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Exclusive: Bonus Moms & Blended Families – Part 2



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Thanks for all of you guys’ amazing responses and dms after my Part I post about blended families and bonus moms – I was doing a Q&A on stories yesterday and realized I never posted the part 2! I love being able to bring a more open conversation around blended families and motherhood as a bonus mama.


Q: Do you get a long with Cody’s ex-wife? Do you guys hang out?

A. Im really grateful we all get a long. 

One thing I wished could have been different for me growing up, was that when my parents got divorced they would have been friends (I love both my parents very much and I know no family is perfect, but it was hard at times feeling that tension). They lived across the country from each other, so they didn’t have to see each other much. When I would go to visit my mom I would fly by myself (I don’t know if they still do this, but I started at like 5 or 6 years old and my parents would walk me to the gate and then you sit in back row by flight attendant and do the flight on your own. I actually have a lot of fun memories with super kind flight attendants who would play games and stuff with me. I think this is also part of the reason I learned to become pretty independent at a young age, and traveling alone hasn’t ever really scared me but anyways…), but ya I still always felt that awkward tension whenever they were in the same room. I remember even on my wedding day being worried about making sure both parents felt they got equal attention and love. And maybe that was something I created in my head, but it made me want to make it a priority when we got married that we have a good relationship with Cody’s ex, so that the kids never felt that tension or stress, and so we could all go to the kids events and it not be awkward. Again, this was not an overnight thing, it took years to get to that point. Especially if this is a fresh situation, it will take a lot of time.  But as a kid who has been on that side of divorce, that was one thing I really wanted different for our kids.

Time, time, time! I think it all just takes time, but I love talking to their mom about the kids and sharing excitement for the things they are doing, or things they are learning or going through. We all sit by each other at most of the kids games and events, it’s in a good place.

Q. Do you get a say in making all of the decisions about schools and such. How do you deal with that aspect? 

A. Long story short, I have no say haha. Cody talks to me about it, but that is one of the hard parts of being a bonus mom, you love your bonus babies and help raise them but in my case I’m not really a decision maker. I mean day to day what we are doing Cody and I decide, but bigger decisions Cody and his ex wife work out together. 

Q. As the bonus moms/parents, are you involved in communication to his ex or just Cody?

A. In our situation, Cody and his ex work out details for the most part. Obviously there are times when Cody is still at work or out of town or something so I pick up/drop off the kids, etc. but the majority of communication is between her and Cody. We recently started a group text for sports and school scheduling and sometimes share pictures of the kids from school or sports too, but most scheduling goes through them.


Q. How do you handle frustration with your step kids’ schedule?

A. One thing that took time for me to realize and understand is that when you’re a step parent (not always the case, but at least in my situation) even if you all get along, at the end of the day you have little say over holidays, school schedules, really just plans in general. For me, somebody who likes to plan ahead and be in control, it’s sometimes hard. For example, when we were trying to plan a trip and I would ask Cody if he had texted the kids’ mom to make sure certain days work and I would want immediate answers for things 😂 and he’s like I haven’t talked to her yet, and I’m all well call right now, what’s the hold up 😂😂 I eventually realized that 1) sometimes you don’t get immediate answers because she has a life too obviously and you can’t expect immediate responses all the time and 2) things take longer to coordinate and plan than it would with your own kids, so you have to plan ahead a little further. 

Q. Do you have full custody? How often and how long do your bonus kids stay with you?

A. We have joint custody so it alters. Right now, every other week we have them for Thursday/Friday, and then the next week 4 days Thursday-Sunday.

Q. Would you ever travel without the bonus kids?

A. I think our situation is a little different because we LOVE to travel and also travel quite a bit for work, but we always make sure to plan all our “big trips” when we can go together as a family. For example we usually do a big 2 week trip every summer and we always do that with all the kids. (One exception is like spring break – we alter years with their mom for spring break so if Mara and Wes are with their mom those days, we will still take Beckam and Ollie on a spring break trip). If your family typically only goes on 1 or 2 trips a year, I would for sure try to make it work to include everyone. We have so much fun when we travel with all the kids and Beckam and Ollie love being with Mara and Wes as much as we do, so we wish we could always travel together but it doesn’t always work out that way. That’s another thing you realize after you have kids of your own- both parents want as much time as they can with their kids. If it’s a challenge to get additional days or switch schedules for trips, try to have perspective and realize their other parent wants to hang out with them as much as possible too. Not saying it never sucks or their aren’t still disappointed parties, but its kind of an “it is what it is” situation. But honestly it always feels like something is missing when we travel with out them. 

Q. Do they go school 30 minutes away? How does that work?

A. They used to live 10 minutes away from us for like 8 years and recently they moved a couple towns away. I’m so thankful they are still within driving distance because for me growing up, that wasn’t the case, so I’m just grateful we still get to see them so much. But it has definitely made it a little more challenging, especially now that they are in multiple sports, and Mara and Wes are in two different schools (junior high and elementary) they go at different times. Everyone has different practices and schedules after school, so it gets busy but we are glad they are still close.

Q. Are they open to talking about things they do with their mom around you?

A. I feel like they are super open with us, but I guess I wouldn’t actually know how much they are choosing to share. I know as a kid, sometimes I would feel nervous telling the other parent what I was doing when I was with my other parent (even now sometimes, actually haha) because I didn’t want to make the other parent feel bad, so I hope Mara and Wes don’t feel that way but also I guess I can’t know 100% for sure since we aren’t with them 24/7. 

Q. How do you split up firsts or special times with their mom and you guys?


We haven’t had a lot of firsts where we can’t both show up somewhere to support them. For their first time to Disney, we did ask the kids’ mom if we could take them but other than that, there haven’t been a lot of times when we need to split up firsts.  

Q. How do you guys handle holidays/birthdays? 

It’s kind of changed over the years. We always split Christmas – I know thats not as popular. I think a lot of people do every other Christmas. Thanksgiving and Spring Break we alternate every year. Sometimes Easter falls over Spring Break, etc. Birthdays have changed – sometimes we alternate years and sometimes we stick to the schedule. When they were younger, one person would get them the night before and half of their birthday, and then the other would get the other half of the day and the night. At first I think everyone was hypersensitive and micromanaging time and things have relaxed since then. I would get in the mentality of trying to make sure everything was ‘fair’. But in a blended family, it’s impossible to make everything 100% fair.

We would also have traditions that we do every year with the kids, like carving pumpkins and decorating gingerbread houses. And we’ll wait to do those traditions until we have Mara and Wes with us so we can do it all together as a family. I think it makes the holidays feel more special and we’re even more intentional about our time together during those times.


Q. Do you feel you need to know other bonus moms for support? I don’t have anyone in my life.

A. I know like one or two other bonus moms but now that I’m thinking about it I don’t know if I’ve ever really talked to them a ton about it. My step mom is and I’ve talked to her of course 🙂 We have 2 step dads within our extended family, but otherwise I feel like my physical circle of bonus moms is pretty small. If you’re joining an online group of other blended families, I would look for one that’s goal is a positive family environment – there are so many that can become super negative and that energy will just detract. But I think bonus moms can be a great support for each other. 


Q. Did you do any discipline when they were younger? 

A. Yes, but nothing major.

Q. How do you not step on any toes/do you feel like you can discipline them? Do you ever put boundaries or is it Cody’s ‘job’?

A. I never want Mara and Wes to feel like they get treated differently, so we try to say consistent through everything and that includes with disciplining and rules. For example: If they make a mess in the living room with Beckam, I wouldn’t only make Beckam clean it. And if they don’t listen, which they are kids and sometimes they don’t haha, they will get a different chore. But I do that exact thing for all the kids. 

There are 10000% times I will say to Cody though, will you be the enforcer this time, I don’t want them to hate me.  And sometimes he will, and other times he’s like you are still a mom to them, they love you and it’s ok for them to have consequences. I think he gages my mood haha. I’ve been in their life over 10 years, and know they love me, but sometimes still worry “what if they think I’m the evil step mom!” So I think you gage what feels most natural and comfortable for you.


Q. Do you give your bonus kids chores?

A. 100%, but all of the kids have weekly chores (– one thing Cody and I both feel strongly about is teaching our kids work ethic, so that goes for all the kids obviously). For us it just wouldn’t make sense if only Beckam and Ollie were doing weekly chores and Mara and Wes just sat on the couch. We are a family and we all have responsibilities.

Do I ever feel guilty about it?  There are some times when it’s the last hour or two before Mara and Wes go back to their mom’s house and Cody tells them they need to clean up a mess and pick up the room, and I tell him they only have 1 hour left and to let them just have fun. He says no, they are still our kids they need take care of their responsibilities, which is really what we would do with Beckam and Ollie. So the times when I am a little more lax about chores or picking up after themselves is before they leave, but during the regular day to day, they do the same things my kids do. (And Cody is really good about being consistent no matter the circumstances.)

Ok that wraps up this post! A lot of you have questions or advice about dealing with biological moms or establishing a bond with your bonus babies – I’m really want to be an open book and share as much as I can, so I’ll save that for the next few posts, including tips for bonus moms and tips for bio moms since I got a few questions from you guys too ❤️ I’ve loved hearing from you all about your own blended families and how much you love your bonus babies!

XX, Christine



Exclusive: 25 Of The Best Men’s Sweatpants To Keep You Looking Good and Cozy (2022 Edition) –




#Mens #Sweatpants #Good #Cozy #Edition

Loungewear is having its moment right now and men’s sweatpants are flying off shelves around the world. Gone are the days when sweats are confined to the couch, gym, and sporadic errand running. The best sweatpants for men are everywhere now, from the (home) office to the pub and beyond. 

It may sound silly to hunt down the best sweatpants for men, especially if you’re still wearing that team-issued pair from the early 2000s. But doesn’t that make the case for sweats even more compelling? The most comfortable closet staple is getting an upgrade and we’re here to break down the very best men’s sweatpants on the market today that look a hell of a lot better than the hole-ridden pair you’re wearing right now. 

On top of the traditional baggy fits, this year’s sweats feature straight legs or slim silhouettes, allowing guys to dress them up to hit the town or keep things cozy close to home. Versatility is the name of the game and man, are we here for it.

model wearing mens sweatpants, sitting with feet on a wall
@off____white / Instagram

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your loungewear selection, or simply on the hunt for the next pair in a growing collection, keep reading for the best men’s sweatpants to carry you from the couch to the outside world, no change of outfit needed.  

Eye-catching colors and flattering fits is what Scandinavian brand Norse Projects is all about, and these men’s sweatpants are no exception. Coming in hues like sea blue, beech green, oyster white, and more, you’ll want one in every color after feeling how comfortable they are. Plus, these pants are super practical with huge front pockets, a back patch pocket, and a drawstring to get a snug fit every time. 

Designed with a regular tapered fit that’s roomy around the seat and tight around the ankles makes these pants easy to dress up or down. For casual days around the crib, they look perfect with a t-shirt or hoodie. Wearing them out? Pair these organic cotton fleece pants with a leather jacket and a pair of Timberlands for an edgy, polished look. 

Material: 100% organic cotton | Color Options: 6 | Fit: Regular tapered | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: XS – XXL

For the ultimate budget men’s sweatpants, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better (or more inexpensive) pair than these Hanes EcoSmart fleece pants. Hanes has been a player in the loungewear game for more than 120 years, creating comfortable basics that you can count on for years to come. 

These fleece sweats are simple but do the trick with two side pockets, an internal drawcord, and six neutral color options. Rather than a cuffed ankle, these pants feature an open hem and a classic relaxed fit. What’s more, you’ll be able to feel good about this purchase as up to 5% of the materials used to craft them comes from recycled plastic bottles.


Material: 50% cotton, 50% polyester fleece | Color Options: 6 | Fit: Relaxed | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: S – 3XL

For a unique pair of men’s sweatpants that are as comfortable as they are stylish, the Unit model from Axel Arigato is on-trend and has a distinct street style vibe thanks to the visible seams on the legs and vintage dye job. 

The relaxed fit and open hems make them easy to wear around the house or out on the town, paired with a crisp white t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. The faux fly gives them a slightly dressier look than a pair of lounge pants, and the organic cotton construction guarantees softness no matter how many times they go through the wash. 

Material: Organic cotton | Color Options: 2 | Fit: Relaxed | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: XS – XL

Arguably some of the most luxurious men’s sweatpants in the world, this pure cashmere pair by Luca Faloni screams “only the best”. They are made in Italy, after all. With six neutral colorways and a slim tapered fit, these men’s sweatpants can be worn anywhere with style and the ultimate comfort.

Like all good sweats, these pants have two slide pockets and a drawstring waist, giving much-needed relief after a big meal or a few hours on the couch. Wear them with plain t-shirts, an oxford, or your coziest sweater, finished with anything from sneakers to Chelsea boots, or slippers if you prefer. 

Material: 100% cashmere | Color Options: 6 | Fit: Slim tapered | Care: Hand wash | Size Range: XS – XXL

Crafted from organic cotton and natural dyes, these unisex sweatpants are a must-have for any guy’s wardrobe. They have the classic sweatpant fit with a relaxed silhouette, finished with two side pockets and elastic cuffs at the ankles. They’re easy to pair with pretty much anything already in your closet but to simplify things further, grab a matching hoodie and make a full sweatsuit out of it. 


Eye-catching colors and sustainability is what Spanish brand Neutrale is all about, with a mission to design timeless products through ethical and clean processes. Not to mention how insanely comfortable these pants are, which will make them your new go-to’s, guaranteed. 

Material: 100% organic cotton | Color Options: 4 | Fit: Relaxed | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: XS – XL

Heavyweight and sturdy, these men’s sweatpants from CDLP are ideal for year-round wear. Rather than feeling every gust of wind cut through your pants, these are sure to keep you cozy without sacrificing breathability, thanks to the loopback knit and organic cotton blend. This also ensures they retain their shape without losing softness, wash after wash. 

These sweats feature a classic fit, though if you choose to size down, you’ll have a more tailored look thanks to the taper going into the ankles. They’re durable, high quality, and full of subtle details, like the back patch pocket and embroidered logo on the front leg. 

Material: 50% recycled cotton, 50% organic cotton | Color Options: 3 | Fit: Relaxed | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: XS – XXL 

Looking for a pair of where-anywhere sweats? Wax London goes above and beyond with their Eno Joggers, designed to look like a pair of distressed jeans without sacrificing the comfort of men’s sweatpants. What sets these sweats apart from other pairs on this list is they have a distinctly faded denim look, with pockets, a drawstring, and a faux fly to top it off. 

Since these pants are on the fitted side with a taper and elastic ankle cuffs, they won’t look sloppy if you wear them out and about. Match them with a pressed white t-shirt, dark-colored hoodie, or even a denim jacket for colder days. When it comes to footwear, you’ll have an easy time wearing these men’s sweatpants with sneakers, boots, and even sandals. 

Material: 100% organic cotton | Color Options: 4 | Fit: Regular tapered | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: 28 – 38


If you’ve ever considered wearing men’s sweatpants for smart casual… Don’t. 

Unless they’re the Coburn pants from A Day’s March. These sleek trousers will fool anyone into thinking you’re dressed up, when in fact, you’re in lounge pants. The open hem at the ankles goes a long way into making these pants look like they’re tailored, and the drawstring at the waist is totally in right now. 

To wear these clean-cut sweats the best, pair them with a tucked-in, heavyweight t-shirt with an unstructured blazer on top. For a more pared-back look, swap the blazer for a quarter zip or knit sweater, and seal the deal with a pair of white leather sneakers. 

Material: 100% organic cotton | Color Options: 3 | Fit: | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: S – XL

Outdoor Voices is disrupting the sportswear industry with its high-quality, affordable clothing that can be taken from the couch to the gym with no effort at all. The All Day Sweatpant is a cult favorite with more than 200 five-star reviews. It’s no wonder, as they’re some of the softest pants on the market, made from signature CloudKnit fabric. They have polyester for softness and spandex for a bit of stretch, making this one pair of pants you’ll never want to take off.

Thanks to the flattering tapered fit, these men’s sweatpants can be casual or smart. Pair them with a solid-colored t-shirt and a pair of New Balance dad shoes, or dress them up with a bomber or denim jacket when you’re headed out for a drink. With six different colors, no one will judge you for getting a pair in each. 

Material: 94% polyester, 6% spandex | Color Options: 6 | Fit: Slim tapered | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: XS – XL

When it comes to the best cold weather men’s sweatpants, North Face reigns supreme with their City Standard pant. A choice pick for après ski or even walking the dog on a snowy morning, the City Standard pants feature a soft jersey knit to keep you comfortable through all of your (light) winter activities.

The devil’s in the details with these bad boys, as they feature invisible zipper pockets, articulated knees, elastic waist, and zippered back pocket. Finished with bonded cuffs and a signature 3D printed logo, these pants will have you longing for the ‘90s. 


Material: 100% recycled polyester fleece, nylon finish | Color Options: 1 | Fit: Classic tapered  | Size Range: XS – XXL

Designed for the man on the move, the Vuori Transit Jogger is optimal for the frequent traveler, commuter or couch potato alike. Vuori is a relative newcomer in the loungewear arena but is quickly competing with brands like Lululemon thanks to its unique offerings and innovative product features. 

These pants are tailored for a modern fit, allowing you to look your best wherever life takes. Plus, they can withstand a beating thanks to the abrasion-resistant material, four-way stretch, and moisture-wicking properties. 

They have all that good sweatpants should, like an elastic waistband, drawcord, and ankle cuffs, but the main selling point is coveted zippers on each of the three pockets, a true rarity in the world of men’s sweatpants. Wear these pants with any of your other athletic gear, or dress them up with a crisp oxford shirt, a quarter zip sweater, and a pair of Chelsea boots.

Material: 91% recycled polyester, 9% elastane | Color Options: 6 | Fit: Regular tapered | Care: Machine wash cold | Size Range: XS – XXL

Everlane is all the rage these days and it’s easy to understand why. The modern American brand has disrupted the industry with its pared-back styles and transparent pricing, bypassing traditional retail markups.

With nine colors to choose from and organic cotton construction, these pants are premium in all senses of the word. The fit is slim and tapered on the smaller side, making them easy to wear out socializing and even easier to sit on the couch all day. 

Like your men’s sweatpants big and baggy? Go up a size for the full effect. Nothing feels quite as good as French terry on bare legs, so these sweats won’t have you longing for much, especially thanks to the intricate details like a faux fly, back pocket, and hidden drawcord. 

Material: 100% organic cotton French terry | Color Options: 9 | Fit: Slim tapered | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: XS – XL


Ideal for year-round wear and with more color options than any other pants on this list, the Todd Snyder x Champion sweatpant collaboration is one of the best in recent years. The crossover of our dreams, Champion brings the signature sporty look, while Todd Snyder ensures a timeless garment. 

Rather than Champion’s traditional reverse weave construction, these pants are made from 100% cotton French terry for a smart, yet breathable look. They’re medium weight, which means they’ll keep you warm in the winter yet cool in the summer, and have all of the details necessary in a favorite pair of sweats.

Outfitted with slash pockets, a cotton drawstring, and a ribbed waistband and ankle cuffs, these pants don’t leave you wanting for much. The fit is a flattering slim taper, though does run small so consider sizing up for a more relaxed look. Wear these pants with an unstructured blazer or a simple cotton crewneck. No matter what you choose, these will be your saving grace for years to come. 

Material: 100% cotton French terry | Color Options: 11 | Fit: Slim tapered | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: XS – XXL

Men’s sweatpants don’t have to be boring. Case and point, these Stone Island Cargo sweats put a trendy spin on classic loungewear. Incorporating two side cargo pockets and the signature Stone Island patch logo, these joggers will carry you anywhere you need to go, couch included. 

The slim fit makes them tremendously versatile, so pair them with whatever you’re feeling in the moment, from hoodies to Harrington jackets. Thanks to the ankle cuffs, you’ll be able to show off your favorite kicks or keep it simple with clean, white Converse high tops.

As far as details go, these pants stay on top with a loopback cotton jersey construction, faux fly, back patch pocket, and adjustable drawstring. This is designer clothing made practical, and a wardrobe staple you’ll be reaching for years to come. 

Material: 100% cotton | Color Options: 1 | Fit: Slim tapered | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: S – XXL 


More of the Best Men’s Sweatpants

Made in Portugal from 100% organic cotton, these Unrecorded men’s sweatpants are the key to a polished loungewear outfit. Thanks to the unique earth tone colorways, these pants are suited to the rest of your wardrobe staples, simple to pair with t-shirts, crewnecks, and bomber jackets, along with sneakers and boots in the colder months.

Coming in hot with a French terry knit, these pants are extra soft with all the necessary details like side slash pockets and a drawstring. Though one of the best parts of these pants is the transparent pricing which foregoes traditional retail markup. All of Unrecorded’s goods have luxury standards with a complete breakdown of each of the costs, allowing you to shop on your own terms every time. 

Material: 100% organic cotton | Color Options: 5 | Fit: Straight | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: XS – XXL

If there’s such a thing as a flattering relaxed fit, these Closed men’s sweatpants have it. With a straight leg, adjustable waistband, and elastic cuffs, these pants don’t leave you wanting for much. The 100% cotton construction ensures softness in every wear and the smart back pocket gives these pants a dressy edge.

Choose from jet black or antique white; No matter which way you go you’ll have a breeze pairing them with other closet items. Simple logo t-shirts or hoodies look best, but one can easily get away with wearing these men’s sweatpants with a blazer, bomber, or chunky knit sweater and finished with high-top Converse. 

Material: 100% organic cotton | Color Options: 2 | Fit: Relaxed | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: XS – XXL

A sweatpant that can do it all, now that’s what we’re talking about. Lululemon is renowned for making some of the most practical, yet comfortable loungewear out there, designed for chill time or gym time, take your pick. 

The City Sweat jogger was crafted specifically for guys on the move. The French terry has a four-way stretch incorporated, along with quick drying and sweat-wicking properties. Rather than weighing one down, these sweats are ultra-breathable and feature a tapered fit to look flattering rather than slouchy. 

One standout element of these sweats is along with the size, you can choose a length. Paired with a drawstring waistband, you’ll get the perfect fit every time. With seven elegant colors, these pants will look sharp with anything from jackets to hoodies to button-down shirts. Pair them with boots in the winter and trainers in the summer, as these are true year-round pants.  


Material: 52% polyester, 42% cotton, 6% Lycra elastane | Color Options: 7 | Fit: Classic tapered | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: XS – XXL

Another big name in the world of athletic wear, Russell has been on the scene since 1902 and still cranks out quality clothing for guys around the world. These Dri-Power men’s sweatpants are an ideal example of why Russell is still a powerhouse in the loungewear arena. 

Designed with medium-weight fleece and completed with moisture-wicking technology, these pants are designed to keep you warm and dry year-round. The open bottom makes it easy to slip them on over shoes after a gym sesh and the deep pockets have enough room for your phone and keys if you’re popping to the corner store on a snack run. 

Material: 50% polyester, 50% cotton | Color Options: 6 | Fit: Regular | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: S – 3XL

You know you’re in for something good if a bedding brand dabbles with loungewear. Already seasoned experts in the most comfortable materials, Parachute has branched out with a small line of classic sweats made locally in Los Angeles. Crafted from the softest organic cotton with a brushed interior, these men’s sweatpants are nostalgic of ‘90s style with a slightly relaxed fit and darker colorways.

They cover all the basics like a drawstring, side pockets, and elastic cuffs, and even have a matching crewneck to complete the sweatsuit look. With two neutral colors, raisin and black, matching these sweats is simple. Look your best in a crisp white shirt and a pair of Timberlands and you’ll be ready for anything the day throws at you, couch time included. 

Material: 100% organic cotton | Color Options: 2 | Fit: Relaxed | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: S – XXL

If track pants count as sweats, then these are some of the best. It doesn’t get any more iconic than the Adidas Tiro warmups, with the signature three stripes down the side and unmissable logo on the front thigh. Thanks to the tapered fit, you can wear these pants from the gym to the bar, though they have a distinctly athletic feel and may not be suitable for dressier occasions.


Whether you’re hanging around or getting active, these pants are the perfect companion as there’s a little extra room in the seat for movement and tighter ankles for a close fit. One of the best elements of these pants is the front zippered pockets to stash your valuables safely. The ankles also feature zips, so you can slide these bad boys over your shoes and hit the street in a flash. 

Material: 100% polyester | Color Options: 3 | Fit: Regular tapered | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: XS – 4XL

Brooklinen makes getting dressed a treat with their buttery soft Bushwick Pants, some of the best sweatpants for men out there. They’re slightly lighter than their other sweats, the Bergan Joggers, but are still suitable for all-season wear and will quickly become your new closet staple.

Made responsibly in California, these pants make looking good effortless. Dapper made easy, wear these fleecy pants with t-shirts or long sleeves, hoodies, or jackets. They come in three colors, plus two limited edition hues, and have all the details that good lounge pants should, like a hidden drawcord, roomy front pockets, and even a back patch pocket for extra goodies.  

Material: 47% cotton, 47% modal, 6% spandex | Color Options: 5 | Fit: Regular tapered | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: XS – XXL

High-end basics have met their match at Japanese brand Uniqlo, who cranks them out for a budget. Designed with simplicity and style above all else, these pants go up to 3XL, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every guy out there. In six interesting colors, you’ll be able to find a pair that suits your unique style or scoop up a few to mix and match. 

Coming in at under $30, these pants have little competition when it comes to pure value. They’re created with a super soft cotton blend and feature a ribbed waistband and cuffs, drawstring, and front and back pockets. If you prefer the classic baggy sweatpant fit, size up for a slouchier look. For a more fitted silhouette, stay true to size or even size down, then pair with a denim jacket and white leather sneakers for an unbeatable (and most comfortable) look. 

Material: 72% cotton, 28% polyester | Color Options: 6 | Fit: Relaxed tapered | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: S – 3XL


It’s virtually impossible to talk about sportswear or loungewear (which are pretty much interchangeable at this point) without a mention of Nike. This powerhouse is one of the most iconic names out there, so it’s no wonder they’re also responsible for some of the best sweatpants for men. 

The Dri-Fit training pants embody classic warmups with a moisture-wicking construction, elastic waistband, and ankle cuffs. They’re rather breathable and quite lightweight, without sacrificing warmth for cooler months. The deep pockets are a welcome addition and the tapered leg keeps them from looking too slouchy. Overall, if you’re on the hunt for athletic men’s sweatpants, whether you hit the gym or not, these should do the trick. 

Material: 100% polyester | Color Options: 2 | Fit: Regular tapered | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: S – XXL

Rather than loud and noisy streetwear, this pair of Off-White men’s sweatpants keeps it simple without sacrificing style. Less is more these days and Off-White achieves peak design with a simple logo on the front and a concise white squiggle on the calves of each leg. 

Though $600 may be steep for loungewear, these exclusive pants will fulfill all of your streetwear desires without skimping on quality. Made from cotton-jersey material and finished with an elastic waist and cuffs, these men’s sweatpants are a breeze to match with any solid-colored sweatshirt, logo t-shirt, and designer kicks. 

Material: 100% cotton | Color Options: 1 | Fit: Relaxed | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: XS – XL

Nothing screams classic preppy like a pair of J Crew sweatpants, yet this pair breaks out of the mold with a more relaxed fit than the brand is known for. Due to this, the pants run slightly large, so size down if you’re after a more tailored look.

Comfy as can be with French terry fabric, these pants have two slant pockets, an adjustable drawstring, and elastic ankle cuffs. Since they’re slightly baggy, they’re best confined to the house or quick errands paired with a contrasting hoodie, flannel, and pair of dad shoes. For a contemporary spin on a classic trend, throw on a gold chain, bomber jacket, and a pair of Doc Martens and you’ll be the best-dressed guy in the room. 

Material: Cotton French terry | Color Options: 4 | Fit: Relaxed | Care: Machine wash | Size Range: XS – XXL


What to Look For in Men’s Sweatpants

When it comes to the best men’s sweatpants, these are the key considerations to keep in mind. 


Fabric is arguably the most important consideration when it comes to choosing the best pair of sweatpants for men. For a classic sweatpant feel, you can never go wrong with cotton, which is super soft and can withstand countless runs through a washing machine. 

These days, tons of brands are opting for a cotton French terry construction, while others stick to standard jersey or fleece for added warmth. If you’re after a pair of hybrid men’s sweatpants that you can work out and lounge in, a polyester blend is a safe bet, especially one that incorporates spandex or elastane for that little bit of stretch. 

model wearing men's sweatpants and sweatshirts all grey
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You’ll also want to think about the weight of the sweatpants as this is the main factor contributing to warmth. Because let’s be honest, there’s no worse feeling than wind whipping through a pair of tattered trousers. 

Thin cotton or linen men’s sweatpants may only be suitable for summer or house wear, while a thicker pair of fleece sweats are best confined to winter months. Polyester and dri-fit fabrics work year round as they have a decent degree of warmth, but they’re often unlined which means they don’t hold up super well against the elements. When it comes to a pair of sweats you can wear 365 days a year, French terry or cotton jersey are your safest bets. 


The last thing to keep in mind when it comes to the best sweatpants for men are any extra details. At the very minimum, a good pair of men’s sweatpants should have two side slant pockets, an elastic waist, and a drawstring. 

Soe brands go above and beyond and incorporate elements like a back patch pocket, a faux fly, and a tapered design for a more tailored fit. If you plan on wearing your sweats out and about, it pays to keep an eye out for extra details that make the sweats look more like standard-issue trousers. 


    • How to style men’s sweatpants is surprisingly easy. For a casual look, pair sweats with a solid colored t-shirt, a hoodie or crewneck, and a pair of white sneakers. If you want to dress up your look, incorporate a button up oxford, bomber jacket, or even an unstructured blazer with a pair of leather Chelsea boots for a polished ‘fit.

      • If you’re debating sizes when it comes to men’s sweatpants, the safest bet is to stick true to size and match your sweats to your underwear size. That said, tapered sweatpants tend to have a tighter fit, so you may want to consider sizing up. 

        On the other hand, relaxed sweats tend to look baggy, so you might think about sizing down for a more tailored fit. When all else fails, consult the brand’s sizing chart and you’ll be good to go. 

        • How tight men’s sweatpants should be depends on the design. Traditional sweatpants are generally loose all the way from the seat to the ankles, unless there are elastic cuffs for a tapered finish. 

          Slim fitting tapered sweatpants should be slightly looser in the seat while getting progressively tighter around the legs and ankles. The tightness of men’s sweatpants is up to personal preference but should be kept in mind when deciding on the style and size before purchasing.

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Exclusive: Roe v. Wade Has Been Overturned—Here's What You Can Do –




Roe v. Wade Has Been Overturned—Here's What You Can Do

#Roe #Wade #OverturnedHere039s

Today, the United States is regressing nearly 50 years. The unthinkable has happened—Roe v. Wade has officially been overturned, and women have lost bodily autonomy in the United States. Abortion will now likely become illegal or severely limited in roughly half of the U.S., and it is now immediately illegal in the 13 states with trigger laws, which were in place to ban abortion the second Roe v. Wade protections ended.

Many of us have mothers and grandmothers who fought for abortion access before us, and now, our generation is faced with its own fight. It’s important to remember that even if abortion access is restricted or made illegal, that won’t put an end to abortions—instead, it will put an end to safe abortions.

Data shows that while Roe v. Wade’s end will impact all women seeking an abortion in affected states, it will have the harshest impact on marginalized, low-income women who don’t have the resources to travel out of state for care, and the effects will be brutal. According to a 2019 CDC study and the Guttmacher Institute, most people who seek abortions are low-income women who are already mothers. In addition to this devastating ruling, Justice Thomas has already stated that this is just the first step, noting that access to contraception and same-sex marriage are next to be reviewed.

As a publication dedicated to championing women, we are devastated by the news. We’re facing a long, uphill battle with no quick fixes in sight, but if you’re also upset and want to take action, we’ve pulled together resources for you to use as jumping-off points. If you’re able to, consider donating to local reproductive rights and abortion funds in the states that will have immediate bans, as well as supporting national efforts. Here are the places you can do that.

Alabama, Mississippi, and the Deep South: The Yellowhammer Fund provides access to reproductive care for people in need in the Deep South, including abortion funding, travel and lodging support, emergency contraceptive access, referrals to local medical services, and more.

Mississippi: The Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund offers services to all Mississippi residents, even if they don’t seek an abortion in Mississippi. This fund offers financial assistance and practical care to people seeking abortions.

Missouri: The Missouri Abortion Fund provides financial assistance to people who cannot afford the full cost of an abortion.

North Dakota: The WIN Fund provides grants to eligible people in North Dakota to help reduce the cost of abortion services. This fund is aimed to help people who would be otherwise unable to obtain an abortion and assists with transportation, lodging, childcare, and more.


Oklahoma: Roe Fund of OKRCRC gives financial assistance to people seeking abortions in Oklahoma. This fund also has volunteers who help support patients by acting as clinic escorts.

South Dakota: The Justice Through Empowerment Network works to provide support for people seeking abortions by funding abortions and helping with lodging, transportation, childcare, interpreters, and more.

Tennessee: The Mountain Access Brigade is a volunteer-run abortion doula collective and fund. It aims to help Tenessee residents obtain accurate abortion information, emotional support, practical support, and financial assistance.

Texas: In Texas, ActBlue has set up a donation page that’s split between 10 abortion funds. You can choose to donate evenly between them or support them individually.

Utah: The Utah Abortion Fund provides financial and practical support for people in Utah seeking abortion care.

Wyoming: Chelsea’s Fund gives Wyoming residents information on abortion providers and offers financial assistance for those who need it. If they are able to offer assistance, they notify the clinic and pay them directly.

Arkansas: There is only one procedural abortion clinic in Arkansas. The Arkansas Abortion Support Network provides direct financial and logistical assistance, which is particularly vital in a state with so few options.

Idaho: The Northwest Abortion Access Fund grants money to hotline callers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska, which cover procedural and logistical costs.

Kentucky: The Kentucky Health Justice Network offers people seeking abortion financial assistance, transportation, interpretation, and more.

Louisiana: The New Orleans Abortion Fund offers funding and resources for anyone seeking an abortion. Its hotline is also open to anyone in the Gulf South, and they’re reachable at 844-44-ABORT.

Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (WRRAP): WRRAP is the largest national, independent, nonprofit abortion fund available. They provide financial assistance to those seeking an abortion as well as providing funds directly to pre-screened health clinics and doctors.


National Network of Abortion Funds: This all-encompassing list connects you with abortion funds specific to certain states. Each fund helps support the specific needs of the community it serves.

National Women’s Law Center: The National Women’s Law Center is made up of experts, advocates, and lawyers that fight for women’s rights through policy and the courts.

National Abortion Federation: Every donation to the National Abortion Federation supports abortion providers. NAF member clinics ensure that there is enough access to abortion care in places that need it most.

Planned Parenthood: Planned Parenthood provides abortion care for anyone who may need it, regardless of age, gender identity, immigration status, or ability to pay.

Indigenous Women Rising: Indigenous women in the U.S. have an even harder time than most getting a safe abortion—and they are more than 2.5 times more likely to be raped or sexually assaulted than any other ethnicity in the United States. The Indigenous Women Rising abortion fund is open to all indigenous women seeking an abortion.

The Brigid Alliance: The Brigid Alliance is a one-stop shop for helping people obtain abortion access. The Alliance will book, coordinate, and pay for travel, travel expenses, and childcare for everyone who needs an abortion.

Just the Pill: Just the Pill allows people seeking abortions to order abortion pills online to take in the comfort of their own home. It offers financial support for those who need it.

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Exclusive: 12 Comfy and Actually Chic Sneakers Perfect For Long Days of Walking –




12 Comfy and Actually Chic Sneakers Perfect For Long Days of Walking

#Comfy #Chic #Sneakers #Perfect #Long #Days #Walking

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you’ll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work.

Cool sneakers are one thing, but a good pair for all-day walking is another. Particularly if you’re traveling, there’s a real need for comfortable, cute shoes. You want to be packing as few pairs of bulky shoes as possible, so the pairs you do choose should be super versatile. Not only will they look good with your favorite outfits, they’ll hold up walking miles exploring a new city. It’s not always easy to find the best of both worlds with style and comfort, but we’re here to make it possible. We shopped and found 12 seriously good kicks that’ll look great with all your outfits and give your feet the support they need for long excursions.

Whether you’re looking for fashionable running sneakers, something bold and fun, or a more classic silhouette, we have no doubt the following will have your next go-to pair. From brands like Nike and Tory Burch and even sustainable and eco-friendly choices, we have a feeling it’ll be hard to leave empty handed. Keep reading to find your match.

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