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Exclusive: “Jibaro is like a brutal disaster”: Director Alberto Mielgo Explains The Toxic Relationship Featured In Jibaro (‘Love, Death + Robots’ 3)



“Jibaro is like a brutal disaster”: Director Alberto Mielgo Explains The Toxic Relationship Featured In Jibaro (‘Love, Death + Robots’ 3)

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Anthologies like Love, Death + Robots bring out colossal tragedies when we add a hint of love to it. And the Jibaro episode is the perfect interpretation of an unnatural attraction between a screaming siren and a deaf soldier. The episode depicts a renaissance story of revenge and gluttony, which leads to pure barbarism. After giving viewers an iconic thing to remember, Director Alberto Mielgo has shared his experience of episode creation. As this realistic episode filled people with horror and admiration for the storyline narrated through superb animation. 

‘Jibaro’ tells an extraordinary escapade of desolation in Love, Death + Robots

This masterpiece has brought a unique love story, where there is only desperation and greed. Jibaro is the mystical folklore of a siren who bewitches men with her songs and kills them by drowning. For instance, she kills the whole group of comrades, who came to venture into the deep forest. However, one deaf soldier remains unaffected by her screams. And she is fascinated to see how the soldier is immune to her temptations.

Moreover, the soldier becomes excessively greedy seeing the golden body of the siren. So he chases her to take all the ornaments from the siren’s body and subsequently she falls into the trap. Him hitting her and brutally snatching all the jewelry from her body is the most daunting scene of the episode. The scene connects viewers to a greedy man, who takes risk of being harmed by an unknown thing just for the gold. On the other hand, the powerful siren falls for him as she could not victimize him with her deadly scream. The episode is a perfect interpretation of toxic modern love, based on material advances.

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The story is full of red flags says Director  Alberto Mielgo

Alberto Mielgo revealed in Netflix’s Geeked Week event that the episode was created with real locations and artists as he talked about the love story. He said that the character’s obsession with power and materialism takes them to violent and cruel ends. For instance, the siren falling under the soldier’s impression loses her graceful ornaments whereas the soldier becomes pray of her deathly screams. Therefore, his greediness cured him of his deafness, which eventually led to his merciless death. 

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He stated that for creating adult content they need to follow the extreme plots that only end with a tragedy like the siren and knight did. He connects himself with the story that how the characters go through extremely dangerous things. Therefore, the story is an interpretation of doomed love that only brings disaster in the end. 

What is your interpretation of the Love, Death + Robots episode?

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Exclusive: Netflix Reveals Its Favorite Thing From ‘The Umbrella Academy’ but Different Generation –




Netflix Reveals Its Favorite Thing From ‘The Umbrella Academy’ but Different Generation

#Netflix #Reveals #Favorite #Umbrella #Academy #Generation

Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy was just as confusing as the previous ones. Like its other seasons, it also toyed with various themes and also had a huge catastrophe threatening humankind at its core. But the dysfunctional family of siblings made the journey quite an exciting one. Their bickerings and banters are the highlights of the show. Netflix just recently shared their favorite moment from the series.

Klaus insults Five and calls him a boomer

Five could fool others with his young features and school boy uniforms that he’s just a teenager, but he can’t do that to his siblings. Despite his young appearance, he is actually a 60-year-old man trapped inside a boy’s body. As a result of time travel and glitch in time and space, he returned to his younger body but retained his mental age. Five has the best insults up his sleeve, but his brother Klaus shuts him down by just referring to him as a boomer! It’s hilarious how Klaus provokes him to spill what he knows so far. 

Five may possess the best intellect out of all the siblings, but he surely lacks in people skills. He is mostly sarcastic or snaps at anyone and everyone if they are not at the same intellectual level as him. He is also the only one that is hell-bent on preventing the doomsday from season 1. However, there is a change of plans for Five in the latest season. His 100-year-old self gave him the startling news that he was one of the founders of the Temps Commission. Moreover, his efforts to save the world will lead it to disaster. Hence he decides to take a backseat but of course, Sir Reginald won’t let him have his way. 

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When is The Umbrella Academy season 4 coming? 

Netflix hasn’t renewed The Umbrella Academy for a season 4 yet. But the way things ended in season 3, there is still a lot to uncover in the next season. For instance, Sir Reginald’s origin and agenda are still a mystery. Moreover, his wife, Abigail is alive now. And lastly, our superhero siblings have lost their powers.

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Exclusive: 10 Metal Rock Songs to headbang to, if you loved the Performance of Eddie Munson in Stranger Things –




10 Metal Rock Songs to headbang to, if you loved the Performance of Eddie Munson in Stranger Things

#Metal #Rock #Songs #headbang #loved #Performance #Eddie #Munson #Stranger

Stranger Things season 4 introduced a lot of amazing new characters, one of whom is Eddie Munson. Actor Joseph Quinn has done an amazing job of bringing Eddie’s character to life. He led the school’s official D&D club, the Hellfire Club, and was a true metal head.

Eddie’s character has sure made a huge place in fans’ hearts and was really passionate about music. He used to play guitar and liked rock and metal music.

Eddie plays the instrument in volume 2 of season 4 to keep the Demobats from going to the Creel House. The song that he played was the iconic metal hit “Master of Puppets” by Metallica. This song was part of Metallica’s 1986 hit album, Master of Puppets.

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10 songs that will absolutely rock your world

1. Fade to Black

1984 was the year, this song by Metallica came out. Fade to Black was part of the album Ride the Lightning. According to readers of Guitar World, the song is the 24th-best guitar solo of all time.

2. 2 Minutes to Midnight

The British heavy metal band Iron Maiden released this song in 1984, and it was on their fifth studio album, Powerslave.

3. Battery

The song was on Metallica’s album Master of Puppets, which came out in 1986, written by James Hetfield.


4. One

One is another Metallica song, that was on their fourth studio album, …Justice for All which came out in 1988. Ranked as number one on MTV right after it’s introduction, this song was Metallica’s third single from their fourth studio album.

5. Tornado of Souls

Released in the year 1990, Tornado of Souls is a song by the artist Megadeath. It’s was featured in the album called Rust in Piece and is considered one of the hardest solos of Megadeath.

6. Painkiller

Painkiller is the song by the band Judas Priest. Released in the year 1990 and was the featured in the album Painkiller. This was the first album to feature drummer Scott Travis.

7. Smells Like the Teen Spirit

This song was the opening track from Nirvana’s second album Nevermind, in the year 1991. It was the success of this song, which made the album so popular.


8. In the End

This song is by the American rock band Linkin Park. Brad Delson, Chester Bennington, Joe Hahn, Mike Shinoda, and Rob Bourdon wrote it. It came out on an album called Hybrid Theory in the year 2000.

9. Dance with the Devil

This song came out in 2006, and it’s by Breaking Benjamin, featured in their album Phobia.

10. Cross Off

Cross Off is a song by Mark Morton. It came out in 2019 and the artist Chester Bennington was featured in it. Above all, it was the first track on Mark’s debut studio album, Anesthetic.



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Exclusive: Stranger Things Sweet-Heart Erica Sinclair (Priah Ferguson) Got Into Acting for This Simply Surprising Reason –




#Stranger #SweetHeart #Erica #Sinclair #Priah #Ferguson #Acting #Simply #Surprising #Reason

Stranger Things has been winning hearts since the release of Season 1. With so many twists, one cannot stop binge-watching it. With such unique stories, come unique characters with a well-planned development arc. One such character is Erica, played by Priah Ferguson. In the recent interview, she went on to talk about her character and why she got into acting. 

Is Stranger Things Priah Ferguson’s first show?

Priah Ferguson has a vital role in Stranger Things, yet she is down-to-earth in reality. She goes to public school and is also on the cheerleading squad. Priah says that her teachers and her friends are very supportive of her stardom.

Well, she is not just a normal teenage girl who plays a significant part in saving the town from evil. Priah is going to be a part of Netflix’s upcoming movie, Halloween, along with Marlon Wayans. But in Stranger Things, she became the main character from the recurring cast. She stole the screen and became a fan favorite in no time.

Stranger Things (2016)

Though, this common question of how the actor got into the acting is always asked. So, when POPSUGAR asked this question to Priah, she had this very simple question. She said that she loved watching movies and television. “I would be really into very suspenseful movies and shows, and I would wonder, oh, how are they on TV?” She also got confused about the recording.

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But her mother explained the entire process to her and made her understand it was acting. Ferguson wanted to try that. She also admits that when she shared this thought with her mother, she (her mother) was a little skeptical. But eventually, she put Priah in some acting classes, and soon she started to book her daughter for the parts. In 2016, her earliest role was on an episode of “Atlanta”.

Priah Ferguson as Erica Sinclair in "Stranger Things" Season 4 | Journey to the Upside Down as We Revisit the "Stranger Things" Cast Then and Now | POPSUGAR Entertainment Photo 15

As we all saw her in the show, we can see when she says she loves working with the cast and they all are a big family now. She means it. She says that she is growing with her character. However, there was a major gap between the two seasons, which made her cherish the experience even more.

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Ferguson admits she is more connected to her character Erica after a break. And we could see that in her acting when she owns up the place and impresses everyone around her and the fans as well. Share your favorite Erica moment with us.

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