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Exclusive: 17 Minor Characters From TV Shows And Movies Who Should've Been The Main Character



17 Minor Characters From TV Shows And Movies Who Should've Been The Main Character

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These side characters deserve the spotlight.

Sometimes, the side characters end up stealing the show. The following minor characters in our favorite TV shows and movies def deserve their own spin-off.


Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy


She was arguably the best character on the show. Imagine this: she stays at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and works her way up from intern to Chief of Surgery herself. 


Erica Sinclair from Stranger Things



Tell me you wouldn’t watch Erica take on the Upside Down?! She would kill those monsters in a second! 


Willow Rosenberg from Buffy The Vampire Slayer

The WB

She’s one of the most beloved characters in the supernatural world and definitely stole the show. Though Buffy is lovable and cool, Willow grows into a self-assured, incredible witch and should’ve been the main character. 


Winston Bishop from New Girl


I mean, it’s Winnie The Bish! He steals the show. Imagine this: Winston is fresh from a breakup and moves into the loft with Jess, Schmit, and Nick. Hilarity ensues. Sure, it already does ensue on the original show but c’mon New Girl should’ve revolved around Winston. Not sure what the show title would be, though? 


Paulette from Legally Blonde



Sure, she played Elle’s side-kick with aplomb, but her side plot with the delivery man, and her iconic ‘bend and snap’ deserves a movie of its own IMO. Legally Blonde is iconic in its own right and the storyline would’ve been incredibly different if it focused solely on Paulette, but come on, she’s the best. 


Tess and Annie from This Is Us


Justice for the two youngest Pearson kids. In the final season, they barely made an appearance, and in the flash-forwards, we know nothing about their lives! The show would still be sibling and family-centric, with all your beloved people playing side characters, so it works out in the end! 


Mike Chang from Glee


He was honestly the best dancer in New Directions and totally deserved a starring role. Bump him up to the main cast, give him a captivating storyline, and bam — Glee would’ve been a bigger hit than it was, to begin with! 



Haymitch from The Hunger Games


I’m not saying he should’ve been the star of The Hunger Games because Katniss is incredible BUT! Give him his own movie! 


Gigi in Booksmart

Gloria Sanchez Productions

Justice for Gigi. Sure, Amy and Molly are cool and all — but Gigi is such a chaotic standout character that it’s hard to focus on anything else but her iconic scenes. 


The Janitor from Scrubs


Justice for the chaotic janitor! Give him all the screen time! Apparently, Neil Flynn improvised most of his lines on the show, proving he has the comedic chops to star in the show as the main character. 



Eric Effiong and Aimee Gibbs from Sex Education

Eleven / Netflix

Eric’s storylines have always been captivating on Sex Education and Aimee steals every scene she’s in. These two should be the main characters taking on Moordale Secondary School together. Can you see it? 


Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad

AMC / FX Networks

Walter White is memorable in his own right, but imagine if the show focused mainly on Jesse? It would’ve been different, but it would’ve been great! Walter’s still on the show of course, but Jesse is the one running it all from the get-go. 


Babette from Gilmore Girls

The CW


Babette is just the best. Her minimal scenes throughout the series should’ve been the main focus. I love Gilmore Girls with all my heart, but in the later seasons, imagine if we took a sharp pivot into Babette’s life? Amazing! 


Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother


Barney is the best part of the show, okay. Ted can get kind of annoying at times and that ending just threw us all for a loop. Barney should’ve been the main character as his escapades and romantic plotlines basically drove the show. 


Luisa from Jane The Virgin

The CW

Luisa is kinda messy and I’m not sure what the show would be called with her as the main character, but the smart, lovable doctor who started it all with a fateful artificial insemination deserves her chance to shine. 


Carl Weathers from Arrested Development


Fox / Netflix

He’s so iconic he even plays a parody of himself! Sure the show would delve into a comedy about saving money in any situation, but doesn’t that sound wonderful?


Happy Hogan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Studios

Happy has been a lovable supporting character throughout the MCU, and stays true to Iron Man and later, helps Peter Parker… he’s proven himself to be loyal. Give him a few newly discovered super powers and his story is sure to be a box office hit. 

I know there are so many other great side characters out there! So, what side character would you cast as the main character?



Exclusive: Sarah Michelle Gellar Reveals Whether Her Daughter Is Team Angel Or Spike On ‘Buffy’ –




Buffy The Vampire Slayer

#Sarah #Michelle #Gellar #Reveals #Daughter #Team #Angel #Spike #Buffy

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Image Credit: Everett Collection

Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s kids, Charlotte, 12, and Rocky, 9, have officially finished watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in which Sarah starred as the titular character Buffy for seven seasons between 1997 and 2003. As Sarah, 45, promoted her partnership with the Wells Fargo Active Cash Visa® Card, she revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY if her daughter is team Spike or team Angel. “I will tell you my daughter is definitely a pro Angel,” the actress divulged. For those who might need a refresher, Angel and Spike served as Buffy’s love interests and the end of the show didn’t reveal who Buffy would ultimately end up with. 

Regarding how both her kids felt about the cliffhanger ending, Sarah said she believes they’re “happy with it” because they watched it so long after it ended and did not binge-watch it. “I think there’s less pressure on the ending to satisfy so many people because it’s not in real-time. Right?” she theorized. “And so they’re excited to see things wrapped up and they know what’s coming and I think it takes away a little of that. Pressure of pleasing everybody. And I think you’ll find that with most shows that people discover later. They’re less critical of an ending or things they don’t like. It’s sort of an interesting phenomenon with streaming and binging.”

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Sarah Michelle Gellar’s daughter is team Angel, Sarah told HollywoodLife (Photo: Everett Collection)

As for her other projects, Sarah said she will “probably let” Charlotte see Scream soon, but said she does not need to watch Cruel Intentions until she’s married. “I’m not sure anyone needs to see their mother in that movie,” she quipped.

The I Know What You Did Last Summer star also spoke about getting back out following her coronavirus diagnosis. “Talking about Active Cash and Wells Fargo today has really hit home for me because I’ve been feeling down and feeling sorry for myself and I’m like, ‘I’m going to go online shopping and I’m going to buy myself some new clothing so that when I get out of this, I’m going to be fabulous,’” she recalled. “It’s like you realize how important those moments of joy and those things that make you smile are, and that we really need to do them and bring those into our life. It was like kind of a funny full-circle moment.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah Michelle Gellar has partnered with Wells Fargo to help people ‘pursue their passions’ (Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Michelle Gellar )

The collaboration between Sarah and Wells Fargo is meant to “help consumers pursue their passion via an Instagram sweepstakes.” The sweepstakes, which launches June 24 and ends July 1st, will give 10 people a chance to win funds ($400 each) for their hobbies, and two of them will get a 30-minute financial consultation with Marsha Barnes, a certified financial, social worker, and founder of The Finance Bar.

“I love what they are doing,” Sarah continued. “It’s hard after two years of sitting on your couch and not going anywhere. It makes you realize that life is short and we have to take advantage of those things that bring us joy and and be smart about them too, not go crazy, but really encourage ourselves to dip our toe back in and to keep doing those things.”

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Exclusive: Richard Wilkins defends son Christian from online trolls in Instagram post –




#Richard #Wilkins #defends #son #Christian #online #trolls #Instagram #post

Richard Wilkins has no time for haters.

The TV personality has come to his son’s defence on Instagram, after people criticised Christian’s Logies red carpet outfit.

“So… to anyone who dares to suggest that I am in any way ‘ashamed’ of my son Christian .. for whatever reason… You are wrong!” he wrote.

“I could not be more proud!!,” Richard continued. “He is an exceptional human being who will leave his stamp on the world long after his detractors have disappeared. I love you unconditionally.”

He also has “proud dad” in his Instagram bio.

Earlier this week, Christian responded to trolls on Twitter who said that his choice to wear a dress was “not normal”.

“All I can really say is that I’m amazed at how vulnerable the patriarchy is that it can be threatened by a piece of silk,” he told 9Honey.

Christian Wilkins at the 2022 Logies
Christian Wilkins wore a backless gown at the 2022 Logies. (Getty)

The majority of the responses to Wilkins’ red carpet choice were positive, many praising him for wearing something other than the standard tuxedo most men wear to the event.

And the love for Christian continued flowing in the comment section of Richard’s Instagram post.

Today host Karl Stefanovic wrote: “Beyond exceptional. He is a light. A beautiful human light. Who comes from beautiful humans. And light. Anyone who thinks otherwise ain’t worth knowing or paying attention to you. I love you guys so much.”

Reporter Leila McKinnon also weighed in: “If we are assembling an army against whoever cast doubt on the beautiful relationship between two of my favourite humans then count me in!”

“I can only dream of having such a close relationship with my daughters when they’re adults,” added Belinda Russell.

Christian Wilkins (left) and Richard Wilkins arrive for the David Jones Spring Summer 2017 collection launch in Sydney on Wednesday, August 9, 2017
Richard Wilkins and his son Christian are incredibly close. (AAP)

Christian and Richard have always had a close bond.

In 2020, Christian told Women’s Weekly that “people would be very surprised at how much we both look at each other for support in terms of life, love and career.”

Richard has five kids. “I’m enormously proud of each of them and supportive, protective and, hopefully, loving,” he said in the same interview. “I’m being the best father that I know how to be. And I’m certainly a much better dad now than I was when my first child was born.”

Courteney Cox Jennifer Aniston

Friends star Jennifer Aniston shares ’90s throwback

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Exclusive: "The Black Phone" Review: A New Horror Film Starring Ethan Hawke As A Serial Child Killer –




"The Black Phone" Review: A New Horror Film Starring Ethan Hawke As A Serial Child Killer

#quotThe #Black #Phonequot #Review #Horror #Film #Starring #Ethan #Hawke #Serial #Child #Killer

Don’t talk to strangers.

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