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Exclusive: What’s New in the Fashion Bomb Daily Shop: Introducing ‘Heritaj’ and the Founder Behind the Brand



What’s New in the Fashion Bomb Daily Shop: Introducing ‘Heritaj’ and the Founder Behind the Brand

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If you’re someone who can appreciate art, street style and cultural connections, look no further. Established in 2011 by artist Fritz Bosquet, Heritaj is the streetwear brand that has made it their mission to bring your cultural identity to the forefront, paying tribute to the icons who inspire you the most and fuelling a cultural movement. To Bosquet, it’s not just about the fashion – it’s a lifestyle! Fashion Bomb Daily had the chance to interview the founder in a one-on-one discussion pertaining to his inspirations, point of view and aesthetics when it comes to Heritaj. Read on to discover the brand:

FBD: Your brand is all about showing pride & love for our culture and heritage. Tell us about yourself and the rich background that made you who you are, inspiring you to take this powerful approach to fashion.

Fritz: I’m originally from Haiti, the small town of Mirebalais. Out of Haiti, I came to New York when I was about 12 or 13, and I’ve always had a background in art, I used to draw. In terms of fashion, my parents always made sure that as a child I was always well-presented, and that always stuck out to me. As a teenager in my early years, I did do a little bit of modelling and I didn’t take it all the way as far as I probably could have.

Fast forward to 2005, I had ran into an old friend from high school who was doing graphic design at the time. While catching up, he basically shared with me some pointers, connecting my art background with my short experience in fashion modelling. Then, I had another friend that I grew up with in Haiti who was doing the same thing, so I was kind of surrounded by friends who were doing graphic and t-shirt design. They weren’t afraid to share information with me and showed me the ins and outs of how to use the programs to design, and the fire was lit at that moment. I started a brand called Finisse and I just wanted to do a whole collection with no capital! I took on too much and those are things that I learned. I took a little break from it, then 2010 hit which was the year of the earthquake in Haiti. Pretty much, everything that I was hearing on the news networks was the worst and it was this constant reminder of Haiti being the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. So I’m like wow, I understand that that’s a reality that we all have to accept but I thought it would be a good thing to share how much Haiti has contributed to society, to the world, in terms of being the first to gain our independence in 1804, and how we also have contributed to helping others get their independence as well. That drew this fire in me. I wanted to do something to highlight some of the things, historically, about the country.

‘Eritaj’ is the creole word for ‘heritage’.

Heritaj empowers people to change their mindset and the narratives surrounding our diverse cultures across the world. Can you unpack the brand’s way of going about this please?

I use a lot of images because people, usually, once they see a face they want to know who that face is or what the face means. When Jay-Z wore the Che Guevara t-shirt on MTV, they didn’t even know who that was, they were just like “Wow! He’s wearing it so I want to know who that is,” so it forced people who were not familiar with that image to go and Google it to see who that guy is and what he represented.

So in some cases it may be a face with a name, or it may be just a quote under the face, so you can connect with that individual. Even as far as iconic figures, a comedian or an activist or an entertainer, I use the image to highlight that person and while the narrative may have focused on a certain aspect of that person’s life, that person is a hero to a certain group. One of the things that I believe is that pride in my culture does not mean hate for yours.

Of all the different forms a fashion line can take, why was this avenue of street style the one you decided to take?


There are several reasons why, number one being the fact that what happened [in Haiti] was almost like being kicked while you’re already down. So I’m like okay, how do I walk the streets with my head up high. No matter the status that a person has in life, they know “My story is something triumphant.”

I want us to celebrate each other, no matter where you come from. I saw a lot of the black community celebrating everybody else’s culture, and it wasn’t like it was fashionable for us to rock something that represented us. It’s not because we hate ourselves that much that we can’t wear ourselves, maybe its that we don’t have what to wear, so I wanted to create pieces that you can actually wear while you’re going out to a function, or to hang out with your friends or to a barbecue. Something that says “Nigeria”, that not only represents your cultural but looks dope and cool at the same time, connecting you with your culture and giving you that piece, but throughout the year you can have that conversation.

Your designs feature a wealth of artwork and graphics, are these graphics done in collaboration with local artists or are they designed in-house?

As we grow, the plan is to grow our team of designers and artists but I would say 85% – 95% of the art that you see on my pieces are created by me. Because I want to create art, I don’t want to just throw a face on a shirt because it’s redundant. It’s been done. But how do I make a piece of Richard Pryor, a Biggie Smalls piece, art? Where you’re like “Wow! I love the colors on this, it looks like something I’d put up on my wall, in my home.” Not only can I have that art piece on my wall, but I can also wear it on my t-shirt and look fly with it. So it’s very artistically inspired just to give you the feel that this is art that you’re wearing.

What are some of the meanings of the images and words we see on your products?

I did a piece that I will be re-releasing very soon where I kind of merged the faces of Jay-Z and Jean-Michel Basquiat, who he speaks very highly of. That piece, to me, is a creative piece to highlight just how much Jay-Z values Basquiat’s art and the respect that he had, both being Brooklynites, and his transformation and his looks. In Jay-Z’s song So Ghetto he said something along the lines of “[…], pop bottles on the White House lawn, guess I’m just the same old Shawn,” which is his signature double/triple entendres, there’s so many meanings of what he’s saying. So, he may have said “same old” but “Samo” is Basquiat’s tag name when he was doing graffiti on walls in NYC. Shawn is Shawn Carter. And they had two quotes, and very similar quotes as well. Basquiat’s quote says “Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time.”

Jay-Z’s quote says “Leave a mark they can’t erase, neither in space nor time.”

Connecting these two images together, this is something to celebrate. Both of these icons, and how much their work has impacted the world. Other pieces, is just sharing an artistic approach of an icon.

Photo Courtesy of Heritaj
Photo Courtesy of Heritaj

What has been your most impactful collection or line yet?

The logo with the rope design, it symbolizes unity. The brand itself, the name and of course our slogan means it’s not just a garment, it’s your story. My life, my journey, my story. Just that piece in itself, people can connect with it. It’s a conversation starter. Like, “What is that? What does it mean? How do you pronounce that? What heritage do you can from?”

Photo Courtesy of Heritaj

Now, the iconic figures, whether its a Pryor art piece or Sanford Redd Foxx piece or Biggie, Jimi Hendrix, those pieces resonate with people, with our audience, with our customers because we use colorways that we want you to make with your sneakers. People that come to buy one piece tend to pick up one or two other pieces that they didn’t even know!

Do you have any quotes that guide you in your craft and outlook on the world that you’d like to share?

Two of my favorite quotes right now are the Basquiat and Jay-Z quotes. We can decorate the world with art, but we also want to leave a mark in this world. Whether it’s how we inspire each other or show love and appreciation for one another. My personal quote would be “While I’m prideful of who I am and where I come from, I can also appreciate someone else’s history and heritage.” Because we can learn so much from one another.


You’ve been at this for a long time with Heritaj now in it’s 11th year! With all of your experience, what aspects of the fashion industry would you like to change?

I think right now it’s more so to continue the programs promoting opportunity for minorities, black and brown brands or entrepreneurs. I think we need more of them because here we are in 2022 and we still don’t have a fashion house, a black owned fashion house, like the Guccis and the Chanels and so on. So, I would love to see more of us on a platform to really showcase our talent. I think there’s a wide range of black and brown designers that are doing amazing work. What Claire is doing with Fashion Bomb Daily, it’s huge, because there is a shortage of black brands that are getting the notoriety and exposure that is necessary to get more of our story out there. That’s something I’d love to see more in the fashion industry because fashion is not just European, Italian, London and France… it’s the world. I do feel as much as the black community supports every brand, that we need more representation of ourselves in the designing space so we can find more of our people wearing a lot more black designers.

Shop the collection here!

Main Image: Courtesy of Heritaj


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Exclusive: The Best Suede Sneakers For Men –





#Suede #Sneakers #Men

Men’s suede sneakers: they’re about as reliable in bad weather as an umbrella made of bog paper, are a nightmare to clean, and if you spill a glass of Rioja on them, it’s basically game over.

And yet, even despite boasting nowhere near the same level of practicality or, well, wine-proofness as their leather counterparts, they remain one of the most important footwear investments a man can make.

Just ask American singer Carl Perkins, who wrote his famous ode to a pair of blue suede shoes. Fuzzy footwear is light, comfortable, and if you know how to care for it, fatal stains and water damage can actually be avoided altogether.

From what to wear with them to the brands making the best ones – here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about buying a pair of the best suede sneakers for men.

Why You Need A Pair Of Men’s Suede Sneakers

People often talk about suede and leather as if the two are completely different materials. They’re not. Both are made from cowhide, but whereas leather (the exterior skin of the animal) has a smooth finish, suede (the inner layer of the skin) has a more velvety feel. Each has its pros and cons, and though it’s true that suede can be more susceptible to staining than smooth leather, it’s also less prone to scuffs and tends to be easier to break in.

Oliver Cabell

Then there are the good looks. Suede has a more porous finish which holds dye well, meaning brighter and more vibrant colors are achievable than with other materials. This is something German sportswear giant Adidas has capitalized on, with three crisp white stripes set against a vivid suede backdrop having become something of a trademark in its own right.

The heightened risk staining is what tends to put buyers off. However, hydrophobic products from the likes of Liquiproof, Crep Protect and Jason Markk, which provide a sort of water and stain-repellent forcefield, have all but eliminated this problem. Now you can stand up, eating a hotdog and wearing a pair of men’s suede sneakers, safe in the knowledge that should any mustard escape, it’ll just roll right off the surface of your footwear.

How To Wear Men’s Suede Sneakers

Perhaps the most redeeming feature of men’s suede sneakers is how easy they are to style. Find a smart enough pair (low profile, block colour, minimal detailing), and there’s no reason they can’t be paired with tailoring in the form of cropped trousers, a (preferably unstructured) suit jacket and a roll neck, T-shirt or polo shirt.

At the other end of the spectrum, a pair of classic, retro sneakers in suede make excellent Saturday afternoon pub attire when worn as part of a casual outfit with jeans, a crew neck sweatshirt and hooded jacket.

Mango Man Men's Suede Sneakers

The secret to getting any look right is simply to ensure you don’t try to dress up shoes that are fundamentally casual. That means a big thumbs down to a pair of men’s suede running shoes with a black tie, but you probably knew that already. Smarter suede sneaker styles, on the other hand, can be dressed up or dressed down to whatever extent you see fit. Just keep the colours simple, the detailing minimal and you can’t go far wrong.

The Best Brands For Men’s Suede Sneakers

From tailoring-friendly options at the premium end of the market (and your bank balance) to terracewear essentials built for the stands, these are the brands to turn to when it comes to shopping for a pair of men’s suede sneakers.


Where sophistication doesn’t meet pretension, these CLAE suede sneakers can double as a pair of suede loafers if you’re not looking carefully enough. The Los Angeles sneaker brand has been elevating the sneaker game with their minimalist and eco-friendly designs since 2001, and these suede stunners continue this legacy with their following. They are also wallet friendly, allowing you to stock up on a few sturdy pairs you can rotate through the seasons.

Prioritizing quality and comfort, CLAE has a focus on recycled materials, vegan leathers, and innovative practices which have set them at the forefront of the sneaker game in LA and beyond.

Buy Now

clae suede sneaker for men


The Samba, the Gazelle, the Campus the Trimm Trab; we could go on. As any sneakerhead worth his salt knows, Adidas has made and continues to make some of the most iconic men’s suede sneakers on the market.

Since 1949, the brand’s trademark blend of soft suede and white leather stripes has been a common sight on sports courts, football terraces and the feet of many a style tribe. Look out for the classics, or for something a little more unique, check out what the archive-inspired Spezial line has to offer.

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Adidas gazelle


Puma is so good at making men’s suede sneakers that its most iconic footwear silhouette is simply called the ‘Suede Classic’. But don’t be fooled, that doesn’t mean the brand’s other furry styles aren’t just as worthy of your hard-earned.

There’s the sporty, retro goodness of the Roma, the sleek styling of the Basket Classic and the track-and-field-ready Easy Rider. All are solid suede choices from one of the biggest names in sportswear. What more could you want?
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Axel Arigato

High-top suede sneakers? The minimalist-driven brand takes on their rendition of Converse and makes them high fashion with clean lines, natural coloring, and sustainable uniqueness that’s worth bragging about. Using tried and true vintage aspects mixed with the eagerness to create a comfortable experience, this high-top suede sneaker will elevate your fashion game and add that pop of texture your wardrobe craves.

And if the light colorway is cause for concern, you can scoop up the same pair in black, or opt for one of the dozen other suede sneaker designs Axel Arigato is famous for.


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axel arigato suede sneakers for men

Common Projects

Nobody is about to argue that £300 isn’t a ludicrous amount of money to drop on a pair of sneakers. Still, if you were planning on skipping a few meals in order to do just that, a pair of Common Projects would serve as some pretty good motivation as to why you should.

The American-Italian footwear brand is best-known for its buttery calfskin leather, but suede variations of its minimal sneakers are every bit as appealing. If you were looking for a men’s suede sneaker that does it all and then some, you just found it.

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COMMON PROJECTS Original Achilles Suede Sneakers

A Day’s March

You know what they say about Swedes and suede? In this case, a lot. The Marching Sneaker Suede from A Day’s March is made from premium Spanish suede with a clean design that complements any type of outfit. Throw on a pair for a casual day out or add them to a more formal get-up to help dress it down.

Available in a whopping five colors, ranging from olive to desert to storm blue, there’s an option for every gent’s wardrobe. While the flaws of this sneaker are few and far between, they do run large so it’s recommended to size down.

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a day's march suede sneaker


When it comes to footwear design, Nike’s focus on pushing the envelope has meant that it’s much more common to see sneakers made from woven recycled goat hair. Nevertheless, men’s suede sneakers from the brand do exist, and they are worth parting with your cash for.

For classic retro styling, look to models such as the Blazer or the Bruin. Or, for something a little more modern, check out premium versions of some of the brand’s Air Max models, which often feature an all-out suede construction.

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nike suede sneakers

Oliver Cabell

When a millennial takes a stab at creating and designing sneakers and accessories, you know the creation will be unique. Founded in 2016 by a guy in his late 20s with zero fashion experience, Oliver Cabell was born out of a serious passion for fine design. Built on a unique business model, this sneaker brand bypasses traditional retail markups and instead provides the product direct to consumer, allowing the average Joe to revel in luxury footwear and accessories.


Calling on some old-school visuals, their best-selling Low 1 sneaker in suede gives off a rustic, lived-in feel. It looks like you’ve worn the sneakers already (in the best way possible), providing an air of comfort and laidback sophistication. Sometimes you want footwear that looks like you actually enjoy wearing them and Oliver Cabell hits the mark with these kicks.

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oliver cabell suede sneakers for men


New Balance

No one makes men’s suede running shoes quite like New Balance. The Boston-based firm’s ultra-comfortable suede sneakers have mass appeal for good reason, loved by European cool kids and North American dads alike.

For the highest-quality options, look for the ‘Made in the UK/USA’ styles. Yes, they’ll set you back a little bit more than the mainline versions, but you’ll ultimately be getting something that’ll work better and last longer. Better value in the long run.

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New Balance 991 Made in England

Uniform Standard

With a long history in the sneaker industry (18 years to be exact), two veteran designers teamed up in 2018 to create a wholly recycled sneaker brand. Working from their East London studio, Uniform Standard’s creations are making a splash, and these grey suede sneakers are right there at the forefront.

Classic, comfortable, and ready to go with anything, this is a solid pair of shoes to have in your closet, especially if you dig the retro basketball profile, elevated with premium Italian suede. This is one pair of shoes that you can take from the court to the streets seamlessly.

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uniform standard suede sneakers for men


Converse has always been a name synonymous with canvas footwear, but with advancements in footwear technology in the 1960s, the brand was forced to up its game and introduce something new to the game.

This resulted in the One Star, a simple suede sneaker with a low-top design that quickly became a hit on basketball courts and, later down the line, skateparks. It’s the only shoe from the American brand that was exclusively made from suede and continues to be a stylish, reliable and wallet-friendly option to this day.


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One Star Premium Suede


Californian skate brand Vans knows better than most the practical advantages of suede construction. The material has long been used by the label to provide skateboarders with increased durability and better grip when performing tricks.

That’s the practical side of it, anyway, but it also looks good. For proof, just look to the likes of the Sk8 Hi or the Old Skool, both of which perfectly illustrate Vans’ knack for making suede sneakers that can stand the test of time.

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Golden Goose

Golden Goose has done the impossible. That is, create a highly successful brand around the concept of selling shoes that look like they’ve already run 10 marathons, for 10 times the price of a regular sneaker.

Still, there’s just something about them. We know it’s ridiculous, but also, we kind of want a pair. Hey, if you can afford it then why not?
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GOLDEN GOOSE Ball Star Distressed Suede And Leather Sneakers


Take one former Supreme creative director, a hint of beachy styling, a dash of minimalism and strain it all through a skate-culture-shaped colander and what do you get? Well, something that tastes a lot like Aprix.

This relatively new footwear brand works exclusively in brightly colored suede, and we defy anyone to be in anything other than a fantastic mood when they’re wearing a pair. If not because of the vibrant colors, then just due to the instant style points earned.

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APRIX Suede low-top trainers


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