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Exclusive: Jamie Chung Used a Surrogate Because She Was “Terrified” Pregnancy Would Hurt Her Career



Jamie Chung Used a Surrogate Because She Was “Terrified” Pregnancy Would Hurt Her Career

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Jamie Chung revealed that despite wanting children, she was “terrified” that becoming pregnant would completely sideline her career.

In October of last year, the actress and her husband Bryan Greenberg, welcomed twin boys to their family and, now, Chung is opening up about what led to their decision to use a surrogate. In an interview with Today, the Dexter: New Blood star said, “I was terrified of becoming pregnant. I was terrified of putting my life on hold for two-plus years. In my industry, it feels like you’re easily forgotten if you don’t work within the next month of your last job. Things are so quickly paced in what we do. So it’s a compromise that we made together as a couple.”

She added that one of the reasons she kept their pregnancy so private — even though she publicly shared her experience freezing her eggs in 2019 — is that there’s still so much stigma surrounding surrogacy. “I think there’s a little bit of shame,” Chung confessed. “It’s still not a very common thing and we weren’t ready for judgment. We really just did it to protect ourselves. We announced things when we were ready to.”

Chung first made a name for herself in 2004 on MTV’s The Real World: San Diego and since then has been diligently carving out a real acting career for herself, just recently wrapping on a comedy called Reunion in which she co-stars alongside Jillian Bell and Chace Crawford. “People probably think, ‘Oh, she’s so vain. She didn’t want to get pregnant,’ and it’s much more complicated than that,” she explained. “For me, personally, and I will leave it at this, it’s like, I worked my ass off my entire life to get where I am. I don’t want to lose opportunities. I don’t want to be resentful.”

In January, the actress also opened up about experiencing postpartum depression while making the “scary transition” into becoming a first-time mom. She told People, “Therapy really helped me prep mentally for this lifestyle change and to not be afraid to talk about certain issues because it’s not the first thing you want to say when you have kids. You don’t want to start with something negative or challenging, but I do think that these postpartum depression issues are so real.” She continued, “I felt quite guilty feeling certain things that I felt. And just knowing that it’s normal and it’s just because you’re overwhelmed and you’re full of anxiety and it’s a scary transition for some people.”


Exclusive: Travis Barker released from hospital after 'life-threatening pancreatitis' –




#Travis #Barker #released #hospital #039lifethreatening #pancreatitis039

Travis Barker has enjoyed a relaxing weekend with wife Kourtney Kardashian after his horrific bout of pancreatitis that left him in “excruciating” pain.

In photos shared to both his and Kardashian’s Instagram accounts, the couple revealed a sweet day-date they went on to the beach. Barker was even seen walking into his recording studio in Calabasas, California this week.

The Blink-182 drummer fell ill last week with the illness, which refers to the inflammation of the pancreas and causes symptoms of nausea, intense stomach pain and vomiting.

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Barker was rushed to hospital on Wednesday June 29, following ‘excruciating’ stomach pain he experienced. (Getty Images for The Recording A)

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After falling ill, Barker, his children and Kardashian shared a slew of concerning and ambiguous posts about his health.

He later explained to fans that the flare-up had followed a routine endoscopy he had on Monday, June 27. By Wednesday, June 29, the 46-year-old rocker had been rushed to West Hills Hospital and Medical Center.

“I went in for an endoscopy Monday feeling great,” he wrote on his Instagram Story. “But after dinner, I developed excruciating pain and I have been hospitalised ever since.


“During the endoscopy, I had a very small polyp removed right in the very sensitive area, usually handled by specialists, which unfortunately damaged a critical pancreatic drainage tube. This resulted in severe life-threatening pancreatitis.”

Now, however, the rocker appears to be making a smooth recovery, with plenty of friends and family surrounding him.

Travis Barker discharged from hospital after pancreatitis, enjoys day date with wife Kourtney Kardashian.
Kardashian’s photos from the day show Barker’s foot resting on the pedal, ready to drive away and find some sunshine. (Instagram / @kourtneykardash)
Travis Barker discharged from hospital after pancreatitis, enjoys beach with wife Kourtney Kardashian.
Barker snapped a photo of a secluded beach he and Kardashian walked down to. (Instagram / @travisbarker)

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While Kardashian made sure to get some fresh air with Barker, hiring a vintage orange ute that they later took down to the beach, fans and friends shared wishes of goodwill.

The singer’s mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, also made sure to show her support, sending Barker a sweet bouquet of orange flowers and a note.

Judging by the orange theme, it seems this could be Barker’s favourite colour.

The note from Jenner and her beau Corey Gamble read: “Dear Travis, Get well soon!!! We love you, Kris and Corey.”

Travis Barker shares photo of flowers sent to him by mother-in-law Kris Jenner and her beau, Corey Gamble.
Jenner and Gamble sent Barker a sweet get well gift. (Instagram / @travisbarker)
Travis Barker shares photo of flowers sent to him by mother-in-law Kris Jenner and her beau, Corey Gamble.
It appears that orange may be the Blink-182 drummer’s favourite colour. (Instagram / @travisbarker)

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Now, a source tells People that things are looking up for the 46-year-old.

“He’s slowly on the mend and closely following his doctors’ orders,” they said.

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Exclusive: "Stranger Things" Star Jamie Campbell Bower Is Absolutely Not Getting Enough Credit For His Work As Vecna, And Here's The Proof –




"Stranger Things" Star Jamie Campbell Bower Is Absolutely Not Getting Enough Credit For His Work As Vecna, And Here's The Proof

#quotStranger #Thingsquot #Star #Jamie #Campbell #Bower #Absolutely #Credit #Work #Vecna #Here039s #Proof

Basically, with Max’s “death,” Vecna is able to open a fourth gate from the Upside Down to Hawkins, which means ALL HELL ESSENTIALLY BREAKS LOOSE and a bunch of innocent people die from a sudden “earthquake” (it was absolutely NOT an earthquake). Oh, and Will confirms that Vecna didn’t die and is just hurt, and they need to kill Vecna orrrrr everyone will die. Cool, cool, cool…

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Exclusive: Real World Homecoming's Danny Roberts Argues the Handling of His HIV Journey Failed Pedro Zamora –




Real World Homecoming's Danny Roberts Argues the Handling of His HIV Journey Failed Pedro Zamora

#Real #World #Homecoming039s #Danny #Roberts #Argues #Handling #HIV #Journey #Failed #Pedro #Zamora

While Danny said he appreciated that Homecoming “genuinely focused on my mental health journey,” he argued it not only did a disservice to his own story, but also those that came before him.

“What I want heard more than anything is that this was a failure to honor their own previous work and Pedro Zamora,” Danny said, “which was so important and forgotten.”

Pedro appeared on The Real World: San Francisco in 1994 and became one of the first openly gay men living with HIV to be seen on television. Zamora died of an AIDS-related illness on November 11, 1994 at the age of 22, just hours after the Real World: San Francisco finale aired.

In a statement to the Los Angeles Times, Bunim/Murray Productions—the production company responsible for The Real World—responded to Danny’s allegations that the HIV storyline was cut, saying it “has never shied away from sharing stories around HIV and AIDS” since the franchise premiered in 1992.

“The Homecoming series ultimately focused on Danny’s mental health journey,” a Bunim/Murray statement said, “which he shared publicly with all his former roommates for the first time.”

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