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Exclusive: Blac Chyna Cries In Court While Recalling Rob Kardashian Leaking Her Nudes



Blac Chyna Cries In Court While Recalling Rob Kardashian Leaking Her Nudes

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Blac Chyna broke down in court as she recalled the time Rob Kardashian leaked her nudes on social media.

The Kardashian’s attorney Micheal Rhodes challenged her on the stand.

“Did you publicly announce you were coming to court to file a restraining order? Was the press release done with your approval? … Did you not go on GMA the next day?” he asked.

She responded, “It was the only way I could stop him from posting pictures of me on the internet,” TMZ reports. “I was already public. I’m supposed to just not say anything and take it? I wanted everyone to hear my side of the story. He posted nudes of my entire body.”

The attorney used the opportunity to accuse her of using the incident for clout.

“Yes, I wanted everyone to hear my side of the story,” she said. “So yes, I did.”

Rob leaked the nudes after he and Chyna broke up. He then deleted his Instagram account.



Exclusive: Clint Eastwood Wins Second Big Lawsuit Against CBD Industry –




Clint Eastwood Wins Second Big Lawsuit Against CBD Industry

#Clint #Eastwood #Wins #Big #Lawsuit #CBD #Industry

Go ahead, make his payday.

Clint Eastwood, the 92-year-old actor, director, producer, and former mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, has won his second lawsuit against online marketers who used his likeness without permission. He was joined in the suit by the company Garrapata, an agency which owns the rights to Eastwood’s name and image outside of movies. 

The latest verdict, which was handed down last week, awards Eastwood and Garrapata $2 million in damages. The claim was made against a California-based marketing company, Norok Innovation, which leveraged Eastwood’s celebrity status to drive online traffic—via a “hidden metatag game”—to a website selling CBD products. Fabricated news articles and manipulated search results made it appear as if Eastwood endorsed the products. The claim argued that these were “products he likely would have been unwilling to endorse in the first place.”

“Like many of his most famous characters, Mr. Eastwood is not afraid to confront wrongdoing and hold accountable those that try to illegally profit off his name,” the suit, which was filed in January 2021, read

Eastwood’s reps pointed out that the screen icon rarely endorses any product. Indeed, the only time he has done so in recent memory, the Halftime in America Super Bowl ad for Chrysler in 2012, became a major news item. (Eastwood claimed he took a fee far lower than what was awarded him in this lawsuit, because he believed in that ad’s message.)


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In October last year, Eastwood and Garrapata won a $6.1 million dollar claim in a similar lawsuit against Mediatonas UAB, a Lithuanian company, which also featured false articles in which it appeared that the actor endorsed CBD products.  

While that judgement agreed with Eastwood’s lawyers that he was entitled to damages for unlicensed use of his likeness, it fell short of requests for defamation damages. The judge decided that “additional context” would be needed to understand “why a person like Clint Eastwood would not endorse a marijuana-based product.” Insert a grimacing meme of Clint from Gran Torino here. 

Eastwood’s Unforgiven-esque rampage of vengeance is not over. Additional lawsuits are still making their way through the courts, against not just the marketers, but the CBD companies themselves. Two California and one Arizona companies were served with papers for suggesting he endorsed their products and even claimed he had “his own CBD line.”


According to Marketwatch, the CBD (cannabidiol) industry is forecasted to reach revenues of $1.07 billion by 2025, up from $411.6 million in 2019. 

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Exclusive: Adele stops Hyde Park performance mid-way to help struggling fan –




#Adele #stops #Hyde #Park #performance #midway #struggling #fan

Powerhouse singer Adele stopped mid-way through a song to help a fan during her performance on Friday night.

While performing her hit-song ‘Skyfall’, Adele spotted a struggling fan in the crowd at London’s Hyde Park. She stopped singing and immediately called for assistance.

“Stop, stop, stop. I need security’s help,” she said. “Right in the middle there, can you see where they’re waving?” Watch above.

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Adele helping fans during a concert.
The British songstress began to sing ‘Skyfall’ but stopped after one note to help a fan. (Twitter)

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The British singer asked people in the crowd to make way for the help team and was met with applause and cheers from the audience. 

Adele then watched security make its way to the fan, and as soon as she could see they were okay, she headed straight back into performance mode.

“Right, let’s start again,” she told the audience.


The entire situation took less than one minute to resolve. Adele’s response was met with praise from her live audience, and online commenters after a video was uploaded onto Twitter.

“Love her,” said one Twitter user. Another commented, “What Travis should’ve done,” in reference to the 2021 Astroworld Festival incident.

During Travis Scott’s performance, at the music festival in November of last year, the extremely packed audience pit began to push forward, which led to a fatal crowd crush and killed 10 people.

LOS ANGELES - OCTOBER 24: CBS revealed an extended preview and first look of the exclusive Oprah interview in ADELE ONE NIGHT ONLY, a new primetime special that will be broadcast Sunday, Nov. 14 (8:30-10:31 PM, ET/8:00-10:01 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+. (Photo by Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images)
Adele has been held up as an example for her compassion during crowd situations. (CBS via Getty Images)

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Scott started and stopped his show a few times to address some crowd members, but was largely criticised for not doing enough. Members of the audience were chanting for him to stop the entire set, but the show continued for another half hour. 

He was met with fierce backlash in the aftermath of the tragedy, and many took to Twitter with examples of artists like Adele and Billie Eilish efficiently addressing crowd issues to highlight Scott’s culpability in the Astroworld casualties.

Adele’s 2017 concert at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium was the biggest single concert in Australian history with more than 100,000 attendees.

Though she has recently discussed returning, the popstar currently has no concrete plans to tour Australia. 

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Exclusive: Rihanna and ASAP Rocky: A Complete Timeline of Their Relationship –




Rihanna and ASAP Rocky: A Complete Timeline of Their Relationship

#Rihanna #ASAP #Rocky #Complete #Timeline #Relationship

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