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Exclusive: Interceptor (2022): Review- Doesn’t Shine, but Has Enough to Satisfy Action Film Junkies



Interceptor (2022): Review- Doesn’t Shine, but Has Enough to Satisfy Action Film Junkies

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Subscribers often get onto streaming platforms for tent-pole shows, and then end up trying to consume the service they have paid for. A quick glance at the coming soon tab will show you that Netflix constantly has stuff in the pipeline. This provides viewers with fresh content that can prove divisive. While some may question the execution and creative direction of these offerings, the prospect of a new movie may excite others. Interceptor is such a film as it doesn’t shine. However, this action-heavy popcorn thriller has enough to satisfy action film junkies who can ignore a very obvious homage. 

What is Interceptor about?

The film gets right to it. In the first minute itself, we see words on the screen informing us about these real-life structures and their purpose. Interceptors are the missiles deployed to nullify nuclear threats to a nation. These missiles are housed on offshore defense installations, one of which serves as the location for Matthew Reilly’s directorial debut. 

An army base is taken over by Trojan horses who face stern opposition in the form of JJ Collins (Elsa Pataky). She represents the only line of defense between the terrorists and peace. 

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What’s good about Interceptor on Netflix?

This 96-minute Netflix film gets right to it. Director Matthew Reilly wastes no time and we see Collins instructed to reach the command room within the first five minutes; The attempted takeover happens within the first ten. This lack of build-up proved to be a boon, as any backstory here seemed too forced. 

Even though it is forced, audiences will get an understanding of Collins’ motivations from the ‘show don’t tell’ technique. These provide a take on why she will push the limits for her country. As this technique served its purpose, one wonders why Reilly and Stuart Beattie’s screenplay included the scenes from Collins’ past. 

The film’s action scenes can keep you entertained as they aren’t too long, too short, or too farfetched to fathom. Clearly, Reilly did a good job of remembering that the soldiers and the mercenary hires are humans with limitations in combat. 

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Interceptor focuses on inclusivity and diversity in the world. The Army protagonists are ones who get targeted due to certain factors, but persevere to overcome discrimination. 

Another good thing about Netflix’s Interceptor is the cameo by the executive producer. It is timed well and the protagonist’s real-life husband seems to be supporting her from afar. 

What’s not good about Interceptor?

Interceptor on Netflix is set in the present day with the narrative showing that through flashbacks. While this is a good thing, the adaptation of the Cold War feud is just so overdone. 

The editing was shoddy in some places. One particular instance that stood out was when Collins was fighting the opposing female agent. The camera showed Collins take a hit and fall back onto the controls. Then, the audience could see her opponent turn toward the screens in the control room. However, after two-three seconds, following a cut, Pataky hit the controls as though she fell in slow motion.

Multiple flashbacks in Interceptor just seem out of place; the fight for the country would have been reason enough for a soldier to overcome adversity. The internal battle and backstory of the punishment posting were clearly just used for the sake of it. Interceptor would not have changed from start to end had these scenes not made it out of the editing room. 

Action buffs may find the lack of a steady camera a tad jarring, and this could see them fight the urge to find something else on Netflix. Sticklers for detail may even wonder how a substance reduced a gun to vapor, but didn’t harm human skin as much. It may appear as though Reilly didn’t really think through this homage to the 80s. 

That alone could have proved enough. However, Collins’ choice of wardrobe may see fans compare her to a cop who had a heroic Christmas Eve at Nakatomi Tower. Unlike McClane and Gruber, Collins and Alexander Kessel are unmemorable characters who don’t make the audience believe they are indispensable in the role. 

Should you watch Interceptor on Netflix? 

In retrospect, the audience should have taken the film’s first frame featuring the words “Warning restricted area,” seriously. Set in the present day, the throwback to the Cold War and haphazardly inserted flashbacks may not propel this Netflix Original to anyone’s recommendation list. However, action junkies may get their fill courtesy of numerous fight scenes throughout the movie. They may like it, as modern films usually have an elongated build-up to the final fight that doesn’t have a good payoff. 

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Watch Interceptor if you want to get a taste of action movies from a bygone era, but go in with low expectations. If you are someone who would like to be surprised, stay far away from Interceptor on Netflix

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Exclusive: Who Is the ‘Girl in the Picture’ and What Is the Nightmarish Mystery in the Netflix True-Crime Documentary –




Who Is the ‘Girl in the Picture’ and What Is the Nightmarish Mystery in the Netflix True-Crime Documentary

#Girl #Picture #Nightmarish #Mystery #Netflix #TrueCrime #Documentary

One of the most popular content out of all the Netflix Originals is its true-crime documentary series. That’s probably why the streaming service has a new one releasing at least once every month. And to be honest, they are actually great. All of the docu-series are made in an extremely well-structured way with hard real-life evidence to support every claim. And now, for the month of July, Netflix has another great series, Girl in The Picture, for its viewers.

The movie is a mystery spanning over three long decades and makes up for a pretty compelling watch. Let us take a look at what the documentary film is about.

What is Girl in The Picture about?

Girl in the Picture is the latest jaw-dropping documentary to arrive on Netflix’s global streaming platform this summer.

Girl in the Picture investigates Sharon Marshall’s true identity. The documentary will uncover unsettling new layers to the crime, beginning with a lady dying on the side of the road, leaving behind a son, a guy claiming to be her husband, and an odd turn in the case.

Franklin Floyd, as previously stated, was a fugitive for nearly a decade. He had a history of violence, and according to the trailer, he stole at least one bank.

Sharon Marshall, his daughter, was a studious young lady who aspired to be an aerospace engineer and attend Georgia Tech, but suddenly she became pregnant, and everything changed rapidly. The documentary will go into detail about the entire story.

Skye Borgman, the director of Netflix’s true-crime successes Abducted in Plain Sight and Dead Asleep, helmed Girl in the Picture.

When is the documentary releasing on Netflix?

Girl in the Picture will be available on Netflix globally on Wednesday, July 6.


True-crime fans will be able to see the complete documentary film on the streaming platform beginning at 3 a.m. ET/8 a.m. BST.

For those who want more of the thrilling case, there is a podcast accompanying the film. The film’s five-part podcast, similarly named Girl in the Picture, is part of the You Can’t Make This Up podcast series.

You can listen to the product on any of your preferred streaming services.

Will you be streaming the documentary on July 6? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

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Exclusive: 7 Tweets to Get You Interested in William Shatner’s ‘The Unxplained’ Streaming on Netflix –




7 Tweets to Get You Interested in William Shatner’s ‘The Unxplained’ Streaming on Netflix

#Tweets #Interested #William #Shatners #Unxplained #Streaming #Netflix

Deadly creatures, sinister demons, bizarre phenomena, haunted forests, and much more. Only one thing behind all this: curious scientists and their game-changing experiments. Sure, this reminds you of the popular Netflix drama Stranger Things. Sadly, it is just a memory for now. With its season 4 finale, we are struggling back to fit into our normal routine because, well; we have nothing as good to watch and we don’t want to lose the dark vibe of the Netflix Original just yet. But waiting for season 5 won’t be a long stretch? Now, what if we told you Netflix has one more of such gore dramas to keep you sane? William Shatner’s The UnXplained on Netflix will satisfy all your cravings to watch dramas in this genre.

And for your satisfaction, it isn’t just us asking you to binge-watch this sci-fi drama, but fans on Twitter have also showered as much love to The Unxplained. Here are a few tweets we combed down just for you. Be alert though, these posts might make you leave everything and binge-watch this Stranger Things-like show in one go.

Tweets that will make you binge-watch The UnXplained on Netflix

Originally aired on the History channel back in 2019, the first season of The UnXplained recently landed on the platform of Netflix and has rocketed directly into streamer’s top-10 charts. If this isn’t enough hint for you, don’t worry, these 7 tweets, presented only for you, will change your mind.

#1 Interestingly, Krishna’s butterfly as mentioned in this tweet may have godly powers

#2 Secondly, the fan found the series just dope!! Shatner talks about this mysterious river that apparently gets lost in the heavens.

#3 Does ancient civilization intrigue you? Seems like The UnXplained has the answers to all.


#4 The series also talks about a castle in USA that makes low humming sounds all by itself. Scary right?

#5 These intriguing forests of Poland would surely remind you of Upside Down

#6 This balancing rock in Madhya Pradesh, India, will surely blow off all your knowledge about science

#7 At last, Mexico’s silent zone where you couldn’t even hear your friend’s voice. It truly is sinister!!

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We are sure that you are now convinced enough to binge on The UnXplained only on Netflix. However, if you are still in doubt, let us tell you that the series investigates the truths behind some of the most intriguing, bizarre, and puzzling mysteries in history. The Unxplained is now streaming on Netflix. Once you are done watching the show, let us know your opinions about it in the comment section below.

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Exclusive: Soaked Up Anime Fans Decode and React to ‘Cyberpunk: Edgerunners’ Opening Credits Shared by Netflix –




Soaked Up Anime Fans Decode and React to ‘Cyberpunk: Edgerunners’ Opening Credits Shared by Netflix

#Soaked #Anime #Fans #Decode #React #Cyberpunk #Edgerunners #Opening #Credits #Shared #Netflix

Netflix’s amazing anime lineup for the second half of 2022 will soon be here. And it looks like the amazing new animes that Netflix has in store for its fans will begin with the release of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. The project has been in development for ages, and now the streaming giant has released the opening for the show.

All anime fans know how important openings are. They more than often contain glimpses of what we could see in the show and/or episode. So audiences instantly got to work and started finding clues in the opening as soon as they saw it.

Let us see what the fans have found.

Fans spot details in the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners opening by Netflix

The opening title animation for Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, rooted in the universe of Cyberpunk 2077, has been announced by Netflix.

The first episode of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners was shown on Sunday at the Studio Trigger 10th Anniversary & Announcement panel at Anime Expo 2022. Unfortunately, the rest of us will have to wait to witness that.

But those who were not fortunate enough to watch the episode satisfied their hunger for the show by watching the opening. And while watching, they decoded multiple details from it.

Some of them are.

A common point of appraisal among the fans seems to be the retro animation style which resembles that of Naruto. And also, fans completely love the song which is This Fire by the 2001 rock band Franz Ferdinand.


It’s worth noticing that the emphasis here is on the titles, with a large credit sequence. However, this is a lot of art, although at frantic speeds.

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The show will comprise ten episodes releasing in a couple of months. The story will revolve around a kid in Night City who aspires to be an Edgerunner.

Maybe more updates regarding the story will arise as we close in on the release, as the trailer did not reveal much. The series still hasn’t a solid release date but is scheduled to drop in the month of September 2022.

As the release date is announced we will surely update everyone. Meanwhile let us know if you guys loved the opening of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners or not.


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