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Exclusive: What to Wear with a Blazer: 10+ Outfit Ideas for Women



What to Wear with a Blazer: 10+ Outfit Ideas for Women

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This post will show you 10+ outfit ideas for how to style blazers of all kinds.

Gone are the days when blazers were confined to the walls of an office. These days, a blazer has become one of the most important items to have in your closet, no matter your style or age.

These days, blazers are worn for all occasions, and you can find a blazer to wear in every store, year-round…. in every color, fabric, pattern, fit, and shape.

Still, it can be hard to find new, exciting ways to style blazers. That’s where we come in. Here, we’ll share 10 ideas for what to wear with a blazer, for women.

But, what is a blazer exactly?

Isn’t a blazer just a suit jacket?

Actually, blazers are similar to suit jackets. They are not the same. The main difference is the way they’re cut: blazers have a looser fit and, therefore, are considered less formal.

Suit jackets were originally worn for formal black-tie events, like galas, weddings, and ceremonies. For white-tie events, these suits were replaced with tuxedos. Blazers, on the other hand, were originally made for sporting events, school uniforms, and business casual ensembles.

The second difference is that suit jackets are part of a suit. Blazers, however, don’t necessarily have matching pants and may not be part of a set.

Today, for most of us, suit jackets and blazers are pretty much interchangeable. To us, they are formal jackets we can throw on to take any outfit to the next level. They provide a light layer and you can wear them for any season or event.


Types of Blazers


Single-breasted blazers are the most popular style out there. A single-breasted blazer (or jacket) is called ‘single-breasted’ because it has one column of buttons and a narrow overlap of fabric.

Usually, they have two or three buttons; one or four buttoned jackets are rare. The lapels are one of the most changeable details of the jacket, so there is not just one type of lapel for this type of blazer.  

A single-breasted blazer is a perfect partner for another closet staple: a pair of well-fitting jeans. Layer your blazer over a graphic t-shirt. Single-breasted blazers are great for pairing with graphic tops, because the lapels won’t cover the print. Finally, sneakers are great to finish this look.


Double-breasted blazers are the younger sister to single-breasted blazers. Double-breasted blazers have two visible parallel rows of buttons and a wider overlap of fabric. Typically, these blazers have one to four rows of two buttons each.

On most modern double-breasted blazers, one column of buttons is decorative, while the other is functional. They also have a jigger, or anchor button, on the inside of the blazer.

A double-breasted blazer is the perfect statement piece for any outfit. Wear one with a simple base like a denim mini skirt and a bodysuit. The contrast of colors and styles will make the blazer pop. Finish with summery heels and you are ready to go.


A peplum blazer is, basically, a blazer with a short flared, gathered, or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist. Think Dior’s 1947 New Look with a white, peplum blazer and black A-line skirt. This type of blazer gives the illusion of an incredibly cinched waist and an hourglass figure.

Peplum blazers can be single or double-breasted. These blazers are usually worn buttoned to preserve their shape. This also allows more room for peplum blazers to be worn without a shirt or blouse underneath.

Try wearing an off-white peplum blazer with a pair of mini-flare pants in a similar shade. The simplicity of the pants will give the blazer room to shine. Then add a pair of pointed-toe mule heels in an animal print.

Complement the rest of the look with tortoiseshell accessories, like sunglasses and earrings. The animal print and tortoiseshell will give the outfit more depth and texture.


Draped blazers, also known as waterfall blazers, are the most casual type of blazer on this list. They are named for the way in which the fabric hangs from the shoulders and over the waistline.


Generally, draped blazers are always open and don’t have any buttons. At the most, they can have a tie to close the blazer if necessary.

Throw a navy blue draped blazer on top of a simple, brown body-con dress. The blazer adds movement to the look and it’s the perfect light layer for summer. Dress the outfit up with a pair of brown sandal heels and a matching brown bag.

What to Wear With a Blazer?

Wear it with… a crop top

Blazers now come in all shapes and sizes. So, let’s start with a cool, new fit. Start off with a simple base: a black crop top and mint green mom jeans. A cropped green tweed blazer is the perfect statement piece that takes this outfit to the next level. Keep it casual with a pair of white sneakers.

Accessorize with matching items: gold & green earrings, super trendy green sunglasses, and a cute green handbag.

Wear it with… a tank top

For this outfit, I took inspiration from the effortlessly poised and endlessly chic French girl aesthetic. Go back to basics and wear a white tank top with a pair of medium-wash relaxed-fit jeans. Then, throw on a single-breasted black blazer.

For shoes, black ballet flats with golden details are the perfect classic pairing for this look. Finish with a neutral accessory, like a structured purse in cream.

Wear it with… a t-shirt

Sometimes, all you want to wear is a t-shirt. With this in mind, I’ve created an outfit for edgy girls who want to wear a blazer without looking preppy or stuffy.

Take a lilac t-shirt, or a t-shirt you love in your favorite color, and pair it with a simple black skort. As mentioned earlier, blazers now come in every fit, size, color, and fabric imaginable. Seize this opportunity and go for a faux-leather black blazer in a relaxed fit. It will add a little bit of edge to the look and won’t take away from the comfort of the t-shirt. A pair of black combat boots are the perfect shoes for this outfit.

Accessorize with a fun pair of earrings, like these flower ones in yellow and lilac, and add matching sunglasses. Here, I exemplified it with yellow sunglasses. Finalize with a black leather shoulder bag.

Wear it with… a white t-shirt

White tees are classic. They go with any look and when in doubt, they can save any outfit from disaster. And they are, naturally, a blazer’s best friend.

For this colorful look, start with a simple base: use a white tee with a pair of off-white high-waisted jeans. Throw on a royal blue blazer to give the look the pop of color it needs. For shoes, continue the blue tones with strappy blue heels.


Accessorize with gold jewelry, like a wrap-around ring, a signet ring with a blue stone, and a simple gold chain necklace. Finish it off with a structured cream purse to tie everything together.

Wear it with… a turtleneck top

Okay, I’m leaning into fall with this one, but I want you to be prepared for every occasion. Turtlenecks and blazers have been working together since the beginning.

An orange turtleneck shirt and a camel double-breasted blazer go perfectly together. For pants, bell-bottom jeans will elongate your legs and give the look a ’70s vibe. Add texture to the outfit with animal print booties. A brown scrunched tote with a golden chain will finish the look perfectly.

Wear it with… shorts

From fall, we jump to summer. This is a day-to-night type of look that’s perfect for warm weather. A black square-neck bodysuit (a swimsuit works too!) teams with a classic pair of medium-wash denim shorts for the perfect combo to tackle hot summer days.

Use a green and blue tartan blazer as a light layer in case you catch a chilly summer breeze. (Bonus: This blazer is even more amazing in the fall season!) Use a gold layered necklace to give the look a little bit of shine. Finally, a pair of classic blue Converse will get you comfortably through the day.

Wear it with… a mini-skirt

Hot days are just around the corner. That means the return of mini-skirts, florals, and bright, pastel colors. And a bold, colorful outfit like this is certain to brighten your day.

An oversized blazer in pastel yellow is an amazing staple to own for spring and summer. For the base of the look, wear an orange one-shoulder top with a floral mini-skirt. The floral pattern is in yellow and orange, so it will tie everything together nicely.

Mule heels are super trendy now. Try wearing orange mules to coordinate with the rest of the look. A cute pair of floral orange earrings and an orange shoulder bag are the perfect finishing touches.

Wear it with… a midi-skirt

Midi skirts are some of my favorite items to wear year-round. They are cute, comfortable, and insanely versatile. And pink is an amazing color for every season. For this outfit, I took inspiration specifically from Dior’s New Look.

Grab a light pink bodysuit with a slight heart neckline and wear it with a fuchsia satin midi skirt. Then, use a light pink blazer and close it. Cinch the waist with a dusty pink belt. Have fun with the shoes, with a pair pink gingham kitten heels. Wrap it up with a red and fuchsia cross-body bag.

Wear it with… wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants and blazers are the perfect combo if you want to be chic and comfortable. This outfit is perfect for Saturday mornings: You can wear it to run errands, have brunch with your friends, and even go out later on.


To create the base of the look, put on a red bralette and off-white wide-leg pants. Then, throw on a red, double-breasted blazer. You can wear it open, but I’d recommend wearing it closed. This way, the bralette is just a peek-a-boo moment and not something to be over-thinking all day. Stay comfortable with chunky cream-colored sneakers.

A cream faux-leather backpack will be a great addition and will actually be practical throughout the day. Accessorize with a gold layered necklace.

Wear it with… high-waisted jeans

Casual but put-together is my favorite type of look. This outfit is just that. And you won’t even need a shirt or blouse.

Blazers can totally serve as tops. Especially now that they come in so many cuts and fits. A short-sleeved, neon green cropped blazer is perfect to wear as a top. Pair it with some high-waisted medium wash jeans.

Since comfort is key, a pair of crisp white slip-on sneakers will give you both the comfort and the polished look we’re going for. Finish it up with a black shoulder bag. But if you need more space, a backpack or tote bag would also work with this outfit.  

Wear it with… a casual dress

Pink and green are the perfect color combination for spring and summer. And flowy dresses are just so cute and breathable. So this look combines both.

A light green, gingham midi dress and a hot pink blazer work together so well. Keep it casual with dusty pink sneakers. For a purse, a light green purse goes perfectly.

The outfit is so simple that you can go nuts with accessories. Try wearing an acrylic pink & green ring, a stack of dainty pink rings, and green earrings. Finish the look with a pair of cool sunglasses in bubblegum pink and bright green.

Wear it with… a jumpsuit

Let’s wrap it up with my favorite look on this list. Jumpsuits are everywhere and they are usually worn as a single, statement piece. But a blazer is the best item to take any jumpsuit to the next level.

Wear a denim jumpsuit with a coral tweed blazer. The contrast of casual denim with the elevated texture of tweed makes this outfit look so cool.

Clogs have been all over the place and I know not everyone is into them, but I really love them. They are an amazing replacement for sandals if you, like me, prefer closed-toe shoes. Off-white clogs look great with this look — they will give you height and freshen up the color palette.


Keep the accessories simple, since the textures of the rest of the look are busy. Round coral earrings and a structured cream handbag are just what the outfit needs.

What do you wear with a blazer?

Blazers can be the new best friend you need in your closet. They are so versatile and can take any look to the next level. But, I know they can be hard to style sometimes, especially if you don’t want to look preppy or office-y.

Hopefully, this list of outfit ideas will help you get inspired and find new refreshing ways to wear your blazer or blazers.

Would you wear these outfits? Which look is your favorite? Do you have a specific blazer you need help styling? Let us know and leave a comment below!


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Ordinarily, getting kitted out head to toe in your most expensive clothing might be something you’d reserve for a date, a wedding or a black-tie event. However, if you were a devotee of terrace fashion, a matchday trip to the pub would be the only excuse you’d need to get yourself suited and booted.

Of course, by “suit” we mean a grand’s worth of designer Italian outerwear and by “boots” we’re referring to hen’s-teeth-rare Adidas trainers. Because the terrace lads’ definition of finery is a far cry from your standard Savile Row tailoring.

Followers of this subcultural movement refer to themselves as “casuals”. To the layman, they’re football fans who choose to clad themselves in designer “casual” clothing rather than their team’s colours. In the early days of the late 1970s, this was done in order to more easily infiltrate rival firms for fights – something that has seen the term become synonymous with hooliganism and thuggery.

But not all casuals are or were hellbent on weekend, lager-fuelled barbarity. For many, their love for the scene revolves around the fashion and music. Scratch below the surface and you’ll find there’s more to terrace fashion than just flying fists and Stone Island logos. In fact, the scene has influenced modern menswear in ways you probably weren’t even aware of.

The Rise Of The Casuals

Terrace fashion has its roots in the late 1970s. The success of English football clubs saw young fans travelling overseas to Europe for matches and developing a taste for new and exotic sportswear in the process. They brought it back home, others saw and wanted it, and so the cycle began. This was really the beginning of hype sportswear.

The subculture developed its own uniform and a selection of core brands. “Farah, Lois, Diadora, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Sergio Tacchini, Fila, Ellesse, Cerutti 1881, Australian, Lacoste, Lyle and Scott, Pringle, Kappa,” says Neil Primett, owner of 80s Casual Classics, a dedicated casual shop that has supplied wardrobe to films such as The FirmThis Is England and The Business. “These are the labels that made up the outfit of your typical 1979-to-1985 casual.

“Exactly where it started is more difficult to say. I could not pin this on any one place.”

Many credit Manchester as the birthplace of terrace fashion, others namecheck Liverpool. Wherever it began, one thing was for certain: this new way of dressing was offering young, working-class men a space where they could engage with fashion.


“Then we got into one-upmanship,” says Primett. “It was all about who had the best and the latest gear. You might have started out wanting the best Patrick football boots to be like the best footballer. Next thing you know you were after the latest must-have Patrick cagoule. And so it continued.”

Young Football Fans 1980s

The Evolution Of Terrace Fashion

The one-upmanship meant that terrace fashion evolved quickly, especially during the 80s. “The style changed rapidly and dramatically,” recalls Gary Aspden, a footwear designer and brand consultant for Adidas, and cult figure in terrace fashion. “It went from skin-tight jeans to flares to a tapered fit to a 501 fit to a loose, baggy fit – all in the space of a decade. It would literally change overnight. It was street fashion in the truest sense. You had to be part of it to keep up with it.”

The Firm 2009

During the 90s, cornerstone brands such as Sergio Tacchini and Fila gave way to the likes of Stone Island and CP Company. High-end names, such as Prada, Burberry, Aquascutum and Gucci also began to creep into the stands as casuals continued in their bid to outdo each other.

However, the constant peacocking wasn’t to last. The advent of new technology and online auctions saw previously rare items becoming more easily obtainable and the casual look plateaued. “The playing field is so different to how it was when I was a teenager,” says Aspden. “And that’s down to the internet.

“Nowadays casual style has a much more set look and whilst it still exists there isn’t the same urgency in the style one-upmanship that used to go on. The only two brands I can think of that had the longevity to maintain their relevance right the way through were Adidas and Lacoste.”

Danny Dyer In The Business

Terrace Fashion In Modern Menswear

Today, terrace fashion has swaggered out of the stands and into the mainstream. Brands that once had heavy links to football violence have shaken off those negative connotations and become more accessible. It’s the result of the casual look moving beyond its sports-tribe roots and becoming a lifestyle for style-conscious men.

It’s something that Aspden recognises from his work on Adidas’ Spezial line – a collection of clothing that has been bringing casual style to a wider audience. “With Spezial we acknowledged that there is a hardcore Adidas-dedicated audience here in the UK and across Northern Europe that has its roots in casual style and bears little relation the sneakerhead-hype-basketball-inspired sportswear culture that permeates the US.”

Music has also had a huge part to play in opening the casual uniform up to a wider audience. The advent of acid house in the late 1980s and early 1990s brought sportier styles and big logos into the spotlight, while artists such as Liam Gallagher, the Stone Roses and Kasabian have all played a part in keeping the style alive today.

Modern Terrace Fashion SERGIO TACCHINi lacoste live fila stone island

Terrace Trainer Culture

The word “sneakerhead” probably isn’t something you’d tend to associate with the rain-battered terraces of English football clubs, but trainer culture is rife in this country thanks to the casuals. However, while traditional sneaker enthusiasts fawn over all things Nike and New Balance, for the terrace fashion set there’s only one brand worth striving for.

“Adidas has always made the best football products and for me that is at the root of it,” says Aspden. “Where I grew up, when the whole terrace thing kicked off in the late 1970s, it was young kids that adopted the brand’s football shoes as a fashion staple.”

Most of Aspden’s generation were introduced to Adidas footwear through football shoes like the Kick, the Mamba, the Bamba and the Samba. As the 1980s rolled on, all manner of Adidas styles became popular – not just football-inspired models. “We were wearing everything from tennis, running, training, indoor and even the leisure shoes that Adidas made at that time,” Aspden remembers. “There was also a huge subculture of kids travelling over to Switzerland, Austria and Germany to get hold of Adidas trainers that weren’t available in the UK.”


Adidas Samba

After spotting the demand, savvy retailers such as Liverpool’s Wade Smith and Manchester’s Oasis (not the band) circumvented the company and began importing Adidas shoes themselves. This opened things up to a wider audience and made copping rare trainers more manageable for UK enthusiasts, further cementing the brand with the three stripes as the go-to for casual footwear.

“I think most terrace lads like the simplicity of that Adidas aesthetic from the 70s and 80s,” Aspden adds. “Adidas footwear is synonymous with casual style in the same way that Doc Martens are synonymous with skinheads.”

It’s a trend as evergreen as Converse All-Stars, but even so, the modern obsession with retro sneakers has brought 80s and 90s styles back into fashion.

Key Pieces

The typical terracewear aficionado’s wardrobe will be packed to bursting point with expensive coats, technical jackets and rare trainers. However, the bulk of it can be divided up into seven distinct categories. These are the key styles you need to know about.



If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have seen Green Street, there are likely two things you remember about Charlie Hunnam’s football-firm-boss character. Number one: his shockingly badly acted Cockney accent. And number two: his pristine, Stone Island trench coat.

In the 1980s, casuals made a move toward British luxury brands, the two main ones being Burberry and Aquascutum. These two labels are known for producing some of the finest long-length outerwear and it wasn’t long before beige, knee-length coats were flooding football grounds.

In more recent years, the style has lost ground to more technical styles but still remains a cornerstone of casual culture.

The Best Casual Mac Cooats burberry The Camden Car Coat - click to buy uniqlo BLOCKTECH SINGLE BREASTED COAT - click to buy MAC SUPIMA® 2L_GHOST PIECE - click to buy M&S COLLECTION Cotton Blend Trench Coat - click to buy

Hooded Jacket

The north-west of England is arguably the spiritual home of terrace fashion. Rainy, outerwear-loving cities like Manchester and Liverpool gave rise to the casuals and as such, the scene’s affinity for anoraks and cagoules is deep rooted.

Terrace fashion is about two key things: who’s go the best clobber, and keeping the elements at bay while watching the match. This set of requirements has seen high-quality, high-end hooded jackets become the defining garment of the scene. Brands like Stone Island and CP Company have become the gold standards, but sailing and outdoor brands such as Henri Lloyd, Fjallraven and Paul & Shark are also popular.

The Best Casuals Anoraks C.P. COMPANY CONTRAST PANEL MILLEMIGLIA JACKET - click to buy fjallraven GREENLAND WIND JACKET - click to buy STONE ISLAND Midnight blue hooded cotton jacket - click to buy H&M Anorak with a hood - click to buy

Track Jacket

Before all the Aquascutum trench coats and CP Company goggle jackets, the humble track jacket reigned supreme in the casual’s wardrobe. This sporty, retro piece is still a common sight at matches today, but it was when fans started bringing tracksuits back from trips to Europe in the late 1970s that it really go a foothold in the subculture.

Italian brands like Sergio Tacchini, Ellesse and Fila soon came to define the look. The fact that these names weren’t available in the UK at the time only made them all the more appealing to young football fans keen to outdo one another in the fashion stakes.


The Best Football Casual Track Jackets Fila logo-patch cotton zipper sweatshirt - click to buy Sergio Tacchini logo-embroidered zipped sweater - click to buy ELLESSE Torenzo 1/2 Zip Top Beige - click to buy adidas HARPURHEY TRACK JACKET - click to buy


While corduroy trousers and even flares have enjoyed waves of popularity in terrace fashion, it’s straight-leg denim that has prevailed. Ever since the early days in Liverpool, jeans have ruled the roost and as the casual look continues to evolve, so does its followers’ taste in denim.

Traditionally, mid-wash and stonewash fabric from Emporio Armani was probably the most widely worn – almost an afterthought to an expensive jacket and nice pair of trainers. However, today’s terrace-fashion aficionados are more clued up on their weights and wefts, often opting for heavy, raw denim from dedicated brands like Edwin and Nudie.

The Best Straight Cut Jeans For Men EDWIN ED-55 RELAXED TAPERED JEAN - click to buy Emporio Armani low-rise straight-leg jeans - click to buy Levi's 501 Original Straight Jeans - click to buy NUDIE SKINNY LIN JEAN - click to buy


A multipurpose accessory, useful for both keeping the chill off on wintery terraces and obscuring faces before and after a post-match scuffle, the scarf is deeply entrenched into the casual way of life.

Often worn to cover the nose and mouth, checks and tartans are what it’s all about. British brands, such as Burberry, Aquascutum and Barbour are all popular choices and are still a common sight at football grounds today.

The Best Football Casual Scarves BURBERRY Fringed Checked Cashmere Scarf - click to buy charles tyrwhitt Multi block check cashmere and merino scarf - click to buy BARBOUR checked scarf - click to buy Mulberry small-check lambswool scarf - click to buy


For those casuals intent on fighting, baseball caps have always provided another handy means of keeping their faces hidden from CCTV cameras and police patrols. This practical use has seen the cap permeate terrace fashion making it the headwear of choice for for both violent and peaceful terrace lads alike.

Again, Burberry is a favourite brand, due to its luxury price tag and distinctive all-over check branding. Meanwhile, Polo Ralph Lauren and Lacoste are solid options at the lower end of the price spectrum.

The Best Caps For Football Casuals Polo Ralph Lauren CLASSIC SPORT Cap - click to buy Burberry embroidered monogram-motif cap - click to buy lacoste GABARDINE CAP - click to buy Givenchy logo-embroidered canvas baseball cap - click to buy


Terrace fashion is probably at least fifty per cent about the trainers. Having the most sought-after kicks is a huge part of causal culture and although the Reebok Classic is a staple option, it’s Adidas that rules the roost as far as footwear is concerned.

Classics like the Gazelle and the Samba have remained popular over the years. But during the early years, young fans were often travelling back and forth to Germany to pick up rare models that couldn’t be found in the UK.

The Best Football Casual Trainers ADIDAS GAZELLE - click to buy reebok CLASSIC LEATHER - click to buy Adidas Handball Spezial - click to buy Adidas Jeans Trainers - click to buy

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Crocodile-effect shoes have long been a favorite on the runway, on the street style scene, and in outfits that pop up on my Instagram feed. The magical thing about this shoe trend is that it feels endlessly elevated and elegant, but instead of having to invest major dollars in it, you can get expensive-looking mock-croc shoes for a fraction of what the real deal would cost. Ahead, shop my edit of the best faux-croc shoes to wear this year.

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