Are sensitive messages in WhatsApp? The app begins a beta phase of the long-awaited feature

Are sensitive messages in WhatsApp? The app begins a beta phase of the long-awaited feature

Perhaps conversations on the WhatsApp app may soon become somewhat ephemeral, as a new beta version of the app appeared in the Google App Store, indicating that WhatsApp will allow you to set a timer for messages to delete in private conversations, a feature that is long overdue.

More details: WABetaInfo said this feature was announced in October 2019, but only applied to group chats.

But in the last beta there is a code indicating that the feature will apply to private conversations as well, allowing a temporary set of self-destruction of messages after an hour, day, week, month, or year, according to the Dutch website, The Next Web, Tuesday. March 17, 2020.

The current implementation of the feature is less powerful than it is in other applications such as Messenger or Telegram, as these applications allow you to create separate secret conversations with any contact that gives you more control and control over how long the message remains before deleting it.

As of now, this does not seem to be the way the timer feature will work on individual messages in WhatsApp, but this may change once the feature is launched in the official version.

But it remains a good choice for sensitive topics and messages that you do not trust to keep WhatsApp encryption secure, and there is no better way to make sure that no third party reads messages than to delete them completely.

Other features: WhatsApp has recently introduced a number of new features to its application, especially the long-awaited dark mode feature.

It is also expected that the WhatsApp application will soon support the use of a single account on several devices, and the feature appeared in one of the beta versions on iOS that requires users to enter a registration code in order to activate the account on another device, and once the feature is enabled it will allow you to use the same account WhatsApp on many devices.

It is noteworthy that those responsible for WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, said on February 12, 2020, that the number of subscribers of the application reached two billion users, after 11 years of launching the service that changed the way people communicate via mobile phones, to become the second platform for communication Social in the world reaches this number after Facebook.