I'm a Former Nordstrom Buyer and Shopping These Items From Its Black Friday Sale

These discounts are epic.

I'm a Former Nordstrom Buyer and Shopping These Items From Its Black Friday Sale

Susie Wright is always filled with great shopping tips. After all, she’s built a career recommending top-notch fashion items as a current stylist and blogger and a former Nordstrom buyer. And given that she’s clearly an expert on all things Nordy shopping specifically, we thought we'd tap her to create a list of all of the key items she thinks are worth buying from the big Black Friday sale

"I’ve lost track of how many Nordstrom sales I’ve worked on, but I can tell you from experience things go really really fast, so take advantage of the great prices," she said. "Nordstrom’s Black Friday deals are so good—you can grab wish list items, stock up on amazing gifts and trendy styles, and replenish your basics supply."

Without further ado, keep scrolling to check out the exact trends and pieces Wright is shopping for from Nordstrom’s Black Friday event.

"Everyone needs a great pair of everyday boots to get them through winter, and Chelsea boots are that shoe: stylish, comfy, look cute with most anything. Now is a great time to get them on sale!"

"Lighter-wash denim is a trend that works for any season, so replenish your basics while they’re on sale. I really like light-wash jeans with neutral sweaters and cool boots!"

"Shorter puffer coats are still trending, so now’s the chance to get one (or two) at an affordable price! Practical, stylish, and cozy. Add a hoodie and a baseball cap for an easy weekend look."

"I’ve been loving longer wool coats lately! They’re chic and so versatile—try one on the weekend with sneakers and a hoodie for an It-girl look."

"Cashmere sweaters are always trending, and Nordstrom has the best ones!"

"Faux (or even real) leather jackets are pretty much a wardrobe staple at this point. Always on-trend, buttery soft and easy to style—who doesn’t want that?"

"Look for stylish activewear pieces that create the coolest gym-ready outfits and then easily transition into errands. Because let’s face it—many of us spend the whole day in workout gear! Zella has some great selections on sale right now."

"Since layered jewelry is a super-hot trend right now, think about adding some pieces you love while they’re on sale! Rings, bracelets, chunky necklaces—anything you can stack. Also great for gift giving."

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