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Exclusive: 5 Reasons Why You Must Watch Spanish Drama ‘Intimacy’ on Netflix



5 Reasons Why You Must Watch Spanish Drama ‘Intimacy’ on Netflix

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Veronica Fernandez and Laura Samiento’s Spanish show tackles the abusive nature of cybercrimes. Intimacy on Netflix offers a case study of victims whose lives get upended after the event. It follows Malen Zubiri, a deputy mayor in Bilbao. Her plans to run for Mayor are paused when her sex tape is leaked. Elsewhere, another woman Ane takes her own life after someone shares her private photos in her workplace.

The subject matter is too heavy but here are 5 reasons why this deserves a place on your watchlist. 

Netflix show Intimacy shines a light on Victim Blaming 

How quickly do we start blaming the victim of cybercrimes? We automatically assume that it’s their fault or they were too naive. Victims of such cybercrimes usually are too embarrassed to take action. They simply slink back into darkness. The show makes a good point of establishing that victim-blaming is wrong and even dangerous. It drove Ane to kill herself without even talking to her sister.

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Status Quo doesn’t matter in Intimacy

Cybercriminals can target anyone. It’s not always the politicians or the celebrities that are victims of cybercrimes. Both Maren, a high-profile politician, and a factory worker, Ane find themselves a target of cybercrimes. It’s nice to see Alicia, the IT crimes division head work relentlessly on both their cases. 

The constant back and forth in Intimacy on Netflix

Intimacy uses a lot of flashbacks to convey its story. Hence, viewers can find the storytelling choice muddy. But it’s important to understand these ladies and their stories to root for them in the present. The show also touched upon systematic sexism. Both politics and factors are still male-dominated fields. 

Important theme and stellar performance 

From Itziar Ituno to Yune Nogueiras to Veronica Echegui all put on impressive performances. Their performance elevates the already great writing. 

The Money heist connection

Money Heist fans will immediately recognize Itziar Ituno. She plays the lead Marsen here. 


Although the latest Spanish offering is a far cry from Money Heist, the subject matter is so relevant in recent times that it’s an important watch.

Watch Intimacy on Netflix now. 

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Exclusive: Twitter Fans Design Outfits Based on Stranger Things Characters and the Outcomes Deserve Chef’s Kiss –




Twitter Fans Design Outfits Based on Stranger Things Characters and the Outcomes Deserve Chef’s Kiss

#Twitter #Fans #Design #Outfits #Based #Stranger #Characters #Outcomes #Deserve #Chefs #Kiss

The highly awaited Stranger Things 4 volume 2 will be here in less than a week. The second half of the recording-breaking fourth season is the one fans have been patiently waiting for almost a month now. But that doesn’t mean they have been completely inactive in showing their love for the series while waiting.

Fans of the immensely popular supernatural series are always talking about it online or creating fun theories about the characters now and then. But this time, fans of the show are creating outfits based on the characters of the show, and they are simply amazing.

Let us check some of the new outfits for our favorite Stranger Things characters.

New Stranger Things character outfits

Even if one tried to list all the great things about the Stranger Things, it would be impossible. However, at the top of the list has to be the series inspiration and homage to the great era of the 80s. Right from the beginning of the show, viewers instantly fell in love with all the real-life inspirations the series had.

But another drastically underappreciated aspect of the show is the amazing outfits all the characters wear. Each and every character has been given a specific iconic look right from the 80s that elevates the viewing experience.

And now, making a huge step forward, fans of the show are drafting outfits based on the personality of the characters from the series.

Take a look at some of the mesmerizing outfits.

The outfits are created from a number of options that include some onscreen couples, such as Mileven (Mike and Eleven) and Lumax (Lucas and Max). Even Kate Bush’s hit Running Up That Hill has earned itself an accessory in the outfit battle.

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The original tweet has been receiving thousands of replies, with people drafting their own outfits.

Do make your own dream Stranger Things outfit, and be sure to share it with us in the comments. Also, let us know which character has the best outfit in the series.

Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 starts streaming only on Netflix from July 1st.

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Exclusive: 7 Memes to Sum Up The Umbrella Academy Season 3 –




7 Memes to Sum Up The Umbrella Academy Season 3

#Memes #Sum #Umbrella #Academy #Season

In the modern world, if you want to convey your message and don’t want to sound rude, what would you do? You would try to find a medium that can convey your message, and you sound funny, right? And there is only one way that you can do all that with sheer perfection, memes. Well, that is what fans have been doing to convey their feelings for The Umbrella Academy season 3.

The Umbrella Academy season 3 via memes!

Season 3 of the show is streaming on Netflix. The most awaited season of the show seems to be more complicated than everyone had expected. Fans have expressed their feelings via memes. The complex time travel and all those supernatural twists and turns have made it a little difficult for the fans to follow through with the story of the show. Let us look at some memes.

It seems the complexity begins from the very beginning of the season. Here is an Out-of-context meme for the first episode of season 3, and trust us, there is nothing more accurate than this!

The siblings themselves don’t understand whatever is going on during the whole season.

Even though the show makes little sense to some fans, they cannot stop themselves from watching it.

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It showed the clear difference between the second and third seasons through this one.


*Spoiler Alert* but fans are trying to process the Ben-Klaus moment. How and whys of their moments are still a question to some fans.

The ending of the show is rather bizarre. Fans are still trying to figure it out.

The ending of the show is really questionable, it seems. People don’t want sleep, they need answers.

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These are the 7 memes that precisely sum up the whole season 3 of The Umbrella Academy. Have you watched the show yet? Tell us your favorite part of the show. If you haven’t, stream the show now on Netflix.

Watch Here: The Umbrella Academy

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Exclusive: Laura Linney Says “It was all about survival” in a Heartfelt Farewell to the Netflix Classic, Ozark –




Laura Linney Says “It was all about survival” in a Heartfelt Farewell to the Netflix Classic, Ozark

#Laura #Linney #survival #Heartfelt #Farewell #Netflix #Classic #Ozark

The saddest time in any binge watcher’s life comes when their favorite shows come to an end. You sit there looking at the black screen, wondering what to do? Well, we have something for you. One of the most loved shows, Ozark, meets its final season. And we have Laura Linney’s words for you.

Laura Linney bids farewell to Wendy

Has it happened to you that sometimes when you look back at a show, you realize that this was the person who’s been leading the show? And that thought didn’t arise in your mind until now, right? Yes, we are talking about Ozark, and it is one of the most influential characters, Wendy Byrde. Laura Linney has played the role so well that we cannot imagine anyone else doing it better.

Ozark Season 3 Review: It's Still a Gripping Show, It Just Does a Dumb Thing | Vanity Fair

It is true that Marty brought the family to the Lake of Ozarks and he tried to save them from the troubles. But it was actually Wendy who was ready to do anything it takes to survive. Wendy went through some major happening events like violence, betrayal, and near-death experiences. Well, these remarkable qualities have made Wendy Ozark’s ruthless character, and Linney the most persuasive actor.

“From day one of the show, it was all about survival. And it was also a group of people, meaning the Byrde family, who really didn’t know each other, and really didn’t know themselves,” says the actor herself.

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As the story grew, Linney understood the character so deeply that she could foresee Wendy’s next move; even though she didn’t have a clue about the story. Julia Garner has done the same kind of transformation of the character with her unique technique. Laura, about her character, says that Wendy was very impulsive and that gave her huge flexibility and an idea in which she should behave. She adds that whatever she did wasn’t wrong because “the template was set to hold the logic of whatever happened.” And this part of Wendy’s personality added more to the further season given her past crossed the paths with the narrative. These events from her past serve as emotional landmines, setting off a chain of explosive interactions.

The actor recalls playing Wendy on Ozark

 Laura says that in the final season, she was a little concerned about the intensity of the character. She says that she wanted to maintain the balance which would make the character tangible. “… threading the needle with certain qualities of hers and not tipping too far in one direction or the other,” she explains. Linney further exclaims that she knew very well about this balance and she is hoping that she didn’t overplay or underplayed something.

It was just delicious”: Laura Linney Reveals the Perks of Playing Terrible People Like Wendy Byrde on 'Ozark' - Netflix Junkie

Laura talks about her experience with the cast and the overall environment of the set. She says that the producer and Jason Bateman wanted her to direct an episode since the beginning of the show. But until the final season, Laura shot an episode and gave her directional debut. Bateman highly praised her directional debut. Although, Laura admitted she was threatened to direct an episode, but she is happy that she did it. It was wild for her to go outside of her comfort zone. But she says that it was a wonderful situation as there were so many people around her, ready to help her.

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Finally, Laura admits she would not say no to another opportunity in the directional department. However, Laura says that she is and will be an actor first. She bids goodbye to the show and the character with this statement: “It feels strange. I’m just watching her float away.”

Share your favorite Laura Linney scenes and/or dialogues with us.

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