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Exclusive: 5 Movies to Watch This Mental Health Awareness Month on Netflix



5 Movies to Watch This Mental Health Awareness Month on Netflix

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A film is a huge medium for stigmas in society, and real-life people are ostracized on the basis of what’s considered to be ‘valid’. At the same time, it’s a medium that dissolves taboos. Audiences totally immerse themselves into the lives of those on the screen and consciously or unconsciously imbibe the characters and the mood in their lives. In the age, where more movies with flawed characters are coming out, here are five classics on Netflix that are not worth missing out on that focus on mental health issues and more.

The Shining (1980)

Starring Jack Nicolson, The Shining dives into a family who are taking care of The Overlook Hotel during its off-season. Sounds like an ideal situation? Things change when they encounter a turn of events, leading the father to become violent as something sinister from the Hotel takes over him.

Directed by Stanley Kubrick, The Shining is considered to be a benchmark for most filmmakers. It’s surprising how this horror thriller is so endearing to the eyes to watch. The surreal scenes look like magic, like the ones you’d want to rewind and see. Watch it here.

To The Bone (2017)

It’s the story of a 20-year-old suffering from Anorexia, a condition where people suffering would puke out their food every time they eat because they’re fat conscious. This girl meets a doctor who really challenges her to face her fears and fight her disease.

Directed by Marti Nixon known for Sharp Objects, To The Bone reflects her own life as a true story. Nixon has been open about her issues with addiction and anorexia and has tried reflecting the same in her works to bring awareness to many. Certainly, this Netflix movie on mental health is a must watch.

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The Babadook (2014)

The Babadook is an Australian psychological drama/horror. It’s the story of a six-year-old whose mother reads to him Mister Babadook, a children’s book. The movie actually starts when he starts seeing the events of the book unfold in his house, shocking his non-believer mother.


The Babadook was screened at the Sundance Festival in 2014 and received critical acclaim worldwide. It wasn’t screened in many Australian cinemas initially, eventually, it blew up. Watch it here.

Frailty (2001)

Starring Bill Paxton, Mathew McConaughey, and Matt O’Leary, Frailty impresses whoever watches it. It’s a thriller/horror but one of its kind. It follows a man who walks into the FBI office to narrate the chain of murders they did, on the orders of their father. The father was told by God Himself to kill demons in disguise.

Bill Paxton both directed and acted in the movie, marking his directorial debut. It received worldwide acclaim. Frailty is a low-key horror, minus the jump scares, making it much classier as a movie. Watch it here

Punch Drunk Love (2002)

Paul Thomas Anderson is known for his flawed, realistic characters. His movies touch upon the themes of alienation, family issues, loneliness, and mental health. Punch Drunk Love was screened at the Cannes Film Festival where Thomas won the award for the best director. Punch Drunk Love revolves around Adam Sandler as Barry, as he crosses many hurdles to finally achieve his love- Lena, played by Emily Watson.

It has a feel-good ending and is on the lighter side among all the movies that are listed above. The reason is, Adam putting in his comic magic and innocent looks.

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All of these movies have worldwide critical acclaim, and the best filmmakers in the industry made them. Refer to Netflix when done watching these, and be more aware of the nuances of mental health.

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Exclusive: Fans Defend Mike Wheeler Amidst All The Hate He’s Receiving, Call His Performance With Eleven A Reminder Of Their “Lost innocence” –




Fans Defend Mike Wheeler Amidst All The Hate He’s Receiving, Call His Performance With Eleven A Reminder Of Their “Lost innocence”

#Fans #Defend #Mike #Wheeler #Hate #Hes #Receiving #Call #Performance #Eleven #Reminder #Lost #innocence

Mike Wheeler, portrayed by Finn Wolfhard, has been the male protagonist of Stranger Things since season 1 when all the kids used to play D&D in his basement. He has criticized fans several times for the bad choices he made. Even though he is just a teenager who wants to hold things. Whereas Mike was the first person to embrace Eleven for what she was, welcomed her into his home, and kept her safe in his little game place.

As the time passed, he became more and more infatuated with Eleven that he overlooked some things. But his love for Eleven doesn’t make him completely a bad person. Currently, Mike fans are defending him for season 3 where people are calling the piggyback scene overdramatic. 

A reminiscent of childhood love: Mike Wheeler and Eleven look adorable in volume 2

Mike and Eleven are the only successful couple in the series who have made it this far since their cute meet in the beginning. But after their big fight in volume 2, their relationship was left under a big question while Mike was worried that she would never come back. However, the moment Mike and Eleven see each other in the Nevada desert, they instantly reconcile. 

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A recent post shared by a fan on Reddit talks about the scene when Eleven was losing her hope strangled by Vecna floating in the isolation tank. Meanwhile, Mike confesses his love for Eleven and says that “you are my superhero” which gives her the strength to fight this evil. Many viewers have called the scene too cheesy and exaggerated.

Whereas other fans liked how truly Mike conveyed his feelings for her without adding any fancy speech to it. It was just a beautiful reminder of the moments they have spent together and how much they used to be in love. 

Fans are swooning over this young love story amid chaos and destruction 

Fans are falling in love with Mike how sincerely he expressed his emotions. As the post stated:

“This was the Mike I remember and loved. Honest, vulnerable, emotional and full of heart.” Mike heart to heart conversation really touched fans.



Did you like Mike’s confession in episode 9 of volume 2? Feel free to leave your comments below!

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Exclusive: Ethan Hawke Reveals How Stranger Things Saved Him From Coming Across as a “crazy, nepotistic dad” –




Ethan Hawke Reveals How Stranger Things Saved Him From Coming Across as a “crazy, nepotistic dad”

#Ethan #Hawke #Reveals #Stranger #Saved #Coming #crazy #nepotistic #dad

Maya Hawke has been simply amazing as Robin Buckley. There is no actress who could’ve played the role of Robin as well as she did. However, even though Stranger Things is Maya’s most notable work to date, she has also appeared in numerous projects. In fact, Maya made an appearance on The Good Lord Bird in 2020, besides her father, Ethan.

While promoting the show about legendary abolitionist John Brown, Ethan, who played Brown, credited Stranger Things for helping Maya get cast in the show.

Let us see what Ethan Hawke had to say.

Stranger Things helped Maya Hawke get other roles

Stranger Things certainly has helped its actors make great careers for themselves. Each actor from the show has gone on to star in multiple high-budgeted projects.

But apparently, it helped Ethan Hawke more than anyone else as he got a chance to work with his daughter thanks to the Netflix Original.

While appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers back in 2020, Ethan shared how he desperately wanted Maya to play John Brown’s daughter, Annie Brown.

But Ethan said he did not know how to bring the conversation up with his producers. Fortunately, the 51-year-old actor did not have to.

Ethan said that after watching Stranger Things, the producers themselves called Ethan to enquire to see if Maya would be interested in playing Annie and stopped him for being a “crazy, nepotistic dad.”


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Ethan commented, “The funny thing about it was that I really wanted Maya, and they were glad to have her. And I was glad to have her, and she was happy to be there.”

The Marvel actor then went on to say how fortunate he felt that he got to work with his daughter and also mentioned how artistic Maya is.

He even shared how he and Maya used to draw when she was young and how impressed Ethan was with her work. The father-daughter duo will also be seen together in the unreleased Beatles-inspired comedy, Revolver.

Do you guys want to see Ethan appear beside Maya in Stranger Things‘ final season? Let us know your thoughts about this dream casting in the comments.

Stream Stranger Things only on Netflix.

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Exclusive: Netflix’s Tekken: Bloodline Director Katsuhiro Harada Reveals the One Thing He Would Say to Jin Kazama –




Netflix’s Tekken: Bloodline Director Katsuhiro Harada Reveals the One Thing He Would Say to Jin Kazama

#Netflixs #Tekken #Bloodline #Director #Katsuhiro #Harada #Reveals #Jin #Kazama

This year Netflix has had the most impressive lineup of new tv shows and movies in a long time. Just seven months into 2022, we have had huge shows like Stranger Things and Ozark, among many others. However, the streaming giant is just warming up. They have an equally impressive content lineup for the year’s second half, with the most anticipated being the Tekken: Bloodline series.

The animated series based on the legendary video game was announced earlier this year, with director Katsuhiro Harada set to direct it. In Netflix’s Geeked Week event, Harada shared an exclusive look at the series. And even answered a few questions.

One of his answers was hilarious but also gave us an insight into what to expect from the series. Let us see what he had to say.

Tekken: Bloodline Director Katsuhiro Harada wants to apologize to Jin

Netflix’s Geeked Week event was a huge treat, especially for anime fans. During the event, Netflix picked the curtains off many projects it had in development, like the One Piece live-action adaptation, the new Cyberpunk series, and even the Castlevania: Nocturne series.

The event also gave us a huge update for the highly awaited Tekken animated series. During the event, Director Katsuhiro Harada talked about the new series and how fans of the video games will find new things in the series.

During the discussion, Harada was asked what he would say to his main lead from the series Jin. While Katsuhiro replied jokingly, “I’m sorry for always putting you through so many awful things,” it gave us an idea of what to expect.

By Harada’s answer, one can determine the level of struggles Jin will go through in the series. And also, all the lovers of the video game know that Jin has had a troubled past, with him going through many obstacles in his life.

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The show does not have an official release date as of now. But we should expect it to drop by August.

What do you guys think about the Tekken: Bloodline series? Will it live up to the hype? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

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