the true function of a wallet isn’t to look cool, it’s to carry things. So when you’re shopping for a wallet, always consider what you’re going to need to have with you every day. For example, the best leather wallets for men on the go may be simple leather money clips to hold their cash, while a tri-fold wallet is a better option for holding cards, cash, and anything else you may accumulate throughout the day.

Final Verdict 

Buying the best leather wallets is no easy feat, there is no way you can just waltz into any store (or domain) and magically find what you need. Make sure when buying a leather wallet, there are several factors you should be considering.

If you’re looking for something to last, the first thing should be the quality of the leather. Ideally, you’ll spend the extra bit of cash to get something made of full-grain leather, like my favorite, the Award wallet from Roderer. Remember that real leather can have slight imperfections or patterns that show up, making it all the more unique. 

The next option should be to consider what your needs are. Do you need something slim? Something with a lot of carrying capacity? Do you carry a lot of cash and need some kind of snap closure?

Hopefully, you’ve already found your next leather wallet from the list above, if you’re still searching I know that this was a great place to start. Happy hunting!


    • Like the saying goes–if you want something done right, do it yourself. The best way to clean a leather wallet is by hand, rather than machine. With a dry paper towel, first wipe off any surface dust on the wallet. Then, apply leather cleaner in a circular motion with a soft cloth, and finish off by using a lightly damp cloth to remove any excess cleaner.

      • When it comes to a leather wallet, you want to be sure you’re investing in long-term quality. In terms of style and durability, full grain leather typically makes the best leather wallets. Full grain refers to the outermost part of the animal hide, and is typically the strongest part of the hide.

        • The most important factor in the longevity of a wallet is how you care for it. The best leather wallets, ones that are made of full-grain or any other high quality leather, can last up to 10 years with proper care.

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Exclusive: Anne Hathaway Dazzles in Sequined Leopard-Print Leggings and a Matching Minidress –




Anne Hathaway Dazzles in Sequined Leopard-Print Leggings and a Matching Minidress

#Anne #Hathaway #Dazzles #Sequined #LeopardPrint #Leggings #Matching #Minidress

On Jan. 25, Anne Hathaway wore head-to-toe sequins to the Valentino show at Paris Haute Couture Week, paying tribute to the designer in a leopard-print minidress and matching leggings. Hathaway’s husband, Adam Shulman, accompanied the “Armageddon Time” actor down the red carpet in a black-and-white ensemble layered underneath a gray herringbone trench coat.

Sparkles have been a standout trend on and off the runway this season, but Hathaway’s look was hard to miss. The minidress featured a square neckline and spaghetti straps, which were lined with two rows of silver and gold sequins. The shimmering discs appeared again on the bodice and skirt of the dress. The embellishments — composed of black, gold, silver, and brown sequins — resembled leopard spots.

The most striking part of her outfit was the coordinated pair of sequined leggings. From the hem of the dress to the curve of her heels, the intricate design created the illusion that Hathaway’s legs were painted with spots. She styled the feline-inspired look with a leopard-print clutch and matching pointed-toe pumps. On her hands, she wore silver and gold rings that complemented her drop earrings.

Last week, Hathaway attended the premiere of her new thriller “Eileen” at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT. Ahead of the showing, she posed in a black corset-style puffer jacket and paired the functional winter outerwear with Wolford tights and platform boots. Earlier that day, Hathaway wore the same boots with tights, a black turtleneck tank top, and a flannel Celine shacket.

Alternating between our favorite ’00s trends (the newsboy cap) and stunning sheer outfits, her style game has been impressive this season. We can’t wait to see what else the “Devil Wears Prada” star has in store for Paris Fashion Week.

Admire Hathaway’s lustrous ensemble from all angles ahead.

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