A secret funeral with a security order .. "Talk of News" reveals details of the third death in Corona in Egypt

A secret funeral with a security order .. "Talk of News" reveals details of the third death in Corona in Egypt

"Talk of News" reached the details of the third case of death from corona virus infection in Egypt, whose details were not disclosed by the Egyptian Ministry of Health, as was usual in the previous two cases, amid a media blackout, after the Egyptian security forces tried to prevent the publication of any news on the subject And pressure on relatives.

The new death occurred in the city of Mansoura, north of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, at dawn on Monday, 16 March. Araby Post was able to communicate with some of the deceased's relatives and learn details of what happened.

From cold to death in Corona
A relative of the deceased - who declined to be named - mentioned in a phone call to "Arabi Post" that the deceased was named Ahmed Ali Amer, in his forties, and worked as an employee of the Tax Authority in Mansoura, and he had 3 children.

The lady, who could not hide her emotions during the call, indicated that Ahmed was suffering from a cold and a cough a few days ago, and when he went to the doctor he gave him treatment after he was diagnosed with a cold, but after 4 days of taking the treatment, his health did not improve but rather that he did not The longer he can breathe.

His wife, who works in a middle school, did not find an escape from his transfer to the hospital, but she did not find anyone to help her because of the people's fear of what was circulated by rumors in the vicinity of the neighbors that the man was carrying the new Corona virus.

Only the owner of Tok Tok assisted them, and they took them to Belqas General Hospital in Dakahlia Governorate, and the case was diagnosed with an oxygen embargo and a lung stopped working for him.

Indeed, the patient was placed on respirators, and the condition was treated as pneumonia, but with the deterioration continuing for several hours, the hospital withdrew a sample from it and sent it to the relevant laboratories in Cairo for a positive result that the man carries the Corona virus.

This matter raised a state of confusion inside the hospital, until it was decided to transfer him urgently to the Ismailia governorate where the isolation hospital is located, despite the recommendation of the doctors on duty in Belqas Hospital not to transfer him because his condition does not allow him to be on the respirators.

An equipped ambulance came with a police car to take the patient, and indeed they took him to the hospital, and when his family was calling to check on him the nurses were telling them that his condition was improving.

Secret funeral and infecting the family with the virus
Then the shock was when the family received a phone call at dawn on Monday of his death, and that the body would reach them at dawn on Monday, 16 March, stressing that they would not make any statements and not broadcast the news of his death.

The matter concluded that the insurance procedures amounted to not allowing the funeral prayer for him, and he was buried by two health workers and two police officers in civilian clothes, and they only allowed his brother who works in the police to be present.

Samples were taken from all members of his family, who are his wife, three sons and sister-in-law, so that the result will be positive for all of them, and they will be transferred quickly to the Isolation Hospital in Ismailia.

Pressure on relatives
"I will never believe what is said again in any media outlet in Egypt," said the relative of the deceased, with anger. From her point of view, this "tragedy" that she lived by herself was not told by anyone and she will not come to her as an audio message like the one that is circulated on social networks.

When asked about the reasons for her anger at the Egyptian media, she said that she thinks that these methods do not tell the truth with evidence that her relative and his family represent 6 individuals infected with the virus, one of whom died, so how can we believe the government when it declares that all those infected in Egypt are 150 people and that the deceased are only two? !

Surrounding the deceased
At the disposal of an official from the Egyptian Ministry of Health, one of the deceased's relatives - who declined to be named - said that the hospital sent those who took samples from 54 people, who were the total of those who were in contact with the case.

However, what worried them was that no one told them the results of the examination, which raised the degree of tension in the area where the late was living.

Relatives of the deceased fear that the deceased's aunt, who was a former member of the People's Assembly during the days of the late President Hosni Mubarak, was also infected.

But some of those who were taken samples told Araby Post that an individual who identified himself as being from the police called them and told them that the result of the analysis was negative.

Although the family’s request to keep the deceased person secret about the circumstances of the death was aimed at preventing the spread of panic in the surrounding areas, the whisper was stronger than the ban, as one of the relatives tells that a colleague of the deceased at the Tax Authority, as soon as he heard about his detention in the isolation hospital, rushed to go to the Fever Hospital itself Maintain to reveal himself.

But the emergency doctors refused to receive him, he said.
However, a medical source at the hospital said that the man did not suffer from any symptoms similar to those accompanying the emergence of the new Corona virus according to the medical bulletin distributed to them by the Ministry of Health a few days ago, and therefore there was no justification for his detention or even sending a sample of his blood for a virus test, He added, adding that it is not logical to conduct an examination for any healthy person who wants to silence and whisper.

The spread of fear among Egyptians
The obsession that afflicted the Egyptians on the spread of the new Corona virus, known scientifically as "Covid 19", has spread to everywhere. Thousands of citizens are now trading stories about closing certain places after discovering that a number of their workers have contracted the virus.

The most recent target of "Egyptian mania stories" was the National Center for Research in the Dokki area, in the center of the capital, where one of its employees told Araby Post that a building of one of the divisions was closed in light of current information that they were purifying it for the second time in the past days due to the injury of three Of the people working there with the virus.

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