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Exclusive: 8 Of The Best Men’s Beach Pants To Wear While Taking Long Strolls On The Beach –



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If you’re anything like us, after a long winter keeping us inside all you want to do is spend the summer (or a mid-season getaway) soaking up the sun. While “sun’s out guns out” is definitely a solid justification for cool muscle tops and tee shirts, it’s starting to apply less and less to bottoms. 

While society phases out awkward length, overly-pocketed cargo shorts for the warmer weather, a new trend has emerged to take its place: men’s beach pants. 

Men’s Beach pants come in all different styles, fabrics, and colors, but they all have one goal in mind — bridging the gap between comfort and style so you can strut the sand (or any of your summer destinations) with confidence. 

Man wearing beach pants
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Whether you’re a total beach bum or a day-tripper, a pair of men’s beach pants are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. Not sure where to start your search? Keep reading for our carefully selected list of the best men’s beach pants to find our picks for your most comfortable summer ever. 

If you’re starting your search for the best pair of men’s pants, you can’t go wrong with simple, classic linen. A Day’s March Tamiat Drawstring linen trousers are precisely that. 

These breezy trousers have a relaxed fit with an adjustable waist for maximum comfort, and their breathable linen fabric will make you wish you never have to take them off. 

And you don’t have to – at least this summer, that is – since their trendy style and basic, neutral colors can take you from a day on the beach to an evening happy hour with ease; just swap those sandals for loafers and that T-shirt for a button down. 

One thing to take note of: We’ve noticed that the relaxed cut of these trousers means they can run big, so we recommend sizing down for a more streamlined fit. 

Material: Linen | Fit: Relaxed | Washability: machine wash | Size range: 44-54


Who said you couldn’t beach on a budget? Certainly not coofandy men’s beach pants. These pants are on Amazon for a steal at just under $30 – affording the same trendy look and feel for less than half the cost. 

Made of a lightweight cotton blend with an elastic drawstring waist and roomy pockets, these men’s beach pants are perfect for both activity and leisure. 

Unfortunately, the size chart for these pants is a little all over the place, so we recommend taking your own measurements and reading reviews before adding these to your cart. Pair them with your most comfortable sandals to hit the boardwalk for a relaxed fit. 

Material: Cotton blend | Fit: Loose | Washability: machine wash | Size range: S-XXXL

Add an air of luxury and refinement to your summer wardrobe with Luca Faloni Lipari linen trousers. Crafted in Northern Italy from lightweight, breathable linen, these pants are designed to keep you feeling cool while (also) looking cool. 

Made with adjustable internal waist drawstrings and roomy pockets, as well as an elegant button closure, these pants combine modern, elegant details with functionality. 

These pants are definitely a splurge hovering around $170, but worth it for the day to night practicality. Roll them up for a relaxed beach look or pair them with a relaxed linen shirt for all of your summertime adventures. 

Material: Linen | Fit: Loose | Washability: machine wash | Size range: 28-40

There’s no better time to show off a statement piece than when you’re on island time, and Wax London’s Kurt trouser is certainly a statement piece. Printed with a bold, floral pattern and bright colors, these pants are sure to turn heads in the best way.


Their cotton blend construction and drawstring waist ensure maximum comfort, while their straight-legged cut provides a modern, wearable look. 

Since these pants have a cropped leg that stops at the ankle, make sure you’re OK with that before you buy. Pair these with a plain tailored tee and a cool jewelry accent and step out in style on a warm summer night.    

Material: Cotton and polyester | Fit: Relaxed | Washability: machine wash | Size range: XS-XXL

Summer style is all about how to get the highest level of style while exerting the least effort. Percival Linen Dress trousers are the answer to this problem. Pairing the breezy, effortless look of linen with the cut and waist of a dress pant, these pants can take you from a day on the beach to dinner with no problem – you can even bring them over to your fall wardrobe with some strategic pairing.

Made of 100% linen, these trousers have the breathability of casual linen pants with the style of a pair of modern slacks. Swap out your beach tee or tank for a tailored button-down or lightweight sweater and you’ll be ready for the nightlife in no time.  

Material: Linen | Fit: Standard | Washability: machine wash | Size range: 28-38

For everyone feeling overwhelmed by men’s beach pants because they JUST caught up with the jogger’s trend, Scotch & Soda has a simple and elegant solution. 

Their Warren Linen-Blend jogger offers the best of both worlds mixing comfort and trendy all in one. Their tapered, chino cut provides the silhouette you love while the cotton-linen blend gives you the beach feel you’re looking for. 

The Warren jogger ensures that you don’t sacrifice practicality for style with its drawstring waist and roomy pockets. We’ve noticed that the color option for the trousers verges more towards the bright and pastel side, so if you’re someone looking to make a bold statement this summer, these men’s beach pants are for you.


Material: Cotton | Fit: Relaxed | Washability: machine wash | Size range: XS-XXL 

Nobody embodies island time quite like Tommy Bahama, so it makes sense that they’d be a top contender for the best beach pants a man can throw his money at. 

Tommy Bahama’s Linen Elastic-Waist pants put the fun in function, pairing the signature relaxed look of a linen pant with a sturdy, hidden drawstring waist and roomy front pockets. 

Their linen blend is lightweight and breathable, so you can feel as cool as you’re guaranteed to look. We’ve noticed that these pants run a little long, so be sure to keep that in mind during your shopping. Pair it with a Tommy Bahama top or any other fun button down and get ready to soak up the sun. 

Material: Linen Blend | Fit: Relaxed | Washability: machine wash | Size range: S-XXXL

If you’re looking for beach pants to upgrade your resort-style cred, Love Brand & Co. has got you covered. Their Eleuthera Linen Trousers are the perfect cross between style and comfort– meaning you’ll never want to take them off. The relaxed fit and adjustable waist allow for easy movement, while the 100% linen material is easy and breezy. Meanwhile, the bold patterns and colors take your fashion game to the next level. 

Love Brand & Co. is a partner with wildlife charities that aid in the conservation of elephants and endangered species, so you know you can feel good about where your money is going when you shop with them. Pair these bold pants with a white linen shirt and get ready to strut the sand. 

Material: Linen | Fit: Relaxed | Washability: Machine wash | Size range: S-XXL


What to look for in men’s beach pants

If you feel out to sea with the beach pants trend, let us help reel you back in. You should seriously consider three elements while looking for the right pair for you.


The first is their fit. With men’s beach pants, the main priority is comfort, so how they fit around your waist and legs is hugely important. Typically, beach pants have a loose, flowy fit to keep you cool and comfortable in the summer heat, so you should look for pants that are loose, but not so loose that they fall down or get in your way. 

Men's Beach Pants
@giarogiarratana / Instagram


The second thing you should have in mind while looking for a pair of men’s beach pants is the fabric. One of the top buzzwords of the men’s beach pants trend is breathability, so you need to make sure you’re looking for a fabric that will help you beat the heat. When it comes to men’s beach pants, linen and cotton blends are the way to go to achieve this effect.


The last thing to keep an eye out for while you look for a pair of men’s beach pants is the color. As we move away from the dull, drab look of cargo shorts, men’s beach pants provide a bright, cool palette cleanser. If you’re someone who’s wanted to dive into patterns or bold colors in your wardrobe but don’t know where to start, try taking the leap with a pastel or striped beach pants to hit the sand in style. 


    • Aside from their comfort, an added benefit of beach pants is that they’re incredibly versatile in the warmer months. You can take them from the beach to dinner with just a simple change of top. For a casual look, pair them with a basic  T-shirt or tank top, or dress it up with a fitted button down or light-weight sweater. 

      • While men’s beach pants may look more casual on their own, the right pair of shoes can dress them up or down depending on the occasion. For a relaxed look, pair them with a pair of sandals or low top canvas sneakers, or dress them up for evening wear with a pair of loafers or docksiders.



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