Amato (D), Hatzipetros (R) Tighten Queens Assembly Race as Voters Say They Want “Fresh Blood” and “New Faces” in Office

Amato (D), Hatzipetros (R) Tighten Queens Assembly Race as Voters Say They Want “Fresh Blood” and “New Faces” in Office

Peter Hatzipetros, Queens Republican candidate for NYS Assembly, no longer an “underdog” as increasing number of voters say they refuse to vote for “career politicians.” 

The current Assemblywoman of Queens 23rd District, Stacey Amato (D) of Rockaway, is losing favoritism amongst her constituents as an increasing number of voters perceive “family in politics” to be “inevitably corrupt,” as one Broad Channel resident explained.

In Lindenwood, another neighboring town in the Assemblywoman’s district in Queens, voters remember Amato’s disregard for mentally ill adults suffering abuse from the staff at a clinic owned and operated by the Birch Family Services non-profit organization. 

In 2018, Trudy, Jack and Corinne Wlody sued the Queens-based mental facility for incidents of alleged public nuisance they endured as a result of the weeks and months of mentally ill adults loudly screaming and crying outside the Facility at all hours of the day and night. On many occasions the patients would easily leave the Facility and wonder onto the Wlody’s residential property which was adjacent to the facility’s premises.

Court documents show that the conduct of the employees at the Facility were abusive, negligent and borderline criminal. An October 9, 2018 article in the New York Post wrote the following:

“[The Wlody family] only sued after Birch managers ignored their complaints...

They also reported the incidents to Assemblywoman Stacey Amato, whose office, the Wlodys claim, never responded. 

Amato declined to comment citing pending litigation.” 

As a resident of Lindenwood myself, I think politicians like Stacey Amato are the reason people don’t focus on local elections. Last week, Amato was on the sidewalk of my old public school, P.S. 232, handing out MTA cards to residents, as if she even knew where she was. New York doesn’t need more professional politicians representing them. Hence, the rising appeal of Republican challenger from Howard Beach, Peter Hatzipetros.

Despite the occasional “boundary-overstep” on social media, Peter Hatzipetros is young (33 years old), intelligent and more importantly, untainted by the power of government. I’ve noticed that being elected to public office actually blurs the job description of local politicians—they forget that they work for the people. They forget that taxpayers pay their salaries. I believe, this November, New York voters will remind Democratic officials of what they’ve forgotten.

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