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Exclusive: 17 Of The Best Hoop Earrings For Men: From Basic to Extravagant (2022 Edition)



#Hoop #Earrings #Men #Basic #Extravagant #Edition

If you’ve made the commitment to pierce your lobes (spontaneous move on a tipsy night out?), get ready for a whole new world of earrings to open up before you – studs, dangle, sparkly, chunky, hoop earrings, and more. 

If you’re a newbie just starting out or an avid jewelry lover, a pair of hoop earrings for men are timelessly classic and stylish – as proven by a lengthy roster of famous celebrity figures that live in them like Justin Bieber, Michael Jordan, and Jungkook from BTS. 

Along with a simple chain necklace and a sleek gold bracelet, hoop earrings are a must-have and the perfect entry-level jewelry piece for stylish men. They are so versatile and easy to style and will go well with most (if not all) of your everyday outfits while instantly adding oomph to your look.

Hoop earrings for men
@wander_jewellery_ / Instagram

Though hoop earrings, like most jewelry and accessories, are deemed to be unisex, picking the right piece for men can be oddly difficult and intimidating. Is this too feminine? What material is best? What brands are worth it? We’ve done all the research to make your life easier and handpicked the best hoop earrings for men you can buy right now. 

Since we are on the topic of hoop earrings for men, why don’t we start off with the OG hoop destination, Mejuri? It is not an exaggeration to say that Mejuri made hoop earrings for men ‘a thing’ in the modern day. They indeed do make can’t-go-wrong hoops that are impeccably well-made and high quality. 

These Bold Small hoop earrings for men are a proven best-seller from the brand and a must-have item in all capsule wardrobes. These are ideal for those looking for a pair of simple, yet elegant gold hoop earrings that you can live in and literally never take off – you can shower in them and sleep in them. 

Now, if you are down to treat yourself to some serious ear candy, Tiffany & Co.’s Inside-out hoop earrings for men are the best bling reasonable money can afford. It’s obvious where diamond heaven is and these diamond hoop earrings for men are a timeless classic that you’ll love for decades.

Best for those looking for something brilliantly sparkly, yet elegant and sophisticated, these hoop earrings will make you look expensive without being too flashy. The unique ‘inside-out’ design maximizes the sparkle of the diamonds when worn and seen from the front. 

These are perfect to be dressed up with a glam black tuxedo on your Gatsby evening or down with a plain white tee and jeans for a casual date.

If you are a silver kind of guy, high chance you’re also a minimalist who loves simplicity and strives for a polished, sleek look. If you just nodded, Hatton Labs’ Sterling Silver hoop earrings for menn would be our best pick for you.

These silver hoop earrings for men are the ideal size to be kept on at all times and will work well on their own or stacked with other similar hoops and studs for a total deck out on your lobes. Due to their ultra sleekness, these hoop earrings for men would pair exceptionally well with a black leather jacket or a crisp, white shirt.


The name just speaks for itself for this one – Mejuri’s Small Hoop earrings for men are by far one of the best in the market right now. The ideal pair to be worn all day, every day, these small hoop earrings for men are the perfect size to look flattering on most face shapes and will go well with all casual outfits you can think of. 

Mejuri’s small hoop earrings for men are made with 14k white gold finished in rhodium plating, making them extra tarnish resistant, which allows them to be worn in the shower (a huge bonus). The best thing about these small hoops is that they are extremely lightweight, being their lightest hoops ever – you won’t even feel a thing with these on.

Huggie hoops can be extremely attractive when done right to give off the ‘barely there’ and effortless look.

If you’ve ever tried to put on a pair of huggie hoop earrings for men (ones that hug just around your lobes and aren’t too dangly), you’ll understand the pain and difficulty just to get them on. Maria Tash’s 6.5mm Plain Ring is extremely easy to put on and remove with its famous ‘clicker ring’ design.

Made with 14k gold, these mini huggie hoop earrings for men are available in 4 colors (we especially love the silver option) and are a good size for not only the ear lobes but also in other areas like the inner cartilage and helix. 

Maria Tash even offers a smaller size at 5mm, but we think the 6.5mm is the ideal size for men to wear as an everyday piece that will comfortably stay on your lobe for days or weeks.

Men’s black hoop earrings can easily turn out to look cheap and ruin your overall elevated look. If you often reach for that all-black outfit or happen to be a gothic king, we recommend these Black Diamond Eternity Ring hoop earrings for men from Maria Tash for a more luxurious vibe.

Set with 22 black diamonds, this black hoop earring provides the perfect balance between the sparkle that you aspire to wear and the subtlety that you wish to maintain to keep things classy. This piece gives just the right amount of shine and isn’t too jet black which might make it seem too dull. 

Whether you are intentionally looking to express your faith or not, a cross hoop earring for men will surely make a statement. If you are someone that wants something a little more unique and wants to stand out from the crowd, Miansai’s Crux Huggie Earring should be your next (budget) splurge.

A cross hoop earring can quickly turn to pastoral or renaissance, but Miansai did it just right with this Crux Huggie Earring. The simplicity and crisp lines on this singular earring give off a polished, modern vibe that will instantly add a touch of cool to any aesthetic.

Made of sterling silver and plated with platinum, this cross hoop earring is crafted to last for years in your jewelry collection.

If you constantly like to switch things up and are looking for a fresh pair of hoop earrings for the spring and summer time, these Juliette Collection Hoop Earrings are a great option. The brand offers an unbelievably wide range of colors, but we especially love the white version for standout versatility (think of playing it safe, with a slight edge).

Don’t let the very affordable price tag fool you – these hoop earrings for men are high quality and are made of sterling silver, plated with 14K gold. With the added gold accents, these white hoop earrings are the perfect balance between antique and contemporary – allowing it to become a highly versatile piece that will compliment many casual ‘fits.

Fairly priced and high quality, Mejuri’s Beaded Small Hoops are your best 14K gold option if you want to invest in a pair that will truly last forever. Designed to be worn every day, these golden beaded small hoops can’t go wrong and will elevate your look.

14K solid gold pieces will not oxidize or discolor, so they are meant to become your everyday pieces that will grow on you and can’t live without. As an upgraded version of the Small Hoops we raved about earlier, these gold hoops have an added beaded detail in the front that gives off a more unique and dainty feel. 

We best envision these beaded small hoops to be stacked with other similar golden hoops, but can also make an understated moment on their own as well.

The best sterling silver hoop earring for the perfect minimalist look is Le Gramme’s 1.5g Sterling Silver Single Earring. Made with a precise 1.5g of sterling silver, this hoop earring features a classic cylindrical form in the ideal thickness that isn’t too feminine or chunky. 

Le Gramme is a brand with a cult following and its fans swear by their sterling silver products – and there is a good reason for it. Their quality materials and high craftsmanship in France is unbeatable and if you love the minimal look, it can’t get any cleaner than Le Gramme. 


These sterling silver hoop earrings for men are sold as singular pieces to suit their minimalist philosophy, but feel free to grab two to wear as a pair if you’d like.

If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your earrings, go for these Chunky Hoops by Mejuri. Made with gold vermeil (a thick layer of 18K gold on sterling silver), these golden chunky hoop earrings for men are loud, yet simple enough to give off a classy look. 

It might be a bit intimidating to wear such large hoops, but these are done just right with the hollowed design, which makes them lightweight enough to be worn all day. It also helps that it has a stud fastening, making them feel extra secure and comfortable on your lobes.

For the fun guys that aren’t afraid to wear color, we highly recommend this Roth Gold-Plated Pearl Single Earring by ÉLIOU. This earring is all spring trends in one, ideal for the fashion-forward men out there – the hoop design, pearl, blue color, and checkered print. 

ÉLIOU’s jewelry pieces are handcrafted using natural stones and materials, making each one truly unique and one of a kind. With the strikingly vivid blue checks handpainted on the freshwater pearl, these dangle hoop earrings for men are surely a compliment getter. 

Style this hoop dangle earring with a white t-shirt and an oversized denim jacket for your super on-trend uniform look this season.

If you love the look of a fully stacked ear but don’t want to go through the hassle of getting more piercings, we recommend Mejuri’s Twin hoop earrings for men. Handcrafted and made to last forever, these earrings are designed with two hoops merged to give the illusion of double piercings. 

Sleek and minimal like all Mejuri pieces, these earrings are made with 14K solid gold with a beautiful, subtle hue that is timeless and versatile. These small hoop earrings for men are the perfect size that hugs right around your lobes and aren’t too chunky or overpowering to look noticeably punky. 

If tiny, thin hoops are not your thing or you one day want to make a bold move, check out these Chubby Hoops by Maison Miru. Maison Miru is a brand that is largely marketed towards women, but their pieces are ultimately unisex and minimal to be loved by men as well. 

This truly underrated brand makes high-quality jewelry pieces and we are especially in love with their sterling silver gems. The Chubby hoop earrings for men are an amazing find that brings out the 90s vibe (what this next decade is all about) and the size and thickness feel stylishly masculine. 

If you have more than one piercing, we suggest styling this with a smaller stud or huggie for a fun, unbalanced look.

The pearl earrings are so on-trend right now and luckily for you, this Maria Black piece fits right into that category, while still being different enough to make you stand out. If you want something more experimental but also will be a timeless classic, this is for you. 

Pearl jewelry has been a huge trend recently and these gold plated hoop earrings for men with a dangling pearl charm are perfect to achieve the fashionable look of the season. The single freshwater pearl dipped in bright blue resin will give off a captivating glow as it dangles with your movement.

If a hoop earring feels too ‘teenage girly’ for you (we don’t think it is but we still value your opinion), why don’t you try out these Silver Hoop earrings for men by MAPLE? Highly influenced by music and subcultures, these half hoop earrings for men feature a detailed star embossing that is specially treated to give them a dark, worn-out look.

These hoop earrings are cast from silver and the brand’s name is engraved along the inside, which will peek through from time to time when viewed from the back. The half hoop design and the overall rustic vibe feels more macho without taking away any elegance.

Pair this with a worn-out leather biker jacket and ripped skinny jeans for the ultimate stylishly grunge look.

Now, if you’ve gone through this entire list and are itching to get in on the hoop earring hype, but don’t already have your ears pierced, don’t worry – Alexander McQueen is here to rescue you.

This hoop earring cuff for men is the perfect alternative for those that are not yet ready to make a commitment to pierce their ears. Simply slip the stack of hoops on your lobe and screw on the post to secure it at your desired spot. 


What to look for in hoop earrings for men 


The first thing to consider when searching for the perfect pair of hoop earrings for men is the design. What size is ideal for you? Do you want them to dangle or hug your lobe? There are numerous design options to choose from, but determine your lifestyle and needs first.

If you want something that you can live in and wear every day, opt for smaller, thinner hoops like huggie styles. If you want a statement piece that you can wear for special occasions, try out bolder, thicker, dangly pieces.


The next thing to consider once you have the design figured out is the material. Again, your lifestyle and budget should be the key determining factors. 

If you need something that you can shower in and sleep in, find pieces that are made to last like 14K solid gold or platinum – these won’t tarnish and oxidize, so you can literally wear them 24/7. If you are on a tighter budget, look for keywords like ‘gold-plated’ or sterling silver and you’ll find great wallet-friendly options in the market.


When choosing the right pair of hoop earrings for men or any type of jewelry, it would be smart to consider the color. The best way to do this is to know your skin type – are you warm-toned or cool-toned? 

It’s widely recommended that gold looks more attractive on warm skin tones and silver on cool tones. Also, be sure to consider your general wardrobe to determine what color of hoop earrings for men would go well with most of your outfits. 


    • Rule of thumb is that your hoop earrings should complement the outfit. If you are wearing a more formal outfit, pair it with subtle, small hoop earrings like a classic gold or silver huggie. If you are dressed more casually, try styling different sizes, thicknesses and vivid colors to match your clothing. Jewelry is meant to be fun, so feel free to experiment with it until you find a ‘signature look’ for yourself.

      • Men’s hoop earrings can be extremely stylish and express one’s individuality if done right. The key is to find pieces that parallel your personality – it’ll be easier to pull off this way. And if you want to play it safe, try to avoid hoop earrings that are too outwardly flamboyant as these can make you look like a teenage rebel.


Exclusive: Khloé Kardashian Celebrated Her 38th Birthday Party In a Barbie Pink Latex Dress –




Khloé Kardashian Celebrated Her 38th Birthday Party In a Barbie Pink Latex Dress

#Khloé #Kardashian #Celebrated #38th #Birthday #Party #Barbie #Pink #Latex #Dress

On June 27, Khloé Kardashian had her 38th birthday, but she celebrated on Sunday, July 3, in a belated party with a sweet pink theme. She posted a carousel of photos from the event of herself in a bright Barbie pink latex dress and matching heels. The short dress with a low neckline clung to every curve, and she had her platinum blonde hair styled in a bouncing bob.

In the caption, she wrote, “Thank you all so incredibly much for all of the birthday love. I have been overwhelmed with love and blessings and I am so beyond thankful. We took about 400 photos to try and get a few with the girls. Lol this is the best we have but I love them.”

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Behind her on the wall was a collection of balloons in shades of light pink, spelling out, “Happy Birthday Khloe, Love You.”

In some of the photos, she posed with her four-year-old daughter, who was all in pink like mom, wearing a sparkling sequined dress and white sneakers. In another picture, True’s cousin Chicago West popped in wearing a silver sparkling dress of her own with matching strappy sandals.

In an Instagram Story posted by Khloé, her mother Kris Jenner offered her an adorably tipsy toast for the big day.

“I know I’m a little wasted,” Jenner began. “But what I wanted to say is that I am so f-cking in love with you…Listen, I just want to say how much I love you—and I’ve had way too much to drink.”

But Jenner eventually rallied, and offered this lovely tribute.

“You’re so amazingly beautiful,” she said. “You are a rock star in my eyes. You are the queen of our family. You’re the person always looking to the left…we’re here because we love you.”


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Exclusive: 15 Of The Best Slip-On Shoes For Men That Can Upgrade Any Summer Outfit (2022 Edition) –




#SlipOn #Shoes #Men #Upgrade #Summer #Outfit #Edition

Lots of men go all-out on their clothes in the eternal pursuit of dashing good looks but forget all about footwear. The last thing you want is a wardrobe full of nice outfits with no proper shoes to back them up. Welcome to the best slip-on shoes for men. Voila.

Sleek, airy, and surprisingly versatile, the best slip-on shoes for men never fail to look young and hip. Even though their popularity tends to fluctuate from year to year, their comfort and in-your-face design make them a must-have for a modern shoe collection.

Simplicity is the keyword when it comes to the best slip-on shoes for men, but that doesn’t mean you should go out and buy any old pair. We’ve handpicked some of our favorite options for you, and we’re confident you’ll fall in love with any of these loafers instantly.

men's red leather slip-on shoes
@ggdecoman / Instagram

If you don’t want to look super casual in a pair of the best slip-on shoes for men, these Wolf and Shepherd wonders are fit for any occasion. The stylish leather/suede is ideal for Instagram-worthy brunches, but the soles can withstand even the longest day of pub crawls. While the fit is a bit on the snug side, the memory foam footbed is as comfortable as they come.

Between the half-dozen colors to choose from, we’d be amazed if you couldn’t find something in your wardrobe that goes well with these puppies. One thing’s for sure, you’ll definitely want to pair them with a dark pair of chinos and a thin summer jacket over a plain shirt.

Material: Leather or Suede Upper, Rubber Outsole  | Sizes available: 6-15  | Fit: Regular | Colors: Honey, Maple, Black, Navy, Stone

Many of the best slip-on shoes for men look a little rough around the edges, and we can’t imagine the rugged aesthetic will fall out of fashion any time soon. The calfskin leather lining on the Black Ghosts molds to your feet like a glove. And that gorgeous black design goes perfectly with your favorite jeans and a shirt that brings out your eyes.

This is the kind of shoe that gets better the more you wear it, and you can expect to achieve peak comfort within about two weeks of owning these bad boys. Best of all, you can wear these out on the town or to the grocery store and never look out of place.

Material: Grain Leather | Sizes available: 6-13 | Fit: Regular | Colors: Black


Although they’re a bit out there design-wise, these are some of the best slip-on shoes for men if you’re after durability. While you might be tempted to treat these like a pair of slippers (which you definitely could), the EVA outsole makes them the perfect pick for campers and outdoorsmen.

Despite the low cut of these shoes, you’ll be amazed at how warm your feet will feel thanks to the nylon upper. These are also some of the most affordable outdoor shoes on the market, so your wallet won’t scream when you inevitably buy multiple pairs. If you opt for camo, team them with neutral-colored pants and a matching camo tee, and you’ll be good to go.

Material: 100% Textile, Rubber Sole | Sizes available: 7-15 | Fit: Regular | Colors: Green, Camo

It’s not easy to find slip-on shoes for men that won’t get you in trouble with your boss, but these Everlane beauties might just be your best option. Just be sure you get them with laces and try to pair them with a single-colored t-shirt and pants to maintain an air of professionalism.

Nothing feels better on your feet than a fully-cotton upper, so chances are you’ll have a hard time taking these things off, even out of season. If you do wear them out and need to get yourself another pair, you can rest easy knowing you’re giving back to the environment by helping out an eco-friendly manufacturer. 

Material: Cotton Upper, Rubber Outsole | Sizes available: 7-13 | Fit: Regular | Colors: Black, White

If you’re ready to take your shoe game to the next level, the Sagan Stride Plain Shoes are among the best slip-on shoes for men you can get your hands (or feet) on. Defined by an iconic suede design and a contrasting light brown sole, these shoes are very easy to combine with even the most outlandish of clothes. Still, you can go the tried-and-true route and pair them with dark-colored chinos and some swanky male jewelry.

The softness and comfort of the aniline calves are out of this world. And don’t let the luxury factor fool you – these gems are sturdy enough to handle a long day of standing and getting stepped on in a crowded club.


Material: Suede, Rubber Sole | Sizes available: 7.5-15.5 | Fit: Regular | Colors: Navy, Gray, Moss, Clay, Mixed

Loafers might not be your go-to when you think of sports footwear, but APL’s runners are some of the best slip-on shoes for men who like to work up a sweat. The stretchy TechLoom upper practically feels like you’re wearing socks, and the soles can withstand almost anything you throw at them.

Weighing in at under 7 ounces, you can stuff these inside any gym bag after hopping off the treadmill. The solid traction pattern is super-helpful on dicey surfaces, and the padded insole will keep your feet comfy through a tough workout. Also, if you want to look your best in a gym full of hunks, be sure to pick a color that matches your favorite tracksuit.

Material: Fabric, Rubber Sole | Sizes available: 7-14 | Fit: Regular | Colors: Navy, Black, White, Mixed

The best slip-on shoes for men have that magical touch of ‘just the right amount of casual’ that Ralph Lauren has perfected. The Polo logo in the back gives the perfect amount of detail to these low-key slip-ons without looking too extra. They’re a perfect match for a floral shirt and denim shorts.

You can also stick these things in a washing machine to keep them looking fresh without worrying about the colors fading. One thing to keep in mind is you definitely need socks to combat unwanted chafing on the heel. But overall, the insoles offer spectacular comfort even on the hottest of days.

Material: Textile | Sizes available: 7-15 | Fit: Regular | Colors: Navy, Gray, Olive, Port, Cactus

Tropicfeel’s products are made with movement in mind. They’re also extremely breathable, easy to clean, and practically impervious to unpleasant smells. You can even wear them without socks. This means the Sunset Shoes are an ideal pick for dudes who spend most of their time outdoors, and they look amazing when combined with high-cut denim.


On top of being extremely cushy, these shoes are made of recycled materials, a dream come true for environmentally conscious guys. And you get the added benefit of non-slippery soles, so you don’t have to worry about terrain and weather conditions with these things on. 

Material: Polyester Upper, EVA Outsole | Sizes available: 6-12.5 | Fit: Regular | Colors: White, Gray, Green, Light/Dark Blue

If you want a pair of low-cut shoes for your next office meeting, these are among the best slip-on shoes for men you can hope to find. Nothing can compete with the classic, all-leather look and comfortable insoles. For extra swagger points, you’ll want to wear these with mid-rise socks and darker-colored pants.

It can be a bit tricky to find slip-ons that fit your foot just right, so you can decide if you want the regular or wide fit. Whatever you choose, your feet will get plenty of breathing space thanks to the ortholite footbed. And you can say goodbye to those annoying “tap dancing” noises as you’re walking – we’re fans of the rubber sole.

Material: 100% Leather | Sizes available: 7-12  | Fit: Wide, Regular | Colors: Black, Tan, Brown

If you’re by the lake more than inside your house, it’s time to invest in waterproof slip-on shoes for men, and you can’t do much better than Nunn Bush. Keeping things comfortable and snug, the big selling point here is the incredible mesh lining that gives your feet plenty of room to breathe.

The leather upper is as resistant to water as you can reasonably expect for the price range, and the Smartscent footbed does wonders for keeping any unwanted smells at bay. Staying consistent with the nature vibes, the earth tones make these easy to pair with your favorite outdoor gear. There’s no reason not to look your best in the great outdoors.

Material: Leather | Sizes available: 7-13 | Fit: Regular | Colors: Black, Charcoal


The beautiful thing about the modern clothes market is that manufacturers today put the environment first, and no one can accuse Cariuma of not being eco-friendly. They plant 10 trees for each pair of these puppies sold, so you get to feel amazing about your purchase in more ways than one.

Besides the canvas/cotton construction, there’s also the BLOOM rubber outsole. That combo makes them crazy lightweight, not to mention easy to pair with all of your favorite casual attire. Plus, you can get the best slip-on shoes for men at a price that’s beyond reasonable, so there’s no reason not to double down and get both a green and a sand-colored pair.

Material: Cotton, Rubber Outsole | Sizes available: 5-13 | Fit: Regular | Colors: Green, Sand

The Best of The Rest 

Entering the world of loafers can be a bit intimidating for more conservative guys, but the best slip-on shoes for men make it easy to forget about that footwear fear. There are quite a few little touches that make these babies pop, mostly the retro-style “license plate” in the back to shake things up.

The classic Converse color palette gives you endless styling options. These bad boys look great with almost any color or pattern, but high-cut jeans and printed t-shirts would have to be our favorite combo. Because of the built-in sock liner, you also don’t have to worry about your socks escaping and chafing your feet.

Material: 100% PET Canvas Upper | Sizes available: 4.5-14 | Fit: Wide | Colors: White, Black

These Adidas classics are among the best slip-on shoes for men looking for dependable running footwear. The mesh keeps sweat at bay like nobody’s business, and the elastic strap makes getting them on and off a cinch. No more tripping over your shoelaces while running.

The formula is largely made up of recycled materials, making this a very environmentally friendly pick for forward-thinking dudes with style. Whichever color combination you opt for, you’ll mostly be working with blacks and whites, so you should have no trouble pairing these shoes with any casual outfit in your closet.

Material: Mesh Upper, Rubber Soles | Sizes available: 6.5-14  | Fit: Regular | Colors: Black, Gray, Red, White, Mixed


You don’t have to go all-out in the color department to look extravagant. These are some of the best slip-on shoes for men if you’re looking to attract attention without looking standoffish. The kudu leather gives off a rugged yet professional look, and the front “apron” is the detail that ties everything together.

While the lack of lining might be a turn-off for some, it’s great if you want a shoe that adapts to your foot shape over time. Not to mention they’re shockingly durable. They go great with khakis and denim alike, so you don’t have to try particularly hard to look fabulous with these on.

Material: Kudu Leather or Suede Upper, Leather Sole | Sizes available: 4-14 | Fit: Regular | Colors: Black, Brown, Caramel, Snuff

Sketchers loafers are the epitome of casual footwear – they’ll put a spring in your step for any kind of weekend outing. An extremely versatile pair of the best slip-on shoes for men, these things look and feel great thanks to the dual-goring insets and in-your-face outsole design.

There’s an advantage to cheap yet well-constructed shoes that come in several colors. You can buy one of each to pair with whatever outfits you’re sporting these days. If you ask us, though, denim looks especially flattering with these, as do wool plaid shirts. But what really sells these Sketchers is the unparalleled lightness. You’ll practically forget you’re wearing shoes.

Material: 100% Fabric or Textile Upper, Rubber Sole | Sizes available: 6.5-16 | Fit: Wide, Regular | Colors: Light/Dark Brown, Charcoal, Black, Navy

What to look for When Looking for The Best Slip-on Shoes for Men


The best slip-on shoes for men don’t typically have special sizes. Just make sure they wrap comfortably around your ankles without feeling constrictive. And since you’ll probably be rocking them barefoot, take note of any uncomfortable friction around your heel.

Going commando under the ankles might take some getting used to, but breathing room is a big deal with loafers. You want a pair that (quite literally) gives a decent amount of wiggle room for your toes.



The best slip-on shoes for men offer decent-to-excellent protection from the elements without being restrictive in the slightest, although the exact material you opt for can make a huge difference. For instance, leather loafers have supreme durability and class, but cleaning them can be a bit of a chore. Plus, you can’t really afford to go sockless.

Polyester and cotton are much breezier and lend themselves nicely to the barefoot aesthetic. The former has the advantage of quicker drying (great if you get caught in the rain unexpectedly). The latter is particularly light and generally quite environmentally friendly.


When it comes to the best slip-on shoes for men, a monochrome loafer is almost always a safe bet for keeping things somewhat formal. If you don’t have any dress codes to worry about, you can kick things up a notch and get a pair with some quirky patterns and color combinations. Two different shades of the same color can really make a shoe pop. 

Since the best slip-on shoes for men take up a lot less space on your feet than most other shoes, the tiniest of details can make all the difference. Something as simple as a single leather element can turn heads for all the right reasons.

Men' slip-on checkered vans
@checkerboardhunterz / Instagram


Many of the best slip-on shoes for men are quite casual. It’s hard to imagine someone wearing a pair and not matching them up with chinos and a thin summer shirt.

But if the weather is scorching or you really dig the feel of low-cut shoes, there are options you can get away within the workplace too. Leather slip-ons, especially when matched with a good pair of pants and mid-rise socks, can be more or less indistinguishable from regular shoes. Your feet will be cozy, and your coworkers will be none the wiser. 


    • Sagan Stride is a champion of cozy slip-on shoes for men if you can get your hands on a pair, and APL shoes come in at a close second if you’re the athletic type. There are also brands like Cariuma that keep things eco-friendly while still being top-tier in terms of comfort. 

      • Like we mentioned earlier, slip ons are basically best friends with a pair of chinos and your favorite summer shirt. But you can also find options for everything from business casual to running around the block. The socks are more of an accessory to prevent your feet from getting blisters, so you can usually get away with slapping on a shorter pair just to be safe.


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Exclusive: Kim Kardashian Goes Full On Metallic for the Current Skims Swimwear Campaign, Wearing Katie Biltoft Footwear –




Kim Kardashian Goes Full On Metallic for the Current Skims Swimwear Campaign, Wearing Katie Biltoft Footwear

#Kim #Kardashian #Full #Metallic #Current #Skims #Swimwear #Campaign #Wearing #Katie #Biltoft #Footwear

The latest campaign for Skims is promoting a swimwear line that is all about that shiny gold, silver and bronze lamé fabric that screams 80s glam. Fittingly so, Kim Kardashian shared photos to her instagram revealing pieces from the collection and the retro vibes surrounding them! She posed poolside in a gold bikini, but we had to stop and take a moment to appreciate the Katie Biltoft ‘Lucre’ sandals in color ‘Aurum’ that she wore to go with the swimsuit. 

Photo: Nadia Lee Cohen

The ‘Lucre’ design is a dangerously minimal mule crafted in metalised gold python, set on a 120mm heel and finished with gold-plated hardware.

Get the look: $986 Katie Biltoft Lucre Heels

What do you think?

Main Image: Nadia Lee Cohen

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