Corona virus made Italy cry! Cremation throughout the day

Corona virus made Italy cry! Cremation throughout the day
70 people died in the small town of Nembro in the last 12 days, while last year’s death toll was almost 120.

In Bergamo, the region worst affected by the Corona virus in Italy, cremation began to operate around the clock, as coffins filled the morgue of two hospitals altogether, then the morgue of the cemetery, and coffins lined up inside the church of the cemetery.

The scene is close up: The obituary section in the local daily newspaper extended from two or three pages to 10 pages, and sometimes lists up to 150 names, while the editor-in-chief stated that this is similar to "bulletins of wars," according to the Washington Post, Monday 16 March 2020.

According to the death toll, the Corona virus has become an unprecedented historical disaster for the northern province of Bergamo, but the crisis is taking another dimension, as deaths and mourning for them must now be in complete isolation, and everyone passes this shock alone, and keeps it to themselves, without participation.

Throughout Bergamo, patients are taken in ambulances, rushed to the hospital, and die in isolated wards without even the presence of their closest relatives, and many funerals were held only in the presence of a priest who is now a resident of the funeral home, while family members are subject to restrictions They are strictly regulated to remain, either remain in quarantine or are ill themselves.

With the death toll reaching huge numbers, there are waiting lists for burial and cremation ceremonies, according to the American newspaper.

“I think this is worse than wars,” said Marta Testa, 43, a quarantine woman, whose father died on Wednesday 11 March 2020 due to the 85-year-old Corona Virus. My father was hoping for a decent burial, and we would have liked to see him off before leaving. ”

Bergamo, the wealthy district of eastern Milan with a population of 1.1 million, has become the biggest concern in the country, and hospitals are the breaking point in this province, as military doctors were called in for help.

Residents also described Bergamo, a ghost town whose streets are covered only by ambulances and dead trucks, and, according to the newspaper Corriere della Sera, 70 people died in the small town of Nembro in the last 12 days, while last year the death toll was entirely about 120.

The priest is now a resident of the funeral home in Italy

The big picture: Other countries recently began controlling the effects of the global epidemic and imposing a distance between the closest people and each other. But in Italy, there is only death and loneliness, and the cost of the epidemic is becoming clear to everyone.

Corona virus deaths in Italy reached more than 2,000 people, half of whom were over the past five days, and the circumstances of many of these cases were similar to the death of Marta Testa's father, a former journalist who had difficulty breathing on Saturday 7 March 2020 and was hospitalized He dies within three days without seeing or speaking to any of his family members.

Although the disease has spread throughout the world, people in Italy are infected and die very quickly faster than anywhere else.

On Sunday, March 15, 2020, Italy had reported 368 new deaths, a figure that exceeds the highest death toll recorded in China within one day, according to The Washington Post.

 Yesterday, Monday, the country also recorded 349 more deaths, bringing the total death toll in less than a month to 2,158 deaths.