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Exclusive: Netflix Going ‘Harry Potter’ With ‘The School for Good and Evil’? First Teaser Transports Sophie and Agatha to School



Netflix Going ‘Harry Potter’ With ‘The School for Good and Evil’? First Teaser Transports Sophie and Agatha to School

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This is it! This is real! Teases the teaser for the new fantasy movie, The School for Good and Evil on Netflix. Soman Chainani is the author of the best-selling franchise of the same name. The book has sold over 2.5 million copies. The movie looks like a combination of Harry Potter and Snow White. And no, it’s not because of Charlize Theron. Sure, she’s one of the reasons, but then there is a half-bitten apple, glass sandals and one of the main characters looks like she’s modeled after Cinderella

The school of magic where heroes and villains are trained

Unlike Hogwarts, which had four factions, The School for Good and Evil on Netflix has only two – good and bad. And best friends Sophie and Agatha quickly find out where the fairytale legacies go for schooling when a mysterious creature sweeps them off (literally) to a faraway land into a mystical school. The setting of the school does look like Hogwarts! But there’s no cursed child here and no prophecy. However, there’s misunderstanding and adventure as the two girls find themselves on the wrong sides of the battle

Sophie knew she was meant for the School for Good but has to train under Lady Lesso who heads School for Evil. On the other hand, Agatha is dropped in School for Good, where Professor Dovey oversees the training. Their fate and friendship are tested when a dark and mysterious figure arises, which has a link to Sophie’s past. To make matters worse, the duo learns that the only way to swap school is to get a kiss from their true love. So we’re not so off about the Snow White thing after all!

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Meet the cast of The School for Good and Evil on Netflix

The Pauk Feig movie has cast the following actors:

  • Sofia Wylie
  • Sophia Anne Caruso
  • Kerry Washington
  • Charlize Theron
  • Michelle Yeoh
  • Rachel Bloom
  • Laurence Fishburne
  • Ben Kingsley

The fantasy film hasn’t set a release date yet. But it is going to arrive sometime in the fall later this year. 

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1 Comment

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Exclusive: Martin Scorsese’s Classic Where Robert De Niro Took Over Al Pacino and Ray Liotta Refused Batman Makes Way to Netflix –




Martin Scorsese’s Classic Where Robert De Niro Took Over Al Pacino and Ray Liotta Refused Batman Makes Way to Netflix

#Martin #Scorseses #Classic #Robert #Niro #Pacino #Ray #Liotta #Refused #Batman #Netflix

Martin Scorsese is the master of his craft. No other filmmaker in the world comes even close to the filmography of the Academy award-winning director. His films have not only stood the test of time but somehow gotten better over time. And many of his great films are in collaboration with his dear friend Robert De Niro.

De Niro and Scorsese have given the world some of the most influential films ever. Their collaboration ranges from nine feature films and a short film. All of these nine films are classics. Luckily, one of the greatest among these nines is coming to Netflix.

Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese’s exemplary film coming to Netflix

The 1990s was an amazing year for cinema, and it was just elevated by the collaboration of De Niro and Martin. It was the faithful year of 1990 when the duo dropped one of the best gangster films of all time: Goodfellas.

There is no opening scene more iconic than the “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster” from Goodfellas. The film is a powerhouse of great performances, amazing dialogues, and amazing direction.

The film was certainly a dream project for the late actor Ray Liotta. Ray reportedly dropped out of Batman 1989 to be in the crime drama film. He was supposed to play Harvey Dent. Billy Dee Williams later picked up the role.

Where Ray dropped out of a project to be in the film, Al Pacino, on the other hand, rejected it, feeling it would stereotype him.

No matter how things turned out, the film was an absolute success and is one of the best films by Martin Scorsese.

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And now Netflix is bringing Goodfellas to the screens once again.

When is Goodfellas coming to Netflix?

Subscribers of Netflix will be able to stream the movie from the first of July.

Goodfellas is actually an adaptation of the 1985 nonfiction book ‘Wiseguy’ by Pileggi.

Both the film and the book are based on the narrative of Henry Hill. Henry was a former Lucchese crime family associate, who became an FBI informant. The primary characters in the film were all based on real individuals Hill knew.

What do you guys feel about Goodfellas coming to Netflix? Which other Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro films do you want to see on Netflix? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

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Exclusive: Netflix Haunts Joe Keery Fans With “Protect Steve” Billboard, Is He Going To Die In Season 4? –




Fans Predict the Most Horrific Possibility for Joe Keery’s Steve in Stranger Things Season Volume and It All Comes Down to His Hair

#Netflix #Haunts #Joe #Keery #Fans #Protect #Steve #Billboard #Die #Season

Hawkins, a small town of untold stories, is about to reveal its biggest showdown tomorrow on Netflix. Speculations were rife for a while now that an important character will depart in volume 2. Fans have been imploring through tweets and comments that their favorite character might not die aka to protect Steve on the Netflix show, Stranger Things.

However, creators seem to have a different idea about deaths in Stranger Things. They said that the death of a main character is necessary for breaking the emotional grounds this season. Worsening the situation is Netflix’s post on Twitter that is scaring the hell out of fans. Is it an end to the Steve Harrington era? Or there is still hope left for our babysitter? Read on to get all the information if you wish to protect Joe Keery this season.

Clouds of danger are looming on Steve Harrington and Netflix asks fans to protect him

Official Netflix tweeted “AT ALL COSTS!!!” with a billboard image saying ‘Protect Steve,’ leaving people restless. The post has created an uproar on Twitter with fans concerned about Harrington’s fate. The heartbreaking poster is certainly indicating some catastrophe that might leave viewers all teary-eyed. Take a look at the devastating tweet pinned below:

Moreover, the billboard photo seems to depict that Steve will have some gruesome encounter in Upside Down. This is justifiably scaring fans, especially with even Netflix asking Steve to be saved. Steve’s transformation in season 1 from an imbecile to a teenager mom won people’s hearts. And now no one including the co-director Shawn Levy wants him to die.

Unfortunately, fans can only wait until the truth comes out, which will decide the destiny of this brilliant character. For as far as we know Steve’s death is planned by Duffer Brothers because he has become a fan favorite. Therefore, killing him in the deadly volume 2 will leave a deep impact on viewers’ minds. So, they will likely end season 4 with a grand culmination as Noah Schnapp hinted in his interviews.

However, as fans of King Steve, we still don’t want these speculations to be true.

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Check out the reactions of fans after this haunting post came out on Twitter

Fans are literally going hopeless at the thought of Steve Harrington dying in volume 2. They are ready to trade with any other character to save their babysitter.

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Fans are so attached to Joe Keery’s character that they are threatening Netflix but it only shows how much fans got indulged in the show. Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 will be ready to stream tomorrow only on Netflix. What do you think? Does Steve have a lifeline? Or is volume 2 his last ride to the Upside Down? Feel free to add your opinions to the comment box!

The post Netflix Haunts Joe Keery Fans With “Protect Steve” Billboard, Is He Going To Die In Season 4? appeared first on Netflix Junkie.


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