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Exclusive: Sydney Leroux Opens Up About Her Miscarriage and Why She Chose to Freeze Her Eggs



Sydney Leroux Opens Up About Her Miscarriage and Why She Chose to Freeze Her Eggs

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When Sydney Leroux got pregnant at 25, it was a huge surprise—one that came at supposedly the prime of her career. As a professional soccer player and an Olympic gold medalist, Leroux says the news prompted a lot of questions: If she had a baby, could she ever return to the sport? Would it help or hurt her standing? In the end, Leroux decided to have her son, Cassius, at a moment she now sees as perfect timing. “I was really unhappy for a long time playing soccer,” she told “He saved me…I found my passion again.” It was an easy pregnancy, and after she gave birth in Sept. 2016, she returned and played for another season and a half. But when Leroux got pregnant for the second time in 2018, she had a miscarriage. “I was extremely naïve to think it couldn’t happen to me,” she said.

That experience led Leroux to freeze her eggs, a decision she’s kept private until now. She also teamed up with Modern Fertility, a reproductive health company that makes personalized fertility information more accessible through at-home tests, to talk about the unique challenges of navigating fertility when you’re a professional athlete whose career is dependent upon your body. “We know so much about our bodies as professional athletes, but the probably most important thing is that we don’t know what’s happening internally,” Leroux said. By working with Modern Fertility, athletes are hoping to encourage others to find out more about their reproductive health, so this essential information is no longer a mystery.

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Leroux has long been open about her own struggles with fertility, posting on Twitter in Oct. 2018 about her miscarriage. She wrote, “I hate that I couldn’t talk about it. I hate that I felt like I couldn’t because there was a sense of shame and embarrassment that came with losing a baby.” Over the course of this conversation, Leroux revealed that she had been bleeding from nearly the beginning of her pregnancy, though the baby’s heartbeat was strong. She immediately thought something wasn’t right, but she and her doctors were still hopeful. “No one has any idea how many people with ovaries go through miscarriages or fertility issues; it’s one in four,” she said. “There’s a lot of us and a lot of stories that aren’t told. And the pain you carry for the rest of your life is a lot to carry on your own.”

Soon after, Leroux got pregnant again, this time with her daughter, Roux, but it was a tough time for her mentally. “I had the thought in the back of my mind that I wasn’t untouchable,” she said. So a few years later, at 31 years old, she chose to freeze her eggs. “Even though I have two healthy children, I don’t know what the future holds,” she said⁠—something her pregnancy loss made all the more clear. “I want to make sure that the future is in my hands.”

sydney leroux and her children
Leroux with her children, Roux and Cassius.

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Leroux now tells everyone to freeze their eggs if they have a chance during soccer’s off season, noting that while some players choose to have children after their careers are done, when it comes to fertility, “the older we get, the harder it is.” And while she had to pay for the procedure out of pocket, she said some women’s soccer teams have started offering coverage for fertility services. “It makes me happy to know that those things are becoming the norm in some places, and we hope to see that take over the entire league, because playing professional sports is different than any other job.” She continued, “It starts the conversations earlier than the ones that we’re having now. People on those teams, rookies coming in, they’re learning about fertility, they’re learning about their reproductive health. Those were things that we never had.”

For Leroux, access to reproductive health information and services is also part of the fight for equality, including in sports. “It affects us more than men, because we’re the ones getting pregnant,” she said. “Professional male players can still use their bodies, we can’t. So when we look at equality, we need to look at that as well, and we need to give people with ovaries all the information that they need on what’s going on inside of their bodies. We deserve to know.”

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Exclusive: How to Wear Pantone's 2023 Color of the Year, Inspired by Lori Harvey and Cardi B –




How to Wear Pantone's 2023 Color of the Year, Inspired by Lori Harvey and Cardi B

#Wear #Pantone039s #Color #Year #Inspired #Lori #Harvey #Cardi

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you’ll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work.

This year’s greatest fashion moments from Hollywood style stars were rooted in bright colors that commanded attention on the red carpet, indicating that 2023 will be another boundary-pushing year in fashion. With power dressers like Zendaya and Cardi B effectively carrying out the Barbiecore trend, it’s no surprise that Pantone announced a vibrant shade of magenta as the color of 2023.

While it’s in keeping with the same bold base, “Viva Magenta” is a harmonious hue that descends from red, with hints of pink and purple. Described as empowering, “it is a new animated red that revels in pure joy, encouraging experimentation and self-expression without restraint. It is a color that is audacious, full of wit and inclusive of all,” according to a statement on Pantone’s site. “In this age of technology, we look to draw inspiration from nature and what is real,” color institute executive director Leatrice Eiseman said.

We have already seen some of this energy emitted by the likes of Lori Harvey, who recently rocked a voluminous, magenta Christian Cowan skirt at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party; Serena Williams, who translated the look via a pleated Gucci gown at the Oscars; and Cynthia Erivo, who was way ahead of the game in Schiaparelli at the 2020 SAG Awards. These pioneers sported “Viva Magenta” even before it came into the spotlight.

Ahead, see how they embraced the color, then get inspired and shop fun pieces to bring it into your own wardrobe for 2023.

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Exclusive: 18 Holiday Gifts Under $50 That Everyone Will Love –




Stanley quencher in cornflower blue

#Holiday #Gifts #Love

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This post will show you the best gifts under $50 for everyone on your list.

Now that the pumpkins, witches, and ghouls have come and gone, it’s time to switch them out for peppermint, ornaments, and gingerbread!

Although the holiday season is still a few weeks away, we highly recommend that you start shopping for gifts ASAP. You don’t want your sentimental gift getting stuck in the mail and arriving after the holidays have wrapped up!

To give you some inspiration for what to get your friends, boyfriend (or girlfriend), roommates, and family, we compiled a list of the best gifts under $50. This way, you’ll be able to make everyone smile without breaking the bank.

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From quirky knick-knacks to personalized baskets, here are the best gifts under $50 that are so good you’ll want to keep them for yourself.

Gifts Under $50: $20 and Under

Disposable Camera

UO disposable camera

Disposable cameras are the gift under $50 that keeps on giving.

For all the sentimental people, this cloud-printed camera can document the holidays. Although the camera won’t last forever, the candid pictures will. Plus, you can even plan out a fun photo shoot when gifting this cam to someone!

Reading Light

Cute flower book light

With everything being virtual these days, it’s nice to take up hobbies away from the screen as much as possible.

Over holiday break, there is more time to cuddle up with a nice book. Gift someone this super cute clip-on light to prompt some cozy reading time.

Mini Microphone

Best gifts under  - mini microphone

Plug this mini microphone into your computer and bam! You are now a karaoke star or even a podcaster.

This cute knick-knack is a fun way to make some content and even be silly. Something about mini-items makes them so lovable!


Hand Soap

Holiday bar soap from Anthropologie

Washing our hands has always been customary, but it is even more of a priority than ever this year.

Keep your friends and family safe from germs with this beautifully packaged bar soap. Available in 10 different designs, you’ll be able to give everyone a unique design that fits their personality best!

Astrology Mini Book

Four "seeing stars" astrology books pictured, with aquarius, taurus, leo, and aries editions shown

Who doesn’t love astrology these days? Whether or not you believe in it, you can’t deny that it’s fun to look up your horoscope and identify with the traits of your sign.

Gift a mini astrology book in their sign to anyone who loves all things mystical and magical (or who just follows way too many astrology meme accounts). They’re guaranteed to use it, plus it will look so cute on a coffee table or shelf.

Spa Day Headband

Urban Outfitters blue spa day headband

Urban Outfitters has the best spa headbands around. If you haven’t seen these before, they’re perfect for keeping your hair out of your face while you do your skincare or makeup routine.

I’m partial to this blue checkerboard print headband, but there are nine different styles to choose from, from sequined cat ears to yellow alien eyes. The cuteness will win over your gift recipient, for sure!

Gifts Under $50: $30 and Under

Anastasia Lip Set

Anastasia lip set with

Ready to last through any holiday party, this longwearing lip set will leave your receiver shining all holiday season!

Featuring four liquid lipsticks and an iridescent pink peach lipgloss, your gift is sure to ~shine~.

Floral Diffuser

Talk about room decor!

A floral bouquet diffuser will bring so much life to any room and makes a great gift. This is different from the all too common candle (plus it’s dorm-approved!), and the receiver will appreciate receiving something much less conventional.


Gardenia Blanc fragrance

With marks of gardenia blanc, honey rose, and orchid vanilla, this luxe scent is perfect for anyone who enjoys all things sweet!

This floral fragrance is a perfect pick-me-up for the winter months, and the receiver will think of you whenever they wear it.

Sun Projector

Best gifts under : Sun projector from urban outfitters

Having cool lighting in your room is one thing. Having cool lighting from a sun projector is next level.

Gift this space-inspired, remote control sun projector to your roommate, your BFF or anyone who enjoys soothing vibes in their space.

Self-Care Advent Calendar

Target 12 days of self-care advent calendar

Is anything more exciting than self-care goodies nowadays? Well, this calendar is full of them!

Advent calendars are such an exciting way to get excited for Christmas. Get this for your girlfriends to get in the holiday spirit in style. This advent calendar is worth over $59 but can be yours for only $20! Such an amazing deal.

Facial Roller

Gifts under  - jade facial roller

This jade facial roller is both aesthetically pleasing and amazing for the skin.

Meant to rid your face of puffiness, this massage roller is a great addition to any skincare routine.

This is the perfect gift under $50 to give to someone when you don’t know exactly what they like but still want to get them something nice. Gift this to your roommate, coworker, or even professor.


Gifts Under $50: $50 and Under

Jewelry Box

Minimalist and gorgeous, this Kate Spade jewelry box is the perfect addition to any vanity! It’s a must-have gift under $50.

In a beautiful shiny gold finish with heart embellishments, this jewelry box can hold small jewelry, such as rings. This gift is both practical and luxurious, and you simply cannot go wrong buying this for someone.

Heart-Shaped Tea

Best gifts under  - heart shaped tea bags

During the cold winter, nothing beats a hot cup of tea. Adding to that sentiment, nothing beats a hot cup of heart-shaped tea.

Effortlessly adorable, these tea bags will warm both the heart and soul!

Spa Box

Gifts under $50 - Spa box

Give the gift of self-care!

Gift baskets are the best, but this one, in particular, is awesome. This spa box is made up of soap, candles, and a lip scrub. You can personalize the name on the box and give your friend the ultimate day of relaxation.

The hand-made items and custom packaging capture what the holidays are all about!


Free People smiley slippers

The holidays are all about getting cozy and relaxing. These fuzzy smiley face slippers are the best for chilling at home and staying warm.

These are so cute, you may even want to get matching ones for you and your BFF!

Stanley Quencher

Stanley quencher in cornflower blue

By now, you have undoubtedly seen the famous Stanley quencher in the hand of your favorite influencer or on your FYP.

This thing holds an impressive 40 oz of water and comes with a built-in straw, perfect for drinking your water on the go. Plus, it is SO aesthetically pleasing and comes in a zillion colors.

Gift the “it” cup of the year and keep your giftee hydrated in style.

Crystal Wireless Charger

Gifts under $50 - crystal wireless charger

Compatible with Apple and Samsung Wireless devices, this crystal, wireless charging dock is chic and useful.

Your gift receiver can simply lay the phone on the crystal and get some charge! This is perfect for anyone who loves crystals and home decor.

What’s your favorite gift under 50 dollars?

Shopping for the holidays can be both stressful and exciting. We want to take away the stressful part by providing perfect gifts that will make any receiver smile.

Let us know which gift you can’t wait to wrap and send in the comments below! And for more gift ideas, be sure to see our guide to the best gifts for nerds.


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