All of My Wish-List Home Décor Items Are Now on Sale—Thank You, Black Friday

Just in time for hosting those holiday dinner parties.

All of My Wish-List Home Décor Items Are Now on Sale—Thank You, Black Friday

While the fashion sales are great for Black Friday, the home décor deals are just as strong. In fact, some of my wish-list items are now at a serious discount. So if you too are looking for something fresh to elevate your home, you've landed in the right spot.

A new candle? Yep, you'll find that below. What about a blanket to keep cozy throughout the season? Yep, that's in here too. And naturally, there are also a smattering of accent items that will instantly bring dimension to your space.

Keep scrolling to uncover the best home items to buy during Black Friday.


A little bit of this in a gorgeous vase makes a huge statement.

I'm obssesed.

Who knew towels could be this artistic?!

Use this to store your fruits and veggies.

Buffy's natural fiber bedding is tough to top.

Impress your dinner guests.

This is already en route to my apartment.

As sexy as a toaster can get.

This scent is great.

And just like that, your home looks like you belong in the fashion set.

Your apartment just got a whole lot more Instagrammable.

So chic.

Might as well make your room smell good while you're at it.

Fashion people love a jute rug.

The best.

Add an organic touch to your dining room, entryway, living room, and more.

One of the best duvets I've ever tried.

Place this at the end of your bed for a resort feel.

The beloved brand is offering a 20% discount for shoppers with code, 'NOLEFTOVERS'.

A dream piece.

A true conversation starter.

I've heard so many great things about these pillows.

So cozy.

These are so fun.

I've wanted this rug for so long.

Tea time deserves to be an event.

And another candle.

Brighten up any space.


A bold choice.

Cb2 rarely offers discounts, so you know what to do.

A stunning lamp.

My whole dining room was based around these classic chairs.

75% of my bedding collection is Brooklinen sheets—after Black Friday that number will definitely rise.

Smeg is almost never on sale.

This lamp is a bestseller, and for good reason.