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Exclusive: How Does ‘The Sandman’ Adaptation Affect the Future of Lyta and Hector Hall in the DC Universe? –



How Does ‘The Sandman’ Adaptation Affect the Future of Lyta and Hector Hall in the DC Universe?

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There’s no doubt that Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman is a legendary piece of literature as 75 issues of graphic novels. Unsurprisingly, its on-screen adaptation was no child’s play. In fact, the source material went through the wringer for over 30 years with no end in sight. There were multiple factors that contributed to the failed attempts, but there was one major issue.

Despite the main story being rooted in classical mythology, literature, and world history, the DC Comics lore heavily influenced the original comics. Finally, now we have a close-to-perfect live-action rendition of The Sandman streaming on Netflix. While the adaptation closely follows the source material, some characters proved extremely challenging, particularly Hector and Lyta Hall.

The DC origin story of Lyta and Hector Hall

According to the comics Crisis on Infinite Earths, the characters of Lyta and Hector Hall were second-generation superheroes belonging to an Earth that did not exist. Way before The Sandman, they were members of the Earth-Two superhero team Infinity, Inc., founded by the next-gen Justice Society of America. Lyta (Hippolyta), who fought as Fury, was the daughter of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. Hector, the child of Hawkman and Hawk Girl, went by Silver Scarab. These alter egos also went through a lot of changes owing to the end of the Crisis on Infinite Earth and a spinoff of Infinity, Inc. 

In Infinity, Inc. #50, two rogue nightmares, Brute and Glob, draft Hector’s ghost to embody The Sandman, who is a superhero. Hector even brings his pregnant wife into this dream world. Neil Gaiman included this version of Lyta and Hector Hall into The Dreaming realm, ruled by Morpheus, Dream of The Endless. In The Sandman: The Doll’s House narrative, the Halls were crime-fighting superheroes, part of a detached miniature Dreaming inside Jed Walker’s head. No wonder these characters were a nightmare to recreate for the screen.

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Lyta and Hector in Netflix’s The Sandman

Avoiding the entire convoluted backstory, Lyta Hall is human (for now) in Netflix’s version of The Sandman. First seen in episode 7, titled The Doll’s House, she is the neighbor, close friend, and confidante to Rose walker. Unlike the comics, it is Rose’s ability as a Dream Vortex that inadvertently brings Hector’s ghost into Lyta’s dreams. Hector builds for her the house of her dreams and invites Lyta to live the rest of her life with him in this shared dream. She even gets pregnant.

The Sandman series also paid a well-deserved tribute to creators Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. The two were responsible for the comic book version of Hector as The Sandman orchestrated by the nightmares Brute and Glob. In the show, it is Jed Walker who portrays the superhero version of The Sandman as a coping mechanism with the help of a run-away nightmare, Gault. Gault, who aspires to be a dream rather than a nightmare, empathizes with Jed’s abusive reality and attempts to help him.

The adaptation might’ve rewritten the characters of Lyta and Hector Hall, but their essence from the DC comics remains intact. It even ties into the overriding core of The Sandman, which is essentially redemption through change. Watch Netflix’s The Sandman and let us know your thoughts about the show and the transformation of Lyta and Hector’s roles.


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Exclusive: ‘The Sandman’ Gives ‘The Witcher’ a Very Valuable Lesson To Ace the Adaptation Game From Novels –




‘The Sandman’ Gives ‘The Witcher’ a Very Valuable Lesson To Ace the Adaptation Game From Novels

#Sandman #Witcher #Valuable #Lesson #Ace #Adaptation #Game #Novels

The Sandman is currently riding high on the wave of success. Taking direct inspiration from the comics of Neil Gaiman, who also served as the showrunner, The Sandman is being highly praised for being true to its original material. Another Netflix Original that show has not been faithful to its source is the highly popular The Witcher series.

But now that Netflix has proved they can produce comic-accurate shows, fans are certainly wondering what separates The Sandman from The Witcher. And that if there is something showrunners of the latter could learn and make the show more accurate to the novels.

What makes The Sandman a better adaptation than The Witcher?

For a long time, it was believed that it was extremely hard to remain accurate to the original material. And that whatever version you receive on-screen is the best you will ever get. However, all of this changed on August 5th when The Sandman started streaming on Netflix. The Netflix Original is not only a great show but one of the best adaptations ever. Something that could not be said of The Witcher. But why so?

Well, for starters, Neil was directly involved in the development of the show right to its release. So naturally, when the writer of the books himself is a part of the show, you know, it is going to be as accurate as it can be. Other than that, many dialogues in the show are directly taken from the comics. Especially the crucial conversation between Death and Dream is word to word, same from the comics.

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In contrast to these incredible accuracies, The Witcher has none. Andrzej Sapkowski, wither of The Witcher book series, is not actively involved in the production of the show. Also, rather than being true to one book, The Witcher takes multiple storylines and combines them together.

Nevertheless, both the shows are amazing and have huge fan bases. But with The Witcher renewed till season seven. It would be great to see if it could learn something from The Sandman and be a little more accurate.

Both shows are currently streaming only on Netflix.


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Exclusive: “It’s like a curse”: Fans Notice a Rather Odd Detail About Characters of Finn Wolfhard From Multiple Projects –




“It’s like a curse”: Fans Notice a Rather Odd Detail About Characters of Finn Wolfhard From Multiple Projects

#curse #Fans #Notice #Odd #Detail #Characters #Finn #Wolfhard #Multiple #Projects

Young, handsome, and Britt! Who would not fall for Stranger Things‘ clickbait, Finn Wolfhard? From the very beginning of the series, we see Mike Wheeler casting his charm on the super talented and exquisite Eleven. Fast forwarding a few seasons, we also saw El dumping him because handsome and smart boys often do not know the ways with the girls. However, the penultimate season of Netflix’s fantasy flick came with a huge but expected shock. Will Byers was in tears not only because he felt “different” but also because Wheeler couldn’t understand Will’s love for him. And although Mike and El were back together, they weren’t at their best.

But is this the case with all the Finn Wolfhard characters or just a Stranger Things thing? The Finn Wolfhard club recently noticed a rather peculiar fact revolving around his characters from different TVs and movies. It seems like they all share a similar characteristic, and that is certainly not a good one. If you are craving some of Wolfhard’s dramatis personae, be cautious because they say “it’s like a curse,” and you might as well end up in the worst heartbreak of all time.

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Fans surmise what it is like to be the muse of Finn Wolfhard variants

After his Stranger Things debut, Wolfhard sure has made it big in the industry, adding titles like Goldfinch and It to his portfolio. And although in each of these dramas, he amuses fans with his unique skills, he shares a sad reality with each of his characters. There’s something up with him breaking traumatized people’s hearts!

For instance, in Goldfinch, it is immediately apparent that Boris Volodymyrovych Pavlikovsky and Theodor Decker are a thing. They become best friends the moment they meet each other. They even look after each other the best they can as young teens and engage in romantic/sexual activities. However, they never admit they are gay, and Boris impregnants a girl name Astrid and later marries her. Theodor, too, gets engaged to a girl, and fans never get to explore Boreo although they know they are head over heels for each other.

Likewise, in It Chapter Two, it was revealed that Wolfhard’s Richie is gay and is secretly in love with Eddie Kasprak until the latter’s death, and Eddie remained unaware of these feelings. Sure, Finn Wolfhard Cinematic Universe is saddest for real, as a fan points out.

While his co-star David Harbour has had a beef with him, turns out even fans are noticing this problematic pattern in Wolfhard’s filmography. What are your thoughts about it? Do let us know in the comment section below. Meanwhile, you can catch the actor in Stranger Things streaming on Netflix.


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Exclusive: The ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Finds Out Which Characters They Really Are –




The ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Finds Out Which Characters They Really Are

#Stranger #Cast #Finds #Characters

With the popularity of Stranger Things comes a flood of questions. Some are related to the storyline, and some are related to the characters. But have you ever considered what if the characters assigned to the show’s cast are not those they should play? What if they have the traits of some other character? As fascinating as these questions sound, the answer is much better, because we have found the exact answer to your question. 

We came across a video of the cast where they were taking a certain quiz. The answers will surely bring a smile to your face. So let’s go!

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What was this quiz about?

The video where the cast takes this quiz was first released after the release of the third season of Stranger Things on July 5, 2019, on the channel BuzzFeed Celeb. The cast members who participated in this video are Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Noah Schnapp, Charlie Heaton, Natalia Dyer, Dacre Montgomery, David Harbour, Sadie Sink, Caleb McLaughlin, Cary Elwes, and Cara Buono.

While Millie, Noah, and Finn sat together to take this quiz, Charlie and Natalia and Sadie and Caleb sat in pairs of two. Ultimately, David, Dacre, Cara, and Cary sat alone. There were a total of 8 questions asked to each and every one. Let’s tell you what they are!

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  1. Choose an ’80s movie.
  2. Pick a superpower.
  3. Your friends would describe you as…
  4. Choose a place to hang out with friends.
  5. Choose some ’80s slang.
  6. In a crisis, you’d be…
  7. What kind of snack are you grabbing at the food court?
  8. Finally, choose something important from the series.

There’re certain options for each question.

Which character are the Stranger Things stars really?

The cast had fun while taking the quiz. Those who sat in the pair of threes or twos helped each other with the answers. Those who sat alone were mostly sure about their answers. Let’s find out which character each of them really is.

  1. Millie Bobby Brown – Eleven
  2. Finn Wolfhard – Will
  3. Noah Schnapp – Mike
  4. Charlie Heaton – Mike
  5. Natalia Dyer – Mike
  6. Dacre Montgomery – Max
  7. David Harbour – Max
  8. Sadie Sink – Lucas
  9. Caleb McLaughlin – Max
  10. Cary Elwes – Eleven
  11. Cara Buono. – Lucas

Apparently, Millie Bobby Brown is the only person from the cast who really belongs to her character. You can also take the quiz yourself and find out which Stranger Things character you are. Do not forget to let us know who you are in the comments.

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The post The ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Finds Out Which Characters They Really Are appeared first on Netflix Junkie.

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