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Exclusive: Bubble (2022): Netflix Review- An Anime for Those Who Crave a Visually Spectacular Delight



Bubble (2022): Netflix Review- An Anime for Those Who Crave a Visually Spectacular Delight

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Bubble 2022: Netflix Review: When I look back at Bubble, I’m reminded of the dazzling blue and purple kaleidoscopic display on my screen. The color in this anime is just exquisite, with numerous frames having the ability to serve as dazzling wallpapers. When combined with Hiroyuki Sawano‘s musical melody, it transports you to a whole new post-apocalyptic world. One filled with water, hued bubbles, dangerous gravity-defying activities, and touched up with human emotions. 

It was the musical melody that got me eager to watch Bubble. ‘Uta’s Melody‘ has that entrancing effect, one that will capture you under its spell. This tune, which dominates proceedings and serves as the primary background score, will be remembered far more than the energetic theme song. 

What is Bubble about? 

A catastrophe has isolated a city. Bubbles float in and around Japan’s capital, which is covered by a gigantic…bubble. The manner in which the makers present this dome reminded me of The Simpsons Movie. 

Set five years after the ‘Bubble Phenomenon‘, present-day Tokyo is a partially submerged and entirely enclosed city. Of course, people voluntarily step into it; but it is devoid of life, apart from a bunch of youngsters and a few scientists.

Mystified by the phenomenon, the scientists seek to explore the surroundings and the youth engage in dangerous combat races, Battlekour, (a.k.a. The Tokyo Death Games). Battlekour sheds light on a unique discipline, i.e. parkour. It is this that ensures that the film gets its sequences that keep you at the edge of your seats.

Hibiki, of Battlekour team Blue Blazers, forms the central focus in BubbleHe is a parkour ace who can hear a sound no one else can. This voice, and his belief in his abilities across the bubbles, provokes him to make the leap. Once misfortune strikes, he enters the drink and receives assistance in more than one way. 

At this point, you may notice that this Wit Studio offering is an upgraded adaptation of a dark Danish fairy tale. One where sacrifice, love, and devotion shine through. 


What is Good About Bubble on Netflix?

I like the fact that writer Gen Urobuchi and director Tetsuro Araki (Attack on Titan) described both the phenomenon and the game, right at the start itself. 

The action sequences in this Wit Studio film make admirable use of the surroundings. You may be guilty of hitting the back button just to catch sight of the insane stunts by team Blue Blazers and Under Takers. Bubble’s theme song is quite catchy, which pumps one up for the film. 

Creative action sequences and liberties with animation come to the forefront as the makers push the boundaries of parkour. The usage of ‘Uta’s Melody‘ as she maneuvers through the air above the vortex is one of the film’s best sequences. This is one of those instances you would absolutely want to re-watch, as one watch may not be believable. 

The obvious love story takes center stage with a heart-wrenching line enhancing the teary eyes of the devastated on-screen character.  

Bubble’s sound team makes the film enjoyable as you can observe the minute details. For instance, audiences can hear the swoosh as Hibiki, Uta, and The Blue Blazers glide through the air. One can also hear the sound of a boat in the water, showing us the attention Wit Studio paid to their offering. 

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Also, the animators deserve a mention here for the successful luminescent creation of the wonderland that is the bubble-filled Tokyo. The merging of purple and blue with the rays of sunlight creates a slight shimmer that can captivate audiences who tune in to watch this anime.

Unfortunately, dazzling animation, fluid graphics, and a wonderful background score may not be enough to distract you from a predictable ending. 

What’s Bad about Bubble?

Avid readers, ones who have read the Danish literary fairy tale written in 1837, may lose interest in Bubble as they would have a fair idea of where this film is going. They may react like how Uta did when one character narrated Ariel’s tale to her. 

Barring Hibiki and Uta, we don’t really feel invested in the other characters. Gen Urobuchi did not flesh out his characters to be more than just Blue Blazers members. There isn’t that core supporting character to enhance the journey of the main characters in a large way. They are under-used, or rather, relied on as stepping stones for the protagonist’s journey. Would you miss out on Makoto or any of the others? I certainly didn’t. 

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The Urobuchi and Araki duo don’t provide an in-depth take into the exploration of the galaxy, limbo, why the bubbles don’t burst, and the why behind the bubble phenomenon. Hence, Bubble remains part adventure thriller, part devastating romance, part sci-fi; but nothing entirely. A weird and fresh combination indeed, but that won’t delight certain audiences. 

Verdict of Bubble on Netflix

Bubble is an anime for those who crave a visually spectacular delight. Cinephiles who wish to watch work with spectacular transitions should stream Bubble on Netflix. The fluidity of the moves from first person to a neutral observer or P.O.V. glances are top-notch. 

If you read the synopsis or watch the trailer and expect a parkour battle royale, stay away from this film as you will be disappointed. A deep story is also lacking here, and if ‘content is king’, you may brush aside the glittery animation and your bubble may pop as you realize that all that glitters may not be gold for you. 

Bubble is now streaming on Netflix

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Exclusive: Martin Scorsese’s Movie With Leonardo DiCaprio’s Character Having “constant 24-hour panic attack” Is Streaming Now on Netflix –




Martin Scorsese’s Movie With Leonardo DiCaprio’s Character Having “constant 24-hour panic attack” Is Streaming Now on Netflix

#Martin #Scorseses #Movie #Leonardo #DiCaprios #Character #constant #24hour #panic #attack #Streaming #Netflix

Netflix is expanding its catalog with new and old content. The streamer has just recently added the award-winning Leonardo’ DiCaprio starrer, The Departed to its catalog. The movie will definitely draw in eyeballs who missed the 2006 movie at the theaters. Also, it’s good to have another Scorsese film in its roster apart from the Netflix original The Irishman

The Martin Scorsese-directed film stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon in the leading roles. It also stars other Hollywood stalwarts including Jack Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg. It is loosely based on real-life Boston Winter Hill Gang and is also touted as a remake of the Hong Kong movie, Infernal Affairs

The Leonardo DiCaprio starrer The Departed plot 

The four-time Oscar-winning film takes place in Boston. Frank Costella (Jack), plants Colin Sullivan (Matt) within the Massachusetts State Police hoping to extract information from the unit. Meanwhile, the police have assigned Billy Costigan (DiCaprio) as an undercover agent to infiltrate the Irish mob. But obviously, things don’t go as planned. Colin and Billy race to uncover each other’s identity before the secret is out. 

The film is rated 8.5 on IMDb and has received an R rating due to extreme violence and strong language. 

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Interesting trivia about The Departed 

Jack Nicholson was the second choice for Costello. Scorsese wanted Al Pacino to assume the role, but he turned it down. Interestingly, Nicholson accepted the role because he wanted to play a villain after his comedic roles. The actors’ paychecks drained half of the film’s budget. 

Ray Winstone and Jack Nicholson didn’t have an amicable relationship on the set. And did you know they used the same yacht for both The Departed and The Wolf of Wall Street? Leonardo met with Irish Mob members and Matt Damon worked with the Massachusetts State Police to prepare for the role.  Moreover, Brad Pitt was originally cast to play Sullivan but dropped out of it to star in Babel. However, he still produced the through Plan B.

Will you stream The Departed on Netflix?

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Exclusive: “There’s no past without Papa”: Millie Bobby Brown And Matthew Modine Talks About The Complex Dynamics Of Their Relationship In ‘Stranger Things’ –




“There’s no past without Papa”: Millie Bobby Brown And Matthew Modine Talks About The Complex Dynamics Of Their Relationship In ‘Stranger Things’

#Papa #Millie #Bobby #Brown #Matthew #Modine #Talks #Complex #Dynamics #Relationship #Stranger

There are some things in life that humans can’t deny whether it’s onscreen or in reality. Like the relationships we build with people over time, which becomes a part of our hearts forever whether they turn out to be bitter or loved. And one of the best examples fans get to experience here is the relationship between Eleven and Papa. Stranger Things has put Millie Bobby Brown and Matthew Modine in a pattern that they always end up together. In a recent interview for Tudum cover story, both actors gave insight into some crucial details of Papa’s character. And it will certainly change the viewpoint of the audience toward this wicked scientist.

Millie Bobby Brown believes Eleven has an inevitable bond with Dr. Martin Brenner

Although there are severe complexities in the relationship that holds Eleven and Papa together. But Millie thinks to find answers to this thing we need to look back. Probably the incidents that took place in 1979 hold importance. However, Brenner had a very short appearance on the show, and his pretentious death in season 1 somehow blurred his role. So Duffer Brothers brought him back to season 4 even though Modine was planning to do a broadway. Why? Well, it’s as Millie said: Season 4 dives into Eleven’s past and “there’s no past without Papa”.

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Moreover, her future also depends on Brenner only as she lost her powers during the Starcourt Mall showdown. We saw in Volume 1 that Eleven had to trust Papa once again to access her telekinetic abilities. Like Modine told Tudum in their conversation:

“He’s having to force Eleven to go through her past and re-see things”

Subsequently, Papa was the only man who knew the process that could bring Eleven’s powers back. As he was evidence of all the past incidents in the lab. In addition, Brenner was closely familiar with Eleven’s nature as he raised her in the captivity for almost 11 years. Therefore, he gives a sensory deprivation treatment to her in Nina Tank, where she dwells in the layers of her subconsciousness to discover the mysterious past has remained blocked for years.

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This is a convincing thought that Eleven would not have survived the cruel memories without the support of Papa. For Brenner knew this isn’t a easy thing to cope for what has happened in the past. Hence, the good news is viewers will get a wholesome of Papa love in the season 4 volume 2 of Stranger Things.

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Exclusive: Man vs. Bee (Review) – Rowan Atkinson Shines in This Lesson on How Not to Take On a Bee –




Man vs. Bee (Review) – Rowan Atkinson Shines in This Lesson on How Not to Take On a Bee

#Man #Bee #Review #Rowan #Atkinson #Shines #Lesson #Bee

Man vs. Bee piqued interest among comedy fans as Rowan Atkinson was returning to the visual comedy genre. The Netflix Original’s premise was rather interesting as well. With nine short episodes, one could really get going as the entire series would conclude within 110 minutes. 

This Netflix offering’s acting stood out, with Atkinson not disappointing in any way. The sexagenarian held Man vs. Bee together with exactly what his fans have come to expect from him. i.e. an expressive (well, he has made a career out of them) and exaggerated (not over-exaggerated) performance to compensate for the lack of co-actors. 

Unfortunately, this series may not make you crave for more, as it could be seen as an unfunny attempt to rehash cartoon gags with a man and a seemingly indestructible member of the Apidae family. 

What is Netflix’s Man vs. Bee about?

The title is quite a simple explanation of the Netflix Original. Rowan Atkinson plays house sitter Trevor Bingley, who has to engage in a battle with a bee. The way Bingley tries (and fails) to maintain order within the house results in a series of unfortunate events (not the Netflix show). 

Watching Man vs. Bee could help one understand the following saying:

“When it rains, it pours.”

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It almost seemed as if Bingley had a little bumblebee that followed him everywhere. It followed him to the garden one day (repeat the last three words (x3) and then the whole line).

What’s Good about Man vs Bee?

A good thing about Man vs. Bee is that writer Will Davies gives viewers a glimpse of the end. It works as audiences aren’t wondering about the ramifications of numerous poorly thought of and bizarre actions. Rather, they may remain keen to see how Bingley reached there.


Mr. Bean had the mind of a child, but Trevor Bingley came across as just a thick individual; one for whom everything that could go wrong went wrong. However, he did a much better patch-up job than his efforts on the painting of Whistler’s mother. 

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The show‘s gags are presented well. A lot of thought has gone into them, especially the one in episode 6. It was a combination of acting, set design, Lorne Balfe’s music, and writing (as the elements that contributed to the situation were introduced slowly over the course of the previous 5 episodes).


Atkinson’s acting and Davies’ writing together helped justify why Bingley’s actions weren’t acts of insanity. Even the one event that can be branded as such has reasonable justification. Remember V for Vendetta’s Mr. Creedy’s final dialogue? 

Bingley’s front door interactions with the policeman (Tom Basden) were also quite entertaining, with the ones in episodes 3 and 4 standing out. 

What’s not good about Man vs. Bee?

The acting could be labeled good, but the repetitive gags, although presented well, were largely unfunny. As they repeat, I began to liken Trevor Bingley and the bee to Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner, respectively. You may get where I’m going with this and why it’s in the not good section. 

I was reminded of a scene from Atkinson’s ‘The Trouble with Mr. Bean’ and found the gags in episode 4 quite puerile. It’s shocking that an elite comedian like Atkinson engaged in such a gag. 

The seemingly supernatural ability of the bee and its urge to tail Atkinson reminded me of Mystery Inc. trying to catch the ‘monsters’. A sequence from a Tom and Jerry episode (Cat Concerto) came to mind as well. These homages were good, but seeing them in a live-action series was rather out of place. 


While the premise promised us Man vs, Bee, frustrations could emerge as viewers expect the man’s far-fetched traps to capture the bee to fail. Despite that, it would be tough to disagree that Rowan Atkinson shines across all nine episodes.


Older audiences may smile as they see the incorporation of gags from classic cartoons. Though these gags may come across as unfunny to many, they aren’t stretched. This may not give one time to process it before they are about 5-6 episodes in. At that point, a part of you would begin to root for Bingley and not hit the back button. Do small episodes work wonders? Perhaps. 

However, my biggest takeaway would be that this new Netflix show is a masterclass in how to act. 

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Atkinson held his own whilst alone and even appeared nonchalant, sincere, worried, and innocent in all video interactions. Another takeaway from Man vs. Bee could be: How not to take on a Bee. 

Man vs. Bee is streaming on Netflix.

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