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Exclusive: Obi-Wan Kenobi finale sees a Star Wars fan favourite return



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The Obi-Wan Kenobi stand-alone series has concluded – well, at least for now.

The finale saw huge cameos, some 23 years in the making, also offering intense battles that’ll no doubt change the way we’ll look at the original trilogy going forward.

It’s also expected to be the last time we’ll see Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan Kenobi, but the actor says he’s keen for more.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead

Ewan McGregor says he’s keen to do more Obi-Wan Kenobi. (Disney Plus)

The finale had high hopes for an ultimate showdown between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader – and boy, do we get it.

Obi-Wan is back! After a moment of what seemed like a crushing defeat, Kenobi unleashed on Vader.

What’s underneath the mask was revealed, and Vader makes clear that Anakin Skywalker is gone. It’s hard to get sucked into big battles and key plot points, because with the Star Wars Skywalker saga we know the outcome. Everyone knows the outcome.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is as powerful as ever in the series finale. (Disney+)

We know Obi-Wan doesn’t die, we know Darth Vader doesn’t die, we know little Leia and Luke are fine and so on and so forth. But it still works. 

Unlike The Mandalorian, Obi-Wan Kenobi is essentially a plot filler, and a glorious plot filler at that beautifully adds to the classic story we already know. 


But what Obi-Wan Kenobi the series does that the other Disney+ shows don’t is change the way we look at the original Star Wars trilogy. 

Actor Hayden Christensen can be seen and heard underneath Vader’s damaged mask. (Disney+)

From Obi-Wan’s relationship with young Princess Leia, to Vader and Kenobi’s deadly bout aboard the Death Star in A New Hope, it can all be looked upon with a fresh story in mind. 

The finale saw a few exceptional cameos, with Ian McDiarmid reprising his role as Emperor Palpatine and Liam Neeson *finally* making contact with Kenobi as a force ghost Qui-Gon Jinn.

While McDiarmid’s cameo was a nice touch, it wasn’t as impactful as witnessing Liam Neeson return to Star Wars in the flesh after 23 years. 

Ian Mcdiarmid returns as Emperor Palpatine in the Obi-Wan Kenobi finale. (Disney+)

Misguided Sith Inquisitor Reva, played by actress Moses Ingram, has finally let go of her hatred.

After a crushing defeat by Darth Vader, Reva was left for dead. But she pushed on only to disocver the galaxy’s biggest secret – Darth Vader, aka Anakin Skywalker, has a hidden child on Tattooine.

Moments were tense when Reva was hunting down a 10-year-old Luke Skywalker, but she couldn’t go through with it and let the boy live, throwing down her red lightsaber and consoling in Obi-Wan.

What’s next for Reva? Rumours are swirling whether we’ll get a spin-off series featuring her character.

Could Reva get her own spin-off series? (Disney+)

There’s still so much more of Obi-Wan’s story to be told, yet rumours of a second season are just that – rumours. 

While Obi-Wan Kenobi actor Ewan McGregor admits the Disney+ show was intended to be a one-off, he’s expressed interest to make more.

“Would I like to make another one? Yeah, I would like to make another one,” McGregor told Entertainment Weekly

“I had such a great time working with Deb [Deborah Chow, director], and the actors that we had in this were so great to work with, and the crew are just, I can’t tell you.”

The Obi-Wan Kenobi finale was the first time we’ve seen Liam Neeson’s character in 23 years. (LucasFilm / Disney+)

So where to now? The finale saw Obi-Wan Kenobi rejoin his old Jedi Master and walk off through the canyons of the planet Tatooine.

A Season 2 would be very welcome by fans, but seeing Obi-Wan and his old master together again instills my faith in the future of the franchise, regardless.

If you’re itching for more, I’d recommend checking out the Star Wars: Rebels animated series, where a certain Jedi Master makes a prominent appearance. 



Exclusive: Miriam Margolyes says she told a young Leonardo DiCaprio to 'wash more' as he was 'smelly' –




#Miriam #Margolyes #told #young #Leonardo #DiCaprio #039wash #more039 #039smelly039

British-Australian actress Miriam Margolyes is known for not shying away from the truth, and once again, she has been extremely honest in an interview – and this time, Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio was unwittingly in the line of fire.

The 81-year-old star, who played Professor Pomona Sprout in the Harry Potter film franchise, left both the viewers and the hosts of ITV’s This Morning in hysterics as she recalled working with the Titanic actor, who she said was “smelly.” Watch above.

“He was a bit smelly because it was very hot in Mexico and I think young boys, and he was very young at the time, they don’t make themselves fragrant, they don’t wash all the bits!” Margolyes told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield of working with DiCaprio on Baz Luhrmann‘s 1996 adaptation of Romeo + Juliet.

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Miriam Margolyes on This Morning
Miriam Margolyes recalled working with Leonardo DiCaprio on Romeo + Juliet on ITV’s This Morning. (ITV)

“I don’t think he washed for weeks,” Margolyes continued. “And after a while, you notice it.”

Margolyes played Juliet’s nurse in the film, while DiCaprio was playing Romeo, a role that is largely considered his breakout before Titanic projected him to global stardom.

It was revealed in the interview that some time later, Margolyes met up again with DiCaprio and “he smelt a lot better.”

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Miriam Margolyes and Claire Danes
Margolyes, pictured here with Claire Danes as Juliet, played Juliet’s nurse in Romeo + Juliet (1996). (20th Century Fox)
Leonardo DiCaprio
DiCaprio caught Hollywood and the world’s eye when he played Romeo in Romeo + Juliet. (20th Century Fox)

“He’s fragrant now,” she said. “He’s lovely, and he’s a very nice man. A generous sweetheart.”

Margolyes, who was on the show to promote her memoir This Much Is True, also recalled shopping with DiCaprio when they worked together.

“We loved shopping together, but I kept saying to him, you know, ‘Have a wash, just get clean,’” she laughed.

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Margolyes, pictured here with Daniel Radcliffe, is known for playing Professor Sprout in the film series. (PA Images via Getty Images)

It wasn’t just DiCaprio that Margolyes advised about personal hygiene, she revealed on live national television.

In fact, behind-the-scenes of This Morning, Margolyes says she told a production assistant called Dylan that he had to “wash every bit,” a revelation that left Willoughby hiding her face behind her hands.

“Strangely, Dylan’s just handed his notice in,” Schofield quipped as he laughed.

Twitter erupted with praise for the interview, with many branding Margolyes a national treasure.

“I downed tools today to stop and watch her interview and she had me laughing instantly,” one user wrote.

“And once again my face and ribs are sore…oh I’d love to go to the pub with Miriam 🤣🤣,” another said.

Another viewer wrote: “I love Miriam! So unfiltered but generous of heart, we all should have a Miriam in our lives ❤️”

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Exclusive: Police Arrest Suspect In 4th Of July Parade Shooting Outside Chicago – Update –




Police Arrest Suspect In 4th Of July Parade Shooting Outside Chicago – Update

#Police #Arrest #Suspect #4th #July #Parade #Shooting #Chicago #Update

UPDATED with arrest, 4:55 PM: Police have arrested a person of interest in the horrific Fourth shooting at a Fourth of July Parade near Chicago. Highland Park Police Chief Lou Jogmen said in a news conference that officers initiated a traffic stop of the subject and “that subject did flee. A brief pursuit went on. Ultimately they were able to get the subject stopped … in Lake Forest. The subject was taken into custody without incident.”

Jogman reiterated that “things are moving very quickly, as they do unfortunately.”

Parade Shooting Person Of Interest Is Chicago-Area Rapper; Videos Have Shooting Imagery

The person of interest was en route the the Highland Park Police Department, “where we going to begin the next phase of the investigation.”

PREVIOUSLY, 2:50 PM: The chief of police for Highland park, IL identified a “person of interest” in the mass shooting that took place there today, killing six people and wounding 25. The man’s name is Robert E. Crimo III, 22. Crimo is reportedly a Highland Park local. He is said to be “armed and dangerous.” There is currently a massive manhunt being conducted in the local area by law enforcement.

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker issued a statement indicating, “My staff and I are closely monitoring the situation in Highland Park. State police are on the scene and we have made all state resources available to the community. We will continue working with local officials to help those affected.

PREVIOUSLY, 2:30 p.m.: Officials at a hospital in Highland Park, Illinois updated the country late this afternoon on casualties related to a mass shooting at a parade today outside Chicago.

Twenty-five people were admitted to the hospital as a result of the incident with gunshot wounds. They ranged in age from 8 to 85, according to officials, who also noted that “four or five” of them were children. Of those 25 people shot, 19 released.

The local communities of Glencoe, Evanston, Deerfield and many more have canceled their 4th of July events as a result, according to NBC5 Chicago. The outlet also reported that Six Flags Great America has canceled its fireworks display and will close at 8 p.m. tonight “out of an abundance of caution.”


The Chicago White Sox canceled their fireworks show that was scheduled to follow a game against the Minnesota Twins tonight, and indicted that a moment of silence would be held for the victims before the game.

PREVIOUSLY, 12:30 p.m.: Five of the six people killed in the Highland Park parade shooting were adults and died at the scene, city officials said during a press briefing at 3:30 p.m. Chicago time. A sixth person was pronounced dead at a hospital; information on that victim was not disclosed.

A fire department official said at least one of the more than two dozen injured in the shooting transported to a hospital was a child.

Police officials said that “significant progress” is being made in the investigation into the shooter, with a “very active apprehension effort” in place. The suspect was not in custody at the time of the briefing.

The parade has been canceled.

Earlier this afternoon, President Joe Biden has released the following statement in response to the Highland Park shooting:

Jill and I are shocked by the senseless gun violence that has yet again brought grief to an American community on this Independence Day. As always, we are grateful for the first responders and law enforcement on the scene. I have spoken to Governor Pritzker and Mayor Rotering, and have offered the full support of the Federal government to their communities. I also urged Federal law enforcement to assist in the urgent search for the shooter, who remains at large at this time. Members of the community should follow guidance from leadership on the ground, and I will monitor closely as we learn more about those whose lives have been lost and pray for those who are in the hospital with grievous injuries.

I recently signed the first major bipartisan gun reform legislation in almost thirty years into law, which includes actions that will save lives. But there is much more work to do, and I’m not going to give up fighting the epidemic of gun violence.

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker also issued a statement saying, in part, that “grief will not bring the victims back, and prayers alone will not put a stop to the terror of rampant gun violence in our country. I will stand firm will Illinoisans and Americans: we must – and we will – end this plague of gun violence”

PREVIOUSLY: A Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, outside Chicago, has left six people dead and multiple injuries, according to officials. At least 24 people have been hospitalized with serious injuries.


Police are still searching for the gunman, according to city officials. Chris Covelli of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office said the shooting “appears to be completely random” Law enforcement officials are urging people downtown to shelter in place.

At a press conference just before 1 p.m. Chicago time, Covelli described the suspected shooter as a white male, 18-20 years old, longer black hair, small build, wearing a white or blue t-shirt.

A rifle was retrieved at the scene, but the suspect should still be considered armed and dangerous. Covelli described the weapon as a “high-powered rifle.”

Police are asking parade spectators to review their cellphones for video and photos that might provide clues and to contact police with the information. Covelli said the FBI is assisting in the investigation and search for the suspect.

Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering,“On a day that we came together to celebrate community and freedom, we’re instead mourning the loss, the tragic loss, of life, and struggling with the terror that was brought upon us,”

Officials said there is no indication that the shooter, who apparently fired from a nearby roof, is barricaded in the immediate area.

A message on the city’s official Facebook page says, “SHELTER IN PLACE. Highland Park Police are responding to an incident in downtown Highland Park. All 4th of July events have been canceled. Please avoid downtown Highland Park. Take shelter if in downtown HP. “

Shots began firing within 10 minutes after the parade commenced at 10 a.m. CT today. As of this report, the shooter remains at large.

Nearby towns including Deerfield, Ill. have canceled their own official Fourth of July activities.

“I grew up in Highland Park and this parade is a highlight of the year for so many families,” tweeted actor Rachel Brosnahan. “I’m sick to my stomach every time news like this comes out, but I don’t wish the pit in your stomach as you call your family and friends to make sure everyone is okay on anyone. No words.”

Erik Pedersen and City News Service contributed to this report.

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Exclusive: Travis Barker Receives Flowers From Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble After Hospitalization –




Travis Barker Receives Flowers From Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble After Hospitalization

#Travis #Barker #Receives #Flowers #Kris #Jenner #Corey #Gamble #Hospitalization

Travis Barker is on the road to recovery. 

Less than a week after being admitted to the hospital for pancreatitis, it appears the Blink-182 drummer is back at home. Travis seemingly confirmed the news on July 4 while sharing an image to his Instagram Story of flowers he received from mother-in-law Kris Jenner and her boyfriend Corey Gamble.

“Dearest Travis,” a note attached to the flowers read, “Get well soon!!!! We love you.” Travis captioned the photo, which appeared to be taken at his residence in Calabasas, Calif., with a “thank you” to the couple.

On July 3, Travis’ wife Kourtney Kardashian hinted that he’d been released from the hospital by posting a photo from inside his vintage convertible. That same day, Travis shared a picture to his own Instagram Story, showing a basket filled with board games, including Battleship, Monopoly and Operation.

E! News confirmed on June 28 that Travis was brought by ambulance to a Los Angeles hospital. On July 2, Travis shared details on his health journey on social media. 

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