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Exclusive: 8 Plus Size Fashion Tips To Know, Own, & Live By! –



8 Plus Size Fashion Tips To Know, Own, & Live By!

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Are you a plus size person who loathes shopping for plus size fashion?? Do you find yourself needing a bit of help navigating through it all? Well, we have a few plus size fashion tips to help you shop with confidence! Even now, as we ready ourselves for the newness that fall fashion will soon bring us!

We have rounded up a few plus size fashion tips to help you shop with ease… Especially when only 8% of stores cater to plus size people. It is even more egregious when 67% of women in the US is a size 14 or higher.

Three plus size women laughing happily
Image via Canva

It begs the question, why is it so hard to find or access plus size fashion?

So what is a plus size person to do?

Do a little bit of homework! Yes, it is time consuming and it can be frustrating, but patience is our only virtue. However, do not fret, we have a few plus size fashion tips to assist you with your stylish endeavors!

Keep it Confident with these Plus Size Fashion Tips To Live By

1. Take Your Time & Plan Ahead

Shopping for that special outfit can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. When embarking on this endeavor, bring with you a positive and optimistic mind and your experience will be a better.

plus size fashion tips
PHOTO via Getty Images

Knowing that there are more plus size designers and retailers who cater to you and your curves will help set the pace and tone when shopping!

Also? Planning ahead will eliminate the “nothing to wear” frustration, we have often felt. You KNOW what we are talking about! That frustration can only add to negative feelings around fashion, ourselves, or the event we are shopping for, and we do not have time for that… right?

2. When You are In the Store, Never Judge an Item on the Hanger- TRY IT ON!

Many treasures are never found when you judge an item on its hanger. If it has piqued your interest, try it on! You may find that you will be pleasantly surprised that the cut or the fit works for you.

There have been many clothing finds that were scored by giving it a try in the dressing room. A cut, color, or style may not fully catch your eye, but once you get it on and those curves hit?! Voila! You’ve found a new style that you’d never thought could work.


3. Quality over Quantity is Real

Investing in quality pieces will only enhance your wardrobe, enabling the foundations of your wardrobe to last longer. Certain fabrics and cuts need to drape (hang and fall) in certain places, in order for us to feel our best, right? Mmhmm…

In this age of fast fashion and the rise of plus size sustainable clothing options, slow fashion has made its way back to the forefront. When it is already challenging to find that specific item to pull your look together, it is important that you have items in your closet that will stand the test of wear and time.

Aurora Maxi Dress - rose gold 
plus size fashion tips
Aurora Maxi Dress in rose gold at

When we talk about finding quality in plus size fashion, we are talking about the construction and fabrication to pay attention to. Think about those blouses (or whatever item you have your mind on) that pucker or pull. That piece of clothing that rolls up. Or on the other hand, have you put on a dress that lays exactly how you imagined? That has a soft boning or fully-lined frock that helps you keep your cool? That has given your closet life over the past five years?

THAT is the difference! The quality you can feel and see. And no, quality does not always mean spending an astronomical amount of money on it. With our current economy, we have seen an uptick in plus size thrift or secondhand stores!

And honestly, doesn’t it feel good when you have on an outfit that feels perfect? When you feel amazing, you look amazing too! What do you think of this plus size fashion tip?

4. Invest in What Fits NOW- Not Later…

Nothing is more frustrating than finding the perfect outfit and NOT being able to rock it for whatever reason or circumstance you place on it. This only sets you up for failure and frustration!

You will find yourself loathing or resenting the moment or yourself for not being able to wear what you want to wear, for whatever reason you have created or have listened to. Do not do it.

Image via Natural Woman Collection via Canva
Image via Natural Woman Collection via Canva

The worst feeling is being left with a closet full of clothes that we wish we could wear (with the tags still on) – too embarrassed or proud to return the merchandise. (I have done this a time or two.)

Celebrate the moment, NOW. Do not punish yourself or treat amazing clothes as a reward either! If you want it, have it, and can rock it, then do it… NOW.

5. Love Thy Tailor!

As we dive into these plus size fashion tips, ask yourself… Have you ever seen a fashionable plus size person whose outfit looks impeccable? Pants hit at the perfect length and the waist fits them perfectly. Chances are that they have been to the tailor.

Using a tailor allows you to tweak your purchases to feel tailor made for you and your curves, especially as most of the fashion forward items in plus size are either Ready to Wear or fast fashion. Either way, they are cut for the masses, and taking your frocks to a tailor, helps custom those pieces to your best assets!

Do your jeans or pants gap at the waist but the pants fit perfectly elsewhere? Take them to a tailor. Is the inseam too long for your legs, get them shortened! Are the sleeves too long? Does the blouse fit across the chest but baggy in the waist? Take them to a tailor. Catch our drift?

Nothing feels better when an item is altered to fit YOU and YOUR amazing curves.


6. Not Every Designer Will Work for Your Amazing Curves

Each designer creates clothes with a certain muse or inspiration in mind. While some manage to capture the silhouette of plus size person, not all keep them in mind, and that is okay. As you shop around for clothing, keep in mind those who cater and those who do not.

For example, some designers cut with hips in mind. Others cater to the hourglass frame. Some designers love a body conscious fit, while others prefer a more modest cut. It is important to understand this, to alleviate frustration, disappointment or despair.

And sometimes, the only way you are able to know about this designer, is by trying them on!

7. Make Friends with a Sales Person!

Now that you have found a retailer and designer that cater to your personal style and tastes, make friends with the sales associate who helped you! Why? As long as it took you to find these items, how amazing would it be to have someone ‘on the inside’ to notify you about sales, new deliveries, trends, and exclusives?

This is especially helpful if you enjoy shopping in department stores and places that have personal shoppers. And also? This service is oftentimes free. Making friends with a salesperson will only ensure your shopping trips to be fruitful, pleasant, and fun!

8. Follow Your Favorite Plus Size Influencers, Who are Shaped Like You

Yes. When you are able to see yourself and HOW the clothes you love are going to fit you and how they are styled, you are able to shop that item with more confidence, right?

If you know that you are looking for a specific body shape, size, or style- trust there is an influencer to fit your aesthetic. We’ve done roundups on influencers over a size 3X, plus size LGBTQ influencers to follow, and we have even done a series on individual influencers, to help you find your next source of inspiration!

Now that we have gotten the basics down, when are we going shopping?

Free Plus Size Stock Images from Navabi
Image via Navabi

We are always here to help you with the latest plus size fashion tips, and to help you navigate the latest in plus size fashion.

Did we nail it on the plus size fashion tips? Do you have a few of your own that you live by? Please do share!

Do not hesitate to shoot us a note or reach out on social media. We’ve got your back!



Exclusive: Dressing for Success: 10 Plus Size Wear to Work Essentials to Add to Your Closet –




Plus Size Wide Leg Trouser

#Dressing #Success #Size #Wear #Work #Essentials #Add #Closet

As The Curvy Fashionista editors, we write about stuff we love, and we think you’ll like too. We often have affiliate partnerships, so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

If you are still trying to master this thing called the work-week shuffle with your wardrobe, you are not alone. On the heels of the pandemic and the world, some of us have to return to the office and after laying in loungewear and blouses for Zoom meetings, it may be time to revamp our plus size wear to work essentials.

For those of you who have been back in the corporate world, finding the ideal plus size suiting and wear to work options can be a struggle some days. No one is immune to these challenges! Even the most seasoned of us curvy bosses can fall victim to office outfit fatigue every now and again. Seriously.

plus size wear to work essentials- Henning 5
Image via Henning NYC

So, what is a girl to do? To wear? To manage through it all? She updates her plus size wear to work essentials.

Currently, Mother Nature cares nothing about what the weatherman said and will promptly change things up in a heartbeat. Seriously, the mornings can require a full coat and scarf and by lunch, you wish you had a decent pedicure, because you soooo badly want to throw on some sandals, to feel a slight breeze.

Now here is what we know, it doesn’t have to be this way. So, instead of reaching in the back of your closet and settling for last week’s same-old looks, why not reach for that new? That updated version of a power suit. That bold hued top?

Plus size wear to work essentials- Eloquii
Belted Blazer and Wide Leg trouser at

Listen, we’ve gathered up 10 plus size wear to work essentials that you need to add to your closet that will have you dressed for success… and listen, a few are even under $100!

10 Must-Have Plus Size Wear to Work Essentials

Now, before we begin, there are a few things to know and remember… We have chosen a few of these looks for how fashion forward they are. If your office or your personal style does not fit our picks, no worries! These key items are still relevant and core to building up your plus size wear to work essentials.

1. The Power Suit

It was like all of the brands who do plus size fashion realized (at the same time) that they have been forgetting the plus size professional.

But thanks to the demand and this realization, we now have a few more plus size suiting options to play in, with varied ways to make this look all yours. One thing that is key about having a go to suit is the option to wear it together or break it apart to mix and match with the rest of your closet.


It is all about the versatility here, right?

2. The Updated Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts have made their way into the fall season with a purpose. With and without coordinating jackets, presented in various textures, and lengths (hello midi), the pencil skirt is here for the fall to makes it’s own statement… trust us on this one!

You can match a plus size pencil skirt back to your blazer or layer a matching cardigan like the look above. Depending on your level of comfort, you can choose to have a longer length or fabrication.

One thing great about this silhouette is the ability for pencil skirts can be worn so many ways, all depending on your mood and feelings. Paired back with a plus size bodysuit, you can take this skirt from day to night, seamlessly.

3. The Not So Classic Button Down Shirt

Trendy Plus Size Cotton Button-Front Top
Trendy Plus Size Cotton Button-Front Top at

If your job allows for more of a creative expression, or you run your own business and set your own rules, then have a little fun with your classic button down. If cold shoulder is not your style, then why not play with texture, sheer options, silhouettes and prints!

Basically, you have more options than the white classic button down. Thanks to the technological advances, we have more brands who are tackling the irritating gap that happens whenever we have a button down sitting on top of our chest area.

4. The Classic Moto Jacket

Sometimes, work calls for something with a little more attitude and a leather moto jacket gives us a few ways to make it our own. Layered over a sheath dress, paired with wide leg trousers, or a midi pencil skirt, you have a brand new uniform.

Oh, and we are no longer relegated to just black leather jacket options! If your style and work permits, grab your plus size leather jacket in a new color, that is NOT black. Add a pop of color with your jacket!

Live life on the wild side… just a little bit!

5. The Wide Leg Pant

Whether cropped or to the floor, high waisted wide leg trousers are going to be a silhouette that will be everywhere. Expect to see defined waistlines, cropped and full-length options, in varying fabrications… even in denim!

Find your polished trousers and have a little fun with this style that will seamlessly take you from work to play. You could pair these with a button up or your favorite plus size blazer, or even a leather moto jacket, it all depends on your style and needs.

This is a timeless wardrobe essential that will definitely get it money’s worth in wear!


6. The Perfect Badass Tote

We all need a great tote or carryall… but who said it has to be boring? Add a few metallic details, one that can transform from shoulder bag to a capacious tote, and you are ready to take on the day…

7. The Cozy All in One Cardigan

Boyfriend Cardigan In Super Soft Leopard at

The tried and true cardigan is one that you will need to add to your plus size wear to work essentials. You know, one that you always keep in your car or at your desk? The cardigan that is a catch all for any and everything?

If you are going to have fun with your cardigan, get one that is inspired by the fun, graphic motifs that dominated the runways. The fun thing about cardigans? You can get one that doubles as a dress. A longer cardigan also pairs well with other items that work outside of work, too.

8. The Chic Little Work Dress

There are more than a few ways to update your classic black sheath. Why not opt for a few fun shades of navy? Who says that your chic work dress HAS to be Black? Sure, black is a great go-to, but what about other options?

This one, by Loud Bodies, goes up through a size 10X.

9. The Classic Flat

Yes, we all have a classic black pair of pumps (or we should… if not, a great work wear flat!) but what about a pair that add just a bit of interest, can be worn with a variety of options, and that are nice on our feet?

A block heel pump is where you will find a few more options to add a little style to your wear to work essentials! If you cannot do heels, then find you a great pair of fancy flats to add to your plus size wear to work essentials!

10. The Revamped Trench Coat

When it comes to pulling your plus size wear to work look all together, you definitely need to polish it all off with a great trench coat. Think fit, function, and fashion. Why not opt for a trench that makes a statement by itself.

Yes, you have your classic tans that make it all work, but why not a leather trench? Like this one in baby pink? You can also score this one in a bold yellow, if you are feeling a bit bold!

I guess you can say goodbye to the same old office pieces and kick your workwear up a notch! Put these key items on your gotta-have-it agenda. No more boring skirts and trousers for you! Thanks to how plus size designers and retailers have been innovating and listening… we have options!

Here’s a few places to shop for plus size wear to work essentials: Eloquii, Universal Standard, Ashley Stewart, Henning, and Pari Passu to get you started!

Which wear to work essential is your favorite?

I love the baby pink Cher Trench, it’s the perfect modern twist on an old classic. Serving up a conservative cut in a sweet hue.


How perfect would it be for those those desk-to-dinner dates?

But wait! My office is a bit more conservative….

Now, while you may not be comfortable with a few of these picks or they may not work in your work environment. What you do have is a reference point of where to look!

If you take a look at the websites of where we picked our faves from, you will see that there are quite a few more picks that you could add to your wardrobe and hope is not lost!

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Exclusive: The Boring Item That Is Suddenly Selling Out Everywhere –




The Boring Item That Is Suddenly Selling Out Everywhere

#Boring #Item #Suddenly #Selling

Over the past few years, there has been a growing appreciation for classic items that are resistant to fickle trend cycles. There are a number of factors that have contributed to this shift, including the collective drive to create a more timeless, hard-wearing wardrobe in order to slow down our consumption combined with the pandemic, which means we are all wearing more practical and simpler outfits. Many of the cult buys for 2022 are actually items that have been hero purchases for decades and so will have a permanent place in your wardrobe. 

One item, in particular, that is selling out rapidly this month is striped sweaters. This is an item that will always be popular, and in particular, we love knits that combine cream and black and have an oversized fit. Celine is partly responsible for making us all fall in love with striped knits again thanks to its now cult sweater, which has wide sleeves, a collar, and a fine stripe. Unsurprisingly, this sweater, which has been adored by fashion circles, has created a huge demand for striped knits with collars. High-street brands such as Mango, H&M, and Zara all have their own version of a collared or zip-front striped sweater, making this one of the most popular buys this season. 

Keep scrolling for ideas for how to wear a striped sweater and shop our edit of the best for all budgets. 

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Exclusive: The Best Wedding Guest Dresses to Shop For Petites –




The Best Wedding Guest Dresses to Shop For Petites

#Wedding #Guest #Dresses #Shop #Petites

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you’ll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work.

If you’re on the shorter side, it’s no secret that buying the perfect dress for an event can be tricky. You’ll want it to look cute, feel comfortable, and, most importantly, have the right fit. Oftentimes, being shorter can mean making an extra trip to the tailor when you finally find that one you just can’t live without. Or you can shop a retailer that offers petite sizing as well; a ton of our favorite brands and retailers are now finally producing more and more petite sizes, so you don’t have to waste more time and money on getting the ideal length. If you’re attending a wedding this fall, we’re here to help you find the best petite wedding guest dresses that will fit just perfectly with any occasion!

We did the dream-dress shopping for you and found 11 stunning picks that are just the right length. No matter the occasion, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor affair, we found the best petite wedding guest dresses for every type of celebration. The best part: they’re all so versatile, making them investment pieces you can wear on repeat — and even well beyond the fall wedding season. Ahead, you’ll find our favorites at every price point, ranging from $48 and up from brands like Banana Republic, Anthropologie, Old Navy, and ASOS, among others. Keep reading to check them all out, and find your perfect match for your next fall wedding.

— Additional reporting by Krista Jones

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