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Exclusive: Lucifer Season 6 Trailer Shows Chloe fights the Devil



Lucifer Season 6 Trailer Shows Chloe fights the Devil

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Lucifer season 6 is the final season that will be released in September 2021. To celebrate the opportunity, Netflix shared a trailer that teases what’s coming on last season of the drama series.

In season 5, which aired in two parts in 2021 and 2022 due to pandemic ended up in May. It ended on one of Lucifer’s signature cliffhangers. To summarize a lot of celestial shenanigans it looked like Lucifer Morningstar, aka the Actual Devil had ascended to His father’s throne in order to become… God.

The trailer shows that the show’s last story arcs will be shaped by a strange state of affairs. Ellis spoke of his character at the Lucifer San Diego Comic-Con panel last year. The trailer promises action, romance, and unexpected twists to make the ending as memorable as possible.

We have a new antagonist in Rory, a troublemaking angel who has her eyes on Lucifer’s crown and her feet in some very dramatic shoes; Maze smiling while romancing Eve, Inbar Levi; a shrieking Detective Dan, back walking the Earth, and the unusual sight of Chloe, Lauren German, trying to fight Lucifer to death. There will be plenty of drinking, partying, cop-bribing, and choreographed dance this season. Ella (Aimee Garcia) grimly reports that “the apocalypse has nigh.”

Why is Lucifer Morningstar, and Chloe Decker, fighting, and more importantly, why is Azrael’s knife to her neck?

These are only two of the main questions that we have after seeing the official trailer for Lucifer’s sixth season. It was released by Netflix on Tuesday morning. Two and a quarter minutes long, the promo ends with a brawl between the dynamic duo of the fantasy procedural. This is worrying because Azrael’s blade is one of the few items that can kill Satan. The trailer also contains a lot more.

The show’s final 10 episodes pick up from season 5. It shows Lucifer getting ready to become God. However, the trailer shows that he is hesitating, which may require more therapy with Dr. Linda. Lucifer’s hesitancy could be making the world worse. As if all that weren’t enough, Brianna (Deadpool), angsty angel Rory arrives at the scene determined to destroy Lucifer.

Who are the cast members of Lucifer season 6?

  • Tom Ellis as Lucifer/Michael
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt as Maze
  • DB Woodside as Amenadiel
  • Lauren German as Chloe
  • Inbar Lavi as Eve
  • Scott Porter as Carol Corbett
  • Kevin Alejandro as Dan
  • Rachael Harris as Dr. Linda Martin
  • Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez
  • Scarlett Estevez as Trixie Espinoza

Tom Ellis gave a little more insight into Lucifer’s dilemma during the Comic-Con@Home panel last week. Ellis said that he grew up a lot, and is still growing up. However, he believes it’s the classic “be careful what you wish for” principle. He did believe a lot in season 5, but it’s often very different when you actually see something happen. This is the sort of conundrum Lucifer finds herself in season 6.

Kevin Alejandro‘s interview: “I was on set a little bit in season 6, so he’s definitely coming back, just not the way everyone thinks he’s coming back. I would describe season 6 as a genuine emerge to what we’ve created from the beginning. There are throwbacks and clues to other episodes that only you if you’ve followed our journey from the beginning you’ll pick up on. It was a genuine emergency, not only to what we created but to, I think what you guys, what the fans, what our audience, expects.”

Netflix will release Lucifer season 6 on September 6th, 2021.


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Exclusive: Ethan Hawke Reveals How Stranger Things Saved Him From Coming Across as a “crazy, nepotistic dad” –




Ethan Hawke Reveals How Stranger Things Saved Him From Coming Across as a “crazy, nepotistic dad”

#Ethan #Hawke #Reveals #Stranger #Saved #Coming #crazy #nepotistic #dad

Maya Hawke has been simply amazing as Robin Buckley. There is no actress who could’ve played the role of Robin as well as she did. However, even though Stranger Things is Maya’s most notable work to date, she has also appeared in numerous projects. In fact, Maya made an appearance on The Good Lord Bird in 2020, besides her father, Ethan.

While promoting the show about legendary abolitionist John Brown, Ethan, who played Brown, credited Stranger Things for helping Maya get cast in the show.

Let us see what Ethan Hawke had to say.

Stranger Things helped Maya Hawke get other roles

Stranger Things certainly has helped its actors make great careers for themselves. Each actor from the show has gone on to star in multiple high-budgeted projects.

But apparently, it helped Ethan Hawke more than anyone else as he got a chance to work with his daughter thanks to the Netflix Original.

While appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers back in 2020, Ethan shared how he desperately wanted Maya to play John Brown’s daughter, Annie Brown.

But Ethan said he did not know how to bring the conversation up with his producers. Fortunately, the 51-year-old actor did not have to.

Ethan said that after watching Stranger Things, the producers themselves called Ethan to enquire to see if Maya would be interested in playing Annie and stopped him for being a “crazy, nepotistic dad.”


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Ethan commented, “The funny thing about it was that I really wanted Maya, and they were glad to have her. And I was glad to have her, and she was happy to be there.”

The Marvel actor then went on to say how fortunate he felt that he got to work with his daughter and also mentioned how artistic Maya is.

He even shared how he and Maya used to draw when she was young and how impressed Ethan was with her work. The father-daughter duo will also be seen together in the unreleased Beatles-inspired comedy, Revolver.

Do you guys want to see Ethan appear beside Maya in Stranger Things‘ final season? Let us know your thoughts about this dream casting in the comments.

Stream Stranger Things only on Netflix.

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Exclusive: Netflix’s Tekken: Bloodline Director Katsuhiro Harada Reveals the One Thing He Would Say to Jin Kazama –




Netflix’s Tekken: Bloodline Director Katsuhiro Harada Reveals the One Thing He Would Say to Jin Kazama

#Netflixs #Tekken #Bloodline #Director #Katsuhiro #Harada #Reveals #Jin #Kazama

This year Netflix has had the most impressive lineup of new tv shows and movies in a long time. Just seven months into 2022, we have had huge shows like Stranger Things and Ozark, among many others. However, the streaming giant is just warming up. They have an equally impressive content lineup for the year’s second half, with the most anticipated being the Tekken: Bloodline series.

The animated series based on the legendary video game was announced earlier this year, with director Katsuhiro Harada set to direct it. In Netflix’s Geeked Week event, Harada shared an exclusive look at the series. And even answered a few questions.

One of his answers was hilarious but also gave us an insight into what to expect from the series. Let us see what he had to say.

Tekken: Bloodline Director Katsuhiro Harada wants to apologize to Jin

Netflix’s Geeked Week event was a huge treat, especially for anime fans. During the event, Netflix picked the curtains off many projects it had in development, like the One Piece live-action adaptation, the new Cyberpunk series, and even the Castlevania: Nocturne series.

The event also gave us a huge update for the highly awaited Tekken animated series. During the event, Director Katsuhiro Harada talked about the new series and how fans of the video games will find new things in the series.

During the discussion, Harada was asked what he would say to his main lead from the series Jin. While Katsuhiro replied jokingly, “I’m sorry for always putting you through so many awful things,” it gave us an idea of what to expect.

By Harada’s answer, one can determine the level of struggles Jin will go through in the series. And also, all the lovers of the video game know that Jin has had a troubled past, with him going through many obstacles in his life.

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The show does not have an official release date as of now. But we should expect it to drop by August.

What do you guys think about the Tekken: Bloodline series? Will it live up to the hype? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

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Exclusive: WATCH: Jamie Campbell Bower Channel His Inner Vecna In A Nerve-Chilling Voice-Over Session –




WATCH: Jamie Campbell Bower Channel His Inner Vecna In A Nerve-Chilling Voice-Over Session

#WATCH #Jamie #Campbell #Bower #Channel #Vecna #NerveChilling #VoiceOver #Session

Jamie Campbell Bower already had fans wrapped around his charming personality and his arrival in Stranger Things changed it. Stranger Things depicted the biggest villain who prays on fragile minds and plays with his victims psychologically. Although Vecna had a hideously mutilated outlook, fans still adored him for the actor who portrayed him.

And there is no doubt that Jamie Campbell embodied the role exceptionally well as he filled fans with horror every time he stepped on screen. Did you know who was behind that heart-throbbing voice of Vecna? It was Jamie himself, a true artist who has proved talent in a recent video shared on Twitter. 

Jamie Campbell Bower gives life to the character of Vecna in Stranger Things 4 

A fan page on Twitter, Stranger Writers, shared a studio clip this Sunday where Jamie is giving his voice-over. It is astounding to see how he transformed his voice into a creepy monstrous tone that terrified every character on the show. In the video, he was voicing the face-off dialogue that Vecna told Eleven: 

“I saw a means to realize my potential. To transcend my human form. To become the predator I was born to be.” 

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Moreover, he might have needed a lot of practice to bring out such a scary and impactful voice. Because depending on the heart-wrenching presentation of Vecna, a competing voice was necessary that Jamie fulfilled remarkably. 

Fan reactions to the interpretation of the scariest voice of the season 

Let’s dig into some comments about what opinion fans have about this voice-over. Also Wanna take a look of Jamie Campbell see the video pinned in the tweet below!

A fan asked do all the actors have to re-shoot their voice like Jamie is doing here.

On the other hand, one gave a shout out to this talented man appreciating his skills.

Another fan tweeted that she has never adored a heinous monster like Vecna, But Jamie even made him look pleasing to the audience.

Certainly, it’s an out of question topic how much fans liked the intervention of Vecna in the form of Jamie. As they even defended him for being misunderstood in the series. Therefore, his dedication to his role was reflected in his voice as he held that evilness in his eyes while speaking those dialogues of Vecna. Season 4 volume 2 is streaming on Netflix right now.

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